Scam letter(s) from Alena Popova to Andy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Andy!
I am very glad to receive your letter and get acquainted with you, I want us to become good friends. Thank you very much for your photo, i will be glad to get more. I am a sociable, cheerful young woman, I like everything new. If you have read my profile attentively you must have noticed that i am serious in my search, so we have one common goal. We can become close people only if we pursue this goal together. I think only good friends can share thoughts with each other easily. I won't keep from you that i am a little bit nervous at the beginning of our communication, but i want to believe everything will work well between us. I am filled by optimism and believe that our future depends only on us. I am youthful, energetic, burn with the desire to find my place in this life, meet my soulmate, whom I can feel the Real Love with and go through our life together! My dream is to be happy and make another man happy, whom I'll share my life way with. I am not afraid of barriers, I am ready to overcome any difficulties that can separate us. The man whom I am looking will be my single, the most loving, the kindest and the most careful, unique one in the whole world! I am looking for such a man! Maybe it is you?
By nature I am an optimist and I believe my search will be completed happily, I am sure I will be lucky to meet my Only Love in this way of keeping communication. Exactly, I can see the true sense of my life in it. My interests include different things. I like to listen to different styles of music - pop, classical, ballads, but the main rule it must sound beautifully and of course a lot depends upon my mood.
I can't help mentioning reading, it is one of my favorite hobbies.
I even can not imagine my life without books and magazines. I like to read classical literature.
Sometimes I just like to stay alone at home and to think everything over, what is going around me.
Friends consider me the center of the company. I am very sociable and easy-going, I like to make jokes, to tell different funny stories. I value faithful friends and of course I believe in love. I want always to trust people, to enjoy life as it is. You know such qualities as honesty, loyalty and kindness are very important for me. Many people don't fit for bold actions and they are satisfied by their life and what they have at the moment. To my mind they are just lazy people who scare of difficulties and complicated situations. To my mind we should not be afraid of following our intuition and making our dreams come true. If we go on the way of our spirit bloom, we'll become closer and can understand our inner world much better! This is the way of understanding each other!
But in my opinion it is the huge labor of our soul, isn't it? And if we are able to reach it, we will be deserved real human Happiness. If you agree with me and look for the same, then our correspondence will be very interesting and excited.
I want to believe my letter has interested you and you will write me back. I would like to get to know more about you. Please tell me about your life, family, interests. What are your dreams?
What would you like to know about me? Feel free to ask me everything you want, I will answer with great pleasure.
I will be waiting for your reply impatiently,
Letter 2

Hello Andy!
It is so nice to hear you back again. I am very glad that we became interested in each other. I will try my utmost to make our correspondence interesting and honest. Thank you very much for your photo, i was glad to get it.
I do believe that we both have to be open-hearted and sincere so as to know each other deep down and (well, you never know...) share our loneliness. I really enjoyed your nice letter, you write with great passion for what you believe and search for. It was very interesting to read about your childhood, family, interests. Sadly, it seems that in my country there is a lack of that same passion. It's that type of passion that I believe, builds a strong foundation for friendship, as well as marriage. I believe that it's a passion that needs to be nurtured throughout the relationship. It takes hard work, communication, understanding, and forgiveness because we are only human. Mistakes will be made, misunderstandings will occur, but if the foundation is strong enough the relationship will overcome those barriers. There are also many barriers that lay outside of the unity between two people. Society tries to set the rhythm of how things should and should not be between man and woman. Unfortunately society isn't perfect either. If we listen to our heart, and are not afraid of giving our heart to our soul mate, then I believe eternal happiness is possible. So, today i want to tell you a little bit more about me. As you already know I am 20, still the age that forces you to look at life through pink glasses. I desperately wish everybody is a little bit kinder in treating others, really well meaning. That would make this world friendlier and closer and change it for better. I wish I can find a man, who would really need and care about me, whom I would pay off all his efforts in return, who would become my real soul mate in everything we would do. I am a student of the polytechnic college, i will work as an accountant.
