Scam letter(s) from Elena Lavrenko to Stan (Kuwait)

Letter 1
Hello stan, I am very glad to know you! I am really happy that you want to speak with me. I hope we will have long and interesting talk.
And so can I introduce myself. As you see my name is Lena. I am 29 years old. I was born 3d of March in small Ukrainian city Krasniy Luch in Lugansk region. I was born in very happy family, I have good parents, who love me and my younger brother Oleg. Our family is just typical Ukrainian family: mother, father, my brother and I. And do you have a big family? We live in a big own house and I have a cat, a parrot and a dog; they are also the members of our family. I am early became a big girl (at 13 years) because my parents all days are on the work, so all house was on me. My mother is a manager; she is very communicative and active. My father is a driver and he is in long travels often. I am a designer of my own clothes. My friends always ask me to make them new models of clothes. It is not only my work, it is also my hobby. Are you creative person? Do you like active spending time? I am very open, and active woman. I don’t like to be alone and to sit on one place. I am very friendly girl and I have many friends.
Do you have many friends and how do you spend free time? I like big companies and go with my friends to the cinema, theatre, restaurants.
Every week, when it is warm, my friends and I go on the nature: play games, swim… I like to laugh and jokes. All my friends always say me that I don’t have problems because all time I am happy. I think that I even tempered, I can be calm. Sometimes I can lose my tempo and be sad and angry. It is not often. I like to listen all music( romantic, pop, jaz…).Every morning I turn on music, dance and all my day is very good. Sometimes I like to dream about my life. When I was small, I wrote my imagines on the paper, put it in the box and under my bed. I think that these things soon will be not only in dreams. And do you believe in dreams? Well, I am afraid I am too much talk now. I don’t know how to finish my letter. OK, I will just say you goodbye. I will be waiting for your letter. Best wishes, Lena.
Letter 2
hello my honey!!!!! HOw are you? i miss you very much. I am not anything such - usual the woman with ordinary thoughts with mentality, I conduct a usual life. To me during lifetime of monuments nobody put, and my name will soon be forgotten. But I have really succeeded in one thing - I have met remarkable the guy which has grown fond all heart and soul, and I have enough of it. And you?
My dear of course i will send you the national passport.
Unfortunately i cannot speak with you in the scype.., because i have the computer only on the work. my dear i love you and i want to be with you . i hope that you want the same. I will be waiting on your next letter, kiss
Letter 3
Hello my honey Stan!!!! I am so happy to get the letter from you. My dear i miss you very much and i was so sad yesterday, because i couldn't read your letter, but today i am very happy, because i saw the letter from you.
My dear i think taht when i will get my passport, i will send you the copy of it, taht you will be sure in it. OK?
I am very serious to you and i dont want to loose you.You must trust me and it is the main in the relations. Am i right? You warm soul to me, you light up my life, with you I as in a happy dream, you - a miracle, I, love you
I will be waiting on your next letter , i hope that it will be very soon, kiss
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