Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sevryukova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!I am very sorry if my letter to keep out you of work. I would just caution you that we don t know each other, so don t think about where you could see my e-mail. My name is Natalya. I am 27 years old. I can guess that you are not from Russia, such as myself. Well, ok.... no in this case. Hmmm ... I am going to tell you a secret about where I found your email.
Some time ago I was registered in one of the dating sites Bride2dating And today I received a message with your contact details.
Service dating site wrote that maybe you can be my friend or even ideal partner. I'll not assure you that this was precisely the fate and so I am writing this letter to you now. Well.. I shall tell a little about myself.
I’m educated, kind and tolerant. My heart is full of love to nature and music. I like reading, cooking, gardening.
I am family-oriented. I have an optimistic outlook, but I am alone. I hope to meet a man who needs my tenderness.
I want to love and to be loved. I don’t smoke.
Sorry, I didn't to tell you about my appearance, but you can see a picture in this letter..
And you have some idea about my character now. I will definitely tell you more about me in the next letters.
If you're interested in further communication with me, so please write to me back.
I'll read your answer with pleasure . Natalya
Letter 2
To tell the truth, I do not know, with what to begin our dialogue. I will try. I never wrote electronic letters. And me it is very interesting to do and get acquainted with you!! I have started to use the Internet more recently and the Internet acquaintance for me the unusual phenomenon. I consider that the Internet - remarkable opening of mankind because people can be divided in huge distance and simultaneously to feel a number. Probably, we become with you friends, and our contact will probably grow in magic feeling!! I offer, that we have written each other in the spirit of friendship, as the present love takes some time to grow. you agree with me? I hope, you have time to send me letters that we could is better study each other. It will be interesting to me to get acquainted with you more.
Now about me... My name Natalya. My age 27 year. Unfortunately I live far from you. I live in Russia, city Novorossiysk. It is a small city with the population nearby 400000 persons. There are many remarkable places and the beautiful nature. I am happy a life here. I live in apartment together with my mum. My father works in other city, but we often see each other. I have no any brothers or sisters though I always dreamt to have the younger brother. It will be interesting to me to learn about your life and relatives! I send you the photo and I hope it it is pleasant to you?! And certainly I would like to see more photos you! Ok, I will ask you a question and I hope to receive the answer.
The distance between us does not frighten you? I do not worry about it. We live in the modern world and the distance is not a problem presently. Possibility to study other culture, history, to tradition gives to me huge pleasure. Probably you consider me curious and you will be right. I like to meet new people and for me it is very interesting to concern with the person from other part of the world. I know about your country very much and it will be interesting to study much more.
I hope I do not tyre you with the letter and I will continue the story about myself... I work as the seller in shop of children's toys. I like my work. Many parents come to our shop to buy gifts for children. I smile, when I see their happy persons. You do what work? You love the work? I never was married. I have no children. In the future I wish to have an amicable and strong family. In mine Lives were the man, and our relations lasted almost 3 years. It was frivolous to me and our relations are finished. Now I in search. I wish to meet the sincere, kind, serious man. I search for the man whom could grow fond. I could be very gentle with it. I very much would like to have children. I hope, my dreams of a happy family become a reality. I will be fair with you. I do not wish to spend time in vain for any games or chatter. If you are similar to it, it will be better to stop our dialogue. I at all do not wish to offend you! Understand, I only do not wish to be mistaken in the choice again. My friends say, that I reliable and decent. I creative and vigorous, and also careful, attentive and sensitive. I am kind, patient, with quiet character. I am interested in popular music, art. I prefer productive leisure: tennis, swimming. My interests are excellent. Is a lot of prophetic with which I would like to deal. I extremely love dance, painting and art. It is pleasant to me sharp feelings, beauty of the nature and it is final travel. I like to happen in various places though I do not travel often. Well, here I have told, what I good. I generally was going to tell and about the lacks, but as the letter and so already long I will tell about it next time. What do you think? It will be interesting to me to learn more about you, your life and sights at the world. You love what hobbies? Your hobby? Than you like to be engaged at leisure? You love what qualities in women? Excuse, that I ask so much. However, I only wish to know more about you!
If you have questions to me, I will be glad to answer. I think, enough for the first letter. I hope you it is not tired by my letter?! I hope, you will answer me and at us time will write interesting letters each other.
With the best regards, Natalya
Letter 3
Hello my friend!
I hope I can name you mine the friend?! I have many friends and I love dialogue with my friends. And now I had a NEW FRIEND is YOU! And at you it is a lot of friends? How you spend time with friends? It would be interesting to learn more about it. I am glad to receive your answer. It means, what I am interesting to you?!