But already I think about my future. Try to learn hard, read more, get more knowledge so as to perceive life objectively. All my life and family values originate from the way I was raised by my parents. I am proud that i was born in a big family. I have an elder and younger brothers, loving and caring parents, sweet grandparents. I live together with the parents and brothers in the flat. My family is the only treasure for me now. I sympathy with the death of your father, it is very difficult to loose some of your close people but unfortunately life is so unpredictable and sometimes it presents sad surprises. But life goes on and we should take it as it is. I try to keep fit - do a lot of gymnastics. It helps me to be in good shape apart from fun that I get out of it. I presume charity, friendliness and understanding - all the things that would always be returned in a twice as much degree to you. What else... I wish one day I would plunge myself into world-wide journey - would see new sceneries, new cultures, new people. I love fun, love to entertain others and be entertained. I think i am always good natured, i like to smile and see smiles in return. I love to meet new people as it's always a chance to learn something new. I would be happy if you tell me anything that is new to me. At least you seemed to be an interesting personality and I am really looking forward to talking to you more. I would be happy if we both find out that there are a lot of things that are common between us. But this is a real challenge, isn't it - I mean to investigate, compare and imagine things. Anyhow, I am looking for such a guy, who would have capacities for doing that, would be able to offer me an interesting, full and meaningful life. Please, understand, I am not the type of girl who awaits for everything to be handed over to her on a silver platter. I am also committed to contributing so much to my future relationships, i think it's just the case of finding the right man.
I think it is enough for today, I will be glad to get your soon reply.
Please tell me about your life imaginations. How do you imagine new relations? What are your utmost goals and wishes?
Looking forward to hear from you, Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 3

Hello Andy!
I was very happy to get a letter from you, it has brightened my day and mood. Nice to hear that you are doing well and believe in the further development of our relations. Of course at the moment thousands of km separate us but we should believe for the better, right now our letters are the only way that unit us. Do you agree? Letter by letter, step by step we will get to know each other as much as possible. Only if we are sincere, open and honest towards each other we will be able to create strong relations built upon love, respect and mutual understanding. We should not scare to tell each other about our dreams. What do you think?
Thank you very much for your photo, you have got a marvelous smile!
You look great in the photo. I want us to become good friends too and hope it will lead to a wonderful relationship. I'm glad you are serious about starting a good relationship and that we have the same goal.
It would be very nice if we could be together one day. I too think all good relationships start with a good friendship. I think good marriages are two friends that love each other very much.
I think this is the best way to meet each other, since we can find out about each other with feeling uncomfortable.
Then when we meet it will be like meeting your friend. Besides I am very optimistic and think maybe we are right for each other, so if we don't try we wont know. Your letter was very interesting to read, thank you having shared your thoughts and life points of view with me. I think if we are sincere and open then our correspondence will be very interesting and perhaps will bring its fruits. My biggest wish and dream is to find my second half, to become a part of him, to take care of him and to give him all my attention, my love and my warmth. I believe in mutual support, respect, understanding, simple warm relationship and love. I'd like to make my love happy. i would like to go with my second half till the end of the world. I would like to wake up in the morning together with him, to see the sky and the sun and to experience how wonderful the life and the world can be.
I am sure that dreams can come true and everything is possible if you really want it. Yes, of course it will take time and effort, but when you fight to find your happiness with all your heart, you are very likely to find it sooner or later.
Reaching your goals is important, but doing it and enjoying every step of the process is maybe as important as the goal itself, maybe even more important. Sometimes you try and strive for something, but you don't succeed, anyway, you can be happy if you made your best effort, a defeat can teach you more than many victories.
I can tell you that I believe there are no impossible dreams, all you have to do is go for them and pay the price that it takes. Sometimes it is a slow process, but we have to continue trying, otherwise we will never reach them. I can tell you that I am a kind and romantic person, I think words are empty if they are not supported by actions. I think that in marriage both have to respect each other and that has to be built an interdependence, which is not no be each one dependent on the other nor being independent from the other, but establishing such a relation that permits both members to grow up as person, and to achieve higher objectives and higher happiness that they would achieve alone. I think that marriage has not to impose any obligations: if you don't do things because you are married or do things only because you are married, this marriage is condemned. I think that when you are married you have to do things or don't do them because you think this is the best for both not only because you are married and then you are supposed to. But I think that if you find the right partner, who you really love with all your being, this is something that occurs without effort, without being conscious; it is just a natural way. What would happen if everybody was a little bit less selfish, was kinder, if there was no dishonest people...What would happen if you always knew that you can trust in the person next to you, if everyone could help the others knowing they are not cheated. I don't know how it is about in your country, but in mine there are people who seem to be professionals of making money from the charity and warm hearts of other, and you have been cheated a pair of times you are less likely to fall in the same trap again. I would like to live in a world where I could trust everyone, where everybody smiled each-other (don't you think people smiles are one of the most beautiful things in this world?), where everyone was kind with everybody; such a place will be close to be the paradise. Unfortunately I don't know of such a place, so everyone has to build his own "paradise" with his/her friends and his/her family. Ups, my letter looks like a book. I hope you have not fallen asleep while reading it:o). Andy, it will be interesting for met to get to know more about your daily life. What are your preferences? What else would you like to know about me? I will answer your questions with great pleasure.
