Scam letter(s) from Aigul Galeeva to Dean (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Dean! It is very pleasant to me to receive again from you