Thanks for your photos, to me are very pleasant to receive them. And I would like to tell, that you very beautiful man. In the following letter I will send to you other my picture. As now I would like to answer your questions: My birthday on April, 8th. 1983. Growth 5 ' 6. Hair light, Grey eyes. The weight makes 55 kg. I love healthy food. Basically it is vegetables. As I will write to you my data:
My data: Sevryukova Natalya
My adress: Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, Novorossiysk, 353912, box 144 As after wedding I would like to have children. I want the girl and the boy. Probably the happiness of the woman consists in it to have the loved husband, the house and native children. Sometimes going along the street I see young mums going with carriages and children. And at me the soul is pleased. You see the child, for the woman is sense of its life. This big happiness to have beautiful and healthy children. Children this our future. They flowers of a life for the sake of which there is a meaning of the life.
I already told about myself much, the truth it there were good things about me. I promised to write about the lacks. I consider, in each person there are bad and good parties of character. There are no ideal people! What do you think of it? I will try to tell to you more about the character. It is interesting to you? Ok, I will begin... Very smiling and active, friendly and always cheerful - on the one hand, and a little closed and even to some extent lonely - with another. My friends appreciate me and speak many good words, but they cannot know all things about me. I will reveal to you this secret. I feel the lonely woman, though round me many good friends. Basically I am happy with the life, but I have not enough.... I do not know what exactly to me does not suffice for full happiness?! Recently I often think of the future. You have similar thoughts? I would like to meet the unique man, to love and be favourite also. Love this remarkable feeling which is given us by the God. It very much strong feeling. For the sake of love there was a huge Quantity of wars in mankind history (I said to you, what the history is my passion?) . The feeling of loneliness suppresses me is one of my negative qualities. I wish to change myself to become better. Probably you will help me with it? In itself I do not like excessive sensitivity, but the insult quickly passes. I try to look at a life positively. In Russia there is an expression: That does not occur, all to the best! When we have written each other, probably, it will lead us to the best? What do you think? From your permission I will continue the story about myself. I romantic, but not always. Sometimes things round you are stronger than romanticism. I jealous, very much. It also negative quality, but I will try to change also myself to the best. I love dialogue, but I always am a little mysterious in relations with men. The woman always should be some riddle, as in the detective novel. The riddle decision will be in the end of the book. I wish to meet the man who will read this book all our life! I always appreciate such qualities in people, as honesty and fidelity. For me it is necessary, that around there was a cleanliness. I spend a lot of time to support cleanliness in houses. Also I like to cook food - my hobby. I do not aspire to create career in the future. A family - my priority in a life! I wish to have a strong and amicable family, to care of children and to observe as they grow. Anything else does not give so much happiness for human life! What do you think of it? Tell to me, what you want in a life?
You dream to meet what woman? In the girl you appreciate what qualities? Excuse, that I ask to discuss such frank thing with me. It is simply interesting to me to know much more about you. Well here, I have shortly written to you about prospect of my life if it will be interesting to you, we could discuss these themes in detail in following letters. With impatience I wait your answer. Your sincere friend, Natalya
Letter 4

I am glad to receive your message! Every day we learn more and more about each other - and it is very interesting to me! I had usual day and when I have seen your message, my mood became much more to the best. Our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think forward, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously. I attentively read your letter, gratitude for the story. It has helped me to study more about you and to understand you. Now I will answer your questions:
1) I met now many people on the Internet, but I chose you. I do not know why... The First reason because your letter very insistently differed from other letters. Your letter was sincery. I thought at once that you the good man who very seriously concerns by a life and has steady life experience, I chose you. I do not write now to other men, and I do not answer on new letters. I chose you, and I hope, that we make steps at a meeting to each other.
2) Age for me not the main thing. I consider that with the years men only become cleverer. I would want that you did not worry about it.
3) I do not know as to answer your question.
4) At each person is bad and good. At me as
5) the Most important thing what between the husband and the wife was trust and love.
I find you very interesting man. I am glad, that we friends. I do not know why, but it is simple and easy to me to write to you. Probably you one of few people with whom I can divide my thoughts, desires, imaginations?! In letters I can write what never would tell in a real life to any person. By the way, I promised to you to send you other photo me. I always fulfil the promises!
In this letter I wish to tell to you more about the family though I told about already a little It. It is interesting to you? To me has carried with my family. I have very good and amicable family. My parents have given me good education. They have made everything that I have got good education and I am grateful to them. The Name of my mum Victoria, it very sensual and kind woman. To it of 53 years, earlier it worked as the children's doctor, but now does not work. A name of my father Alex, it strict, but fair. To it of 55 years, it works the manager in the furniture company in other city. Though it also works in other city, but we often see each other. They only want, that I was happy. My father has lived all life with my mum and never regretted about it. My parents love each other to this day. When My father comes home it arranges a romantic supper for my mum and they recollect the youth. I see their happy persons, when they together. My family is an example for the future family. I also will be careful for children and the husband. Likely I have too taken a great interest in the story about the family!? Interestingly, and at you it is a lot of relatives? How often you meet? Tell more about the family. I wished to tell to you a lot of interesting, but my time comes to an end in Internet cafe and I should stop. It is a pity, that I do not have house computer. We will speak more in following letters.