I will be waiting for your soon reply impatiently.
Have a nice day.
Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 4

Dear Andy!
I am very happy to hear from you. I am very glad to get to know that you like my letters and what you read in them. The secret is simple everything what is written in them is out of my heart, soul and head. Thank you very much for your complements, I was flattered to get them. I truly believe you and I are pursuing the same goal in this life, and I believe that we will achieve that goal together. I do look forward to getting better acquainted with you, and I hope to fill that empty spot in your heart. I know its' not quite the same as getting to know someone in person, but I think that in our case it is a very good start. I'm glad that technology has allowed us to bridge gaps, such as distance, so that two people who share the same passion may still be able to get to know one another. I try to keep things as simple as possible and let life take it's natural course. Sometimes good things begin with just an e-mail, and I would like to think that at the very least, we will be able to maintain the level of friendship we have been blessed with through our correspondence. I truly enjoy corresponding with you. I think that the way we express our thoughts and feelings on the paper may give us an opportunity to know ourselves. Our letters help to express our emotions about what we look for in each other. I think that our letters will be like a mirror for us, where we will be able to see the reflections of ourselves. For me every moment from our virtual meeting is very important because if it's even virtual for now, I know that the time of our real meeting will come. Our relationships are like an opened book, blank sheet and it's only up to us what will we write in it. I'm sure that pleasant surprises can be discovered about you and me. I always live my life with a positive attitude, keeping in mind that there's a world out there that is not always as nice as we wish it would be, but that's no excuse for becoming hard-hearted, cold and cynical. If we are to make the world a better place, we can start by making our immediate surroundings better, friendlier, full of love and kindness. I'm sure that others will imitate such example, and start a chain reaction of positive feelings. Perhaps we can't change the world at once, but we can start our labor of love with those around us. And pray that others set to do the same. Andy, as well as you I would be very unhappy and had no sense in life if my husband left or betrayed me, it would be a horrible pain in my heart and soul, this is one of those things i fear most of all in life. That is why I am very careful in my search, I do not want to be mistaken.
Yes, I believe in God. He is always in my heart. I can't tell that I go to the church every day but i try to go at least sometimes on the weekends. I believe in our Lord and his power. He is always with us ready to help. I was very glad to get to know that you believe in God too. You ask me about children, of course I would like to have kids. I would like to have two - a boy and a girl. To my mind the children are the result of the love, understanding, respect and mutual affection among a couple, the children should not come to this world if a couple is not prepared, because later they suffer and they don't have the blame of coming to this world, we are us those that decide to bring them, the children are a gift of God. So, you want to know about my lifestyle.
As for me usually, during the week I wake up at 6.30 and do my morning exercises, then I was myself and have my breakfast. I don' like eating too much in the morning. All I usually have is just a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I try to wake up with a positive thoughts and think that everything is fine for me and I'm a happy and self-sufficient person. After finishing my breakfast, I go to college about 7.15. My classes usually last till 17.00. in midday I have sometime to have a bite. After my classes, three times per week I go to the gym, I like workout a lot, it gives me extra energy and confidence. Sometimes in the evening I go out with my girlfriends, we usually go to the disco or to the cafe to have an ice cream. On the weekend, we usually meet too and go to have a walk. Weekend for me is the time when I can have some extra sleep and enjoy myself.
Yes, my weak point is that I just LOVE to stay late in bed. I would imagine my beloved one to wake me up with a soft kiss. This wonderful awakening needs to be practiced on a daily basis to be trained until perfection:)). This would be a real boost for the whole day to come. It's a simple thing, like dew on the flowers, like first rays of sun struggling through your windows... like early spring, but the spring that has come to our soul. Andy, I want to be honest with you from the beginning of our correspondence.
