Scam letter(s) from Natalia Wityuk to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
Hi there!!

Thank you for giving me your e-mail address. I am new to this kind of dating so I feel really excited! You know, it appeared to be quite difficult to tell someone you have never met before about yourself without not looking in your eyes, but anyway I will try :-)

So, my name is Nataly and I am 26. I am half Ukrainian half Russian. I resemble my Mom more than Dad so body and face I have, I got them from my Mom. I am full of energy and optimism. I believe that we live our life to bring something kind and wonderful into it by making happy people that are close to us. I am full of enthusiasm and very friendly, tolerant and polite. I respect every person's opinion and always glad to help. I am sincere and honest. It's a pity many women lost femininity and behave more like men. They place the career and money on the first place. I am definitely not like that. I respect family values and I like children. My Mom brought me up with the idea that when I become adult my man will be the most important person and I agree with her. I have so much love, tenderness and passion to give in my heart. I try to do everything possible to make life brighter and more interesting! I think adults have to learn something from kids, because every day is bright and happy for them :-) What attracts me in a man is being reliable, kind and generous. If he is intelligent, decent, brave and responsible, nothing can be better than getting to know him more... ;-) So, I really hope that you will send me your reply as I'm curious to know what person you are. So I will be very excited to continue our correspondence! Feel free to write me when you have time!

Waiting for your soon reply! Warmly, Nataly
Letter 2
Hi dear! How is your day? It is nice to receive a letter from you!You are funny! I like your courageous look. Are you a real King? Well, as you already know, my name is Nataly and it is awidespread name in Ukraine. I am 26 years old and in myopinion this is perfect age to start a family. I was born on August, 23 in 1983. So, I'm Leo. What about you? I am 169 cmin height and 54 kg in weight. I will correct that mistake.I live in Sverdlovsk which is in Eastern part of Ukraine and is not very big. I live with my family. I think that when I get married, Iwill have enough time to leave apart, until then I decidedto stay with them. Do you live alone? I work as a teacher ofsinging in a musical school. Music is under my skin :-) Doyou like singing? What do you do? As for me, I am easy-going lady and have a lot of friends.But sometimes I feel really alone among them. We are veryclose and they support me in everything, but I really wantto see a man near me, a man of my heart and my soul. what would you wish on a falling star? Tell me please! :-) As for me I would wish I could speak and write English. Yes, I unfortunately cannot speak or read English and since I do not have computer at home and have no skills working on it I have to use translation service. Anyway I am very positive about our correspondence so I also hope you appreciate the efforts I spend on us. Well, I hope to hear from you soon! My warmest wishes to you, Nataly :-)
Letter 3
Hi dear! Good day or what time it is in your city! :-) How are you?After having read your letter I believe we will become muchmore than friends in future as you seem to be a real manwho, at the moment, really makes my life exciting! You havean honorable nickname. Will you tell me this story, please?My full name is Natalia. Well, now, after we have exchanged couple of letters I think I was right to suppose you to be a nice and pleasant guy and the photos you sent me with your letter just prove my words! You don't look your age. In fact, age is just a number. Darling, I am not here to waste your or my time and just towrite letters. I am writing you this letter and really hope that we can unite our hearts and be together. Also I belong to a romantic type of women. I love to cuddle and hold hands and get all those wonderful hugs and kisses! I have so much love to give to one man. I want to be in love and give all my love I like the feelings when you are with someone and they say sweet things to you and you can say them to him. I like to receive some signs of attention as touch, kiss, compliment, little surprises from my man every day. In my opinion there should be give and take in relationships. I am very sensual woman....I love the intimacy that two people can laying in bed and caressing each other and just feeling the warmth of each other's bodies. When you care for someone you want each other to feel complete safe and knowing that you can tell each other your deepest desires and not worry that it will go out the room. I want honesty and total trust....the man must be my best friend, husband and lover all in one. I also think that correspondence with you is a kind of an adventure for both of us and I am adventurous person and like to take chances in life! So what about you? Do you also prefer to take opportunities and chances in life? I am looking for a reliable partner who will understand me. I do not have anyother intentions. Well, my dear, I guess I will stop here and will write you more in the next letter! I hope you day is sunny and bright just like mine! :-) Waiting for your reply, Nataly
Letter 4

Hi my dear! As always I was happy to receive another letter from you! I will try to help you to clear up the situation. Both e-mail addresses belong to me. They were created because of some technical problems. I live in Ukraine, in Sverdlovsk. I don't work with the computer myself, perhaps the information was mixed. Of course, I have surname, I just understood you in the wrong way. My surname is Wituyk. I love my family much and I'm proud of them. We have warm, friendly, close relations with them and the members of my family support me greatly. I have strong family values. It was interesting to know your story. I'd love to meet you and to spend some days together for the beginning. Dear, you are so far and yet so close. You are many miles and so many moons away. I get lonely just thinking of the distance that separates us from each other. But in my heart you are just a beat away and even a thought of you brings me closer to you.I dream of the good times to come when I will be embraced by your love. I will be patient because I know good things come to those who wait. Until then I will be thinking about us... I have something serious to tell you. I'm always frank with you and now I won't break it. I hope with all my heart that you'll support me and write me again. I hope you remember that in one of my first letters I told you that I don't know English. That was the reason for me to turn to the translation service. Please, understand that indeed I don't have another way out. This service is not free and I paid for our correspondence during all this time. I did it because I'm very much interested in you and don't want to loose the connection with you anyway. I would gladly continue paying for our communication as I think that my happiness is worth it. But now I have difficult financial situation and can't afford paying for the translation service any longer. I know that it's my problem but I'm thinking about us at first. This situation makes me feel awful as finally I've found the right person for my life. Another problem is that I don't have Internet at home as I didn't have a necessity in it till I met you. That's why I decided to turn to the professionals for help. They perfectly fulfill their duties. It's first time for me to turn for something to the man I didn't meet in real life but now I really need your help. I'm afraid even of a thought that I can loose you. I need you in my life! I would never disturb you with such a request but now I really need your support with the payment for the translation service. I hope you won't leave me in this trouble. Don't let me disappear from your life. Please, don't think that I ask for my own needs. I'm thinking about us and believe in our great future together. I'll be waiting for your soonest reply and hope that you'll help us to stay together. I think we should try this chance to become happy together. Well, my dear, I will sign off here as I still have to go.. I really hope that you will have a great day.. And you know what? I already miss you and I really want to be with you! Hope you will not leave or ignore me.... Your Nataly :-*
Letter 5
WELCOME TO THE TRANSLATION AGENCY "THEBIGWORD" Good day, dear Mr.! Our agency provides prompt translations of high quality toour clients. It is well known as a serious and reliable partner and has good reputation. We have been working since 2000. We translated Your correspondence with Ms. Natalia Wityuk. She paid for the translation service but now her account is empty. Our client cannot afford herself paying for the service any longer. If You are interested to continue the correspondence with Ms. Natalia, we will send You the price-list of our translation service. We will be glad to cooperate with You and help You to stay in touch with Your lady. We have organized a team of well-educated and experienced interpreters in our company. Here is the list of our services : - translation from Russian into English;
- translation from English into Russian;
- unlimited correspondence;
- bushiness and personal translation;
- translation of phone conversations between our clients. If You are interested not to loose contact with Your correspondent, please inform us about it. Then we will send You our price-list and all necessary information. We hope to start business cooperation with You. Thank You for Your time. Truthfully Yours,"Thebigword"
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