With thoughts on you, Natalya
Letter 5
Hello dear!
Again you write me the letter and again I with pleasure write the answer! Should admit, your letters give to me huge pleasure. With each letter I see, that you the good man and very interesting person! Yes, we are familiar with you more recently. But I feel, that you very good person. And I always to you about all will sincerely tell. I feel, that I can trust you!? I seldom am mistaken in people. I also want, that you too trusted me and were sincere with me. I think, to me have very much carried to have such friend, as you! And I would like to learn, what you think of me? Only answer me fairly! You have what or emotions when you see my letter? It will be very curious to me to learn about it! Gratitude for the story. I am happy to study more about you. You share with me a part of your life and it means much for me! Each time we learn about each other more and more!
I think, you deserve your happiness, and you will necessarily meet the fine woman from whom you will be the happy person! The life so is arranged, that for each person there is in the world its second half. And sooner or later it finds it and becomes happy! The person can search for all life the love, but all the same it finds! In the world billions people! And everyone has second half. Yes, happens and so, that they live in different cities, in the different countries, on different continents! But the destiny all the same gives once them a case when they meet! At each person the destiny, the course of life. We always have a choice: to make anyhow. People always choose the best, that the destiny gives to them! Certainly the person can be mistaken. On errors too it is possible to learn something to the best. To become wise and reasonable. To argue correctly and to learn others. But all the same each person to study on the errors, on the life experience. There is no all easily! Happiness it is necessary to earn, pass some difficulties! To be mistaken, go further; again to be mistaken and again to go further! To search for the happiness and all the same it to find! The main thing it is necessary to trust in it! And all dreams will be executed once! Now at me one dream! To meet the favourite person! To have silent family happiness! To care of the husband and children! To present all my love and caress to my half! To share all: pleasure and grief! Together to go to the future! To give happiness to my family! Here it is my dream for the given period of my life! I to share with you it! Usually I do not speak about deep ideas and opinions, but I have written, because I feel desire to open it to you. You learn about me, my life, my dreams!
I also would like to know your thoughts on your future? How you represent the future? It will be interesting to me to learn it! Also today I to share with my girlfriends that has got acquainted in the Internet with the good man who is pleasant every day to me more and more! They were delighted! Interestingly, you told to the friends or relatives about me? What was their reaction? I with impatience will wait for your letter! I wish you fine mood for all day!!!
I embrace!!!
Letter 6
My lovely!
Your words force me to slap hands together and jump with joy! My emotions and feelings force to smile! I never tested so much tenderness! You became such family for me! I wish to be near to you and to test all the finest! I will make you the happiest man so you never will be To regret for that bottom when we have got acquainted! I promise you it! Remember, I always fulfil the promises. It is very difficult to me to show you all my feelings through the computer. I not to find at all those words with which I could tell you everything that is created at me inside! I will tell to you about it at a meeting. One meeting in a reality will present to us of much more emotions and feelings, than 1000 letters each other. I am happy to know, that our desires coincide. It is assured, we become mad when we will see each other! To tell the truth, I cannot believe till now, that all is a reality, instead of a fairy tale. Our history - a fairy tale? I do not wish to wake up and I wish to be in this fairy tale always!
In a life the destiny gives to each person one chance to be happy. The main thing not to miss the chance. I AM assured, the DESTINY HAS presented to us CHANCE!! The person never knows, when will find the happiness, but it necessarily comes once! We have met each other among billions people on the Earth. You my gift from heavens!!! The life is so short, that do not notice, when become already old. The person should live a life so that not to regret for the lived days. Now my life is invaluable, you have appeared in my life!!! I wish to enjoy each minute of happiness with you. I do not wish to lose minutes to be together with you! I will take the initiative. You not against? I think, it is necessary to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can agree on the work to have some free days. Your work will allow you to do it? Possibly you have the intensive schedule on work. Then we should will meet closer to you, or even I can arrive to you. I have taken the first step on a way to our meeting. Today I had a conversation with the agent of travel. We talked about possibility of travel to your country. The agent informed me, that there will be no difficulties And the company of travel will help to prepare all necessary documents for a trip. Also the agent requires a small amount of the information for a plane route. Inform me the NAME the AIRPORT To WHICH I WILL arrive. Write me all in details... I will continue conversation with the agent as soon as you give me the information. I am glad, that our preparations for travel have begun. I hope, all will be - well! I have a few excitement Concerning all it, but I also have a steady intention to meet you! Write to me, give me many forces and energy! My gentle kisses! Yours Natalya
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