Letter(s) from Galina to Eddie (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Eddie . Thank for your mail, was good to receive news You. I hope, what you - it is good? Let me to represent, be submitted my name Galina, I use my nickname, Galya on a site, my friends causes me so. I do not do Know from what to begin contact, it - a new way for me. I want to inform You it is more about me.
I have German roots, but I live in Russia. For a long time my parents lived in Germany.
I - 26 years as you think I am similar on twenty six years the girl?:)))) I was never married. I have no soulmate now and I need in dialogue. I work as the teacher Dance at school of arts. My specialization ball and Sports dances. I receive a lot of pleasure from my work. I like to Listen to music, and read books, kitchen. I very much like to go Visiting of shop. It - my weakness. Probably it is all girls like.:))) I very much Much like to travel, and I like to open for me directly new. But my work
Does not allow me to do(make) it frequently. I have many girlfriends and me
Sometimes to spend to spend with them. I send you mine pic, I hope you
Similarly to this. I would like to receive yours pic's. You could send it? If you want to
Know something about me, please to be free for finding - out. WELL? I have some
Questions for you: What your character? As you think, I can be
The girl for whom you search? In girls you estimate what qualities? What (that)
You want in the future? I hope to read answers to my questions in yours
The letter. And as I hope to study more about you. I hope to receive quickly
Your answer!
The best regards.
Yours Galina