Scam letter(s) from Dina Steve to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Thanks for ur mail and yes i do like ur profile i will love to get to know more about u if u care to chat sometimes u can mail or IM me at hope to hear back from you ASAP.
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Name: Hannah Faith
Age: 29
Name: Kristina Gonchar
Age: 22
Name: Alexandra Shepil
Age: 31
Name: Mary Nefisalo
Age: 32
Name: Elena Kozlova
Age: 27
Name: Alisa Burkovskaya
Age: 25
Name: Marina Rybakova
Age: 26
Name: Cindy Essiaw
Age: 31
Name: Gabriella C. Lynch
Age: 38
Name: Carey Tola Spencer
Age: 28
Name: Natalia
Age: 30
Name: Marina
Age: 27
Name: Jane
Age: 30
Name: Patience
Age: 33
Name: Teresa Mia
Age: 22