The fact is that i have no computer at home and my level of English is very bad to be able to communicate without anybody's help, that is why I use the services of the Internet cafe where the interpreter translates my letters. I hope language barrier won't be a problem for you, in any case please let me know. So, i have to finish my letter as I am in a hurry to go home and make preparations for tomorrow. It will be the first studying day after summer holidays.
What else would you like to know about me? I will answer your questions with great pleasure.
Looking for your soon reply,
Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 5

Dear Andy!
I was very happy to get your letter. First of all I want to apologize for my delay. Unfortunately for the last few days i felt not so well, i have caught a cold, as it has become cold here. I was staying in bed for a few days. Luckily today i feel much better and at once i came to the Internet cafe to check my e-mail box, as i have no computer at home. I am very glad to continue our correspondence, i am ready to open you my heart and soul. I will tell you about my family with great pleasure. As far as you know already i love, respect and value my parents, brothers and grandparents a lot. At the moment they are the only treasure for me.
My Mom is 40 years old, she has graduated from the medical college and right now works as a masseur in the hospital. She has a lot of clients, some of them even come to us to have a massage at our home. Mom loves her job a lot, she is happy to see other people smiling and healthy. But very often i see she feels tired a lot, at the end of the working day she has pain in her hands. I try to do housekeeping by myself as i don't want her to overdo, i love her a lot and want to see her healthy and happy. As for my father, he is 45 years old. He works as a builder in one private firm. Right now we do repair in the flat and Dad makes everything by his own hands. Like people say he has got magical hands. He is also fond of hunting a lot,he can't imagine his life without this hobby. I would say hunting is self-assertion of his inner world. We have two gun dogs at home, every morning and evening father grazes with them:o). You know my parents are the brightest example for me, i have never seen or heard them quarreling or arguing, they were always able to find common language or compromise.
My younger brother studies at school and elder at the economical college. We defend with might and main for each other.
Unfortunately my grandfather has fallen ill seriously, he has cancer on his right lung. He must be made very serious operation. All my family worries a lot about his state of health. But the doctors scare to operate him now as he has high blood pressure, his heart can stop working during the operation.
We visit grandpa twice in a day before . The hospital is situated far away from our house and it takes me about 40 minutes by bus to go to the hospital. Today during a day i was running round like a squirrel in a cage. The weather is already cold over here. Leaves are turning red and yellow. I find trees beautiful in autumn. I feel romantic. Autumn reminds me of my childhood. When I was a child we were grabbing leaves and throwing them in the air. We were laughing as they were falling down to our heads. I felt so happy than. Probably I should try doing it once, would you like to do it with me? It would be fun you chase me down and throw in a pile of leaves then jump in and roll around together. Maybe we would sneak a kiss and not want to get up. :)
What is the weather like there? Andy, how things are doing with you? How is your work? What have you been busy with while we did not keep in contact? I hope you are still interested in our correspondence and development of further relations, aren't you?
What else do you want to know about me? I will answer your questions with great pleasure.
I will be waiting for your soon reply impatiently,
Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 6

Dear Andrew!
I am so very glad to know that you were waiting for my reply because I feel the same way when I see that I have a letter from you my dear. I find myself feeling that my day is complete when I know that I have a letter from you and I can only imagine how complete I will feel when one day we are sharing our lives together. I hope I do not speak too soon about this but I feel I can tell you everything and I like this feeling. I like you am ready to open my heart and should to you and give it to you. I hope one day to devote my life to you. That is why in my opinion it is important to initially build a friendship, and see how things develop from there. There is no point in forcing anything It is always nicest when things are allowed to develop naturally, and when love develops out of friendship, that way both sides avoid disappointment if nothing happens, either something develops or it doesn't, at least in the end you have profited by gaining a close friend, and I always can never have "too many" good friends.
Another problem is that people don't know what they want very often, and the Internet is a medium which gives one access to the entire world, the choice of potential partners is almost infinite compared to, as, in my parents' day, yours even more so, where you made your choice of life partner from the people you met at school/work/parties/discos/night clubs/sports clubs/or as blind dates arranged by well-meaning friends or relatives. As for my weekends, i have been doing nothing special. On Saturday i was in the library preparing for my classes and in the evening i went to the birthday party, one of my friends had birthday. On Sunday i was practically all day long in the hospital near my grandpa. Right now he needs our mutual and physical support a lot, we were chattering and laughing, he was regarding moments from my childhood and i was happy to see smile on his face. He has got one of the most terrible illness that may exist and for me it is unbelievable that we can loose him. No, i don't want to think about this.
Health is itself the greatest blessing, it is something people take for granted, until they lose it, and than it's too late, no amount of money cannot buy it, that is why it is important to look after it in the first place. Yes, i was speaking about out correspondence with my friend Julia, I told her that i have met the great man on the Internet and that if our relations work I will be happy to share my life with him. She was very glad for me. By the way, don't you have any friend or know any man who would like to get acquainted with the young intelligent lady? Julia would be glad to meet her second half too, she is a very good lady, I wish her all the best and would be glad if she met her second half too. Of course my Mom knows about our correspondence too. At first she did not believe it was possible to meet the right man in such a way of correspondence on the Internet, she was sure it was some fairy tale but after I met you and we began the development of our correspondence in the right way she has changed her mind.
She is very glad for me and wants to see her daughter loved and happy. I was very lad to get to know that your family is the brightest example for you too, it is great that you have got wonderful relations with your parents. Tell your family my best regards. Of course i have nothing against your hobby as hunting, i see nothing terrible in it. I am sure if my Dad and you met you would find a lot in common. Andrew, it is a pity but your attempts to write me in Russian have failed. I could hardly understand anything that was written in your last letters because they were full of different figures and signs. I have asked my interpreter and she told me that they have got only English keyboard. Unfortunately, i don't know when i am able to answer you next time. As far as you know i use the services of the interpreter from the Internet cafe as i have no computer at home and my English is very bad to be able to communicate with you without the help of the interpreter. But these kinds of services are not for free, i pay for our correspondence. Moreover i need to be economical now because of my grandpa's coming operation. But i don't want to loose our connection, on the contrary i would like to write you every day, to share everything what is going on in my life with you, to learn more about you and your life, as at the moment our letters are the only way for us to become closer but unfortunately i can't allow myself such kind of expenses. I hope you will be able to understand me.
Tell me how things are doing with you? What have you been doing? Were you thinking of me?
I will be waiting for your soon reply impatiently.
Sincerely, Alena.
Letter 7

Dear Sir!
The manager of the Internet-cafe "Help" is writing to you. My name is Vera Pavlovna Medvedeva. I would like to inform you the following.
Ms Alena Popova, whom you keep correspondence with, uses our services: we translate her letters to you from Russian into English and your letters to her from English into Russian, scan her photos, etc. Our services are not for free, that is why if Ms Alena is not be able to pay for your correspondence further, it will be stopped. I know that any intervention into the private correspondence is forbidden, but you should know that in this case, it will be made. As you are our client, you must know about our rules for avoiding misunderstandings in the future. Feel free to ask me if you have some questions.
Wish you good luck!
the manager.
Letter 8

Dear Andy!
I am very happy to hear from you, thank you very much for your honest and sincere letter. I am very thankful to you for your desire to help me with the payment for our correspondence.
I completely understand you when you write me that you need to be careful before sending money. I am very sorry to get to know that you have been scammed before by women claiming to be someone they were not.
Now we can meet a lot of different people on the Internet. Some of them write just for fun, others - not to feel bored, another part is looking just for ****** relations. But nevertheless among all these letters you can see the same words "I am looking for serious relations, I am serious in my search". But before writing the reply, we must think a lot over this or that letter if it is really serious or not. I've faced this problem several times. A lot of men have contacted me, but practically all were not serious, they were looking only for ****** relations and photos. Just my appearance but not inner world was important for them, i had a feeling that i was a doll. Right now i keep in contact with no one but after having received and read your letter my female intuition prompted me that i should answer. I want to believe that it won't fail me.
I understand that you are afraid of to send payment for our correspondence directly on my name but i have asked the manager of the Internet cafe "Help" whether you can send money on their name but she answered they do not work with the foreigners. If you want to help me with the payment for our correspondence you need to send money via Western Union system only on my name and i will pay for our correspondence in the national currency.
Andy, to prove you that I am real and that it is me who is writing you my letters, I am sending you the copy of my passport. Please believe me I am real and very serious in my search. Moreover if you want i can make some special photos for you. What do you think?
Please be honest and sincere with me, as i like your personality and your letters a lot. I want to continue our correspondence a lot.
I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Sincerely, Alena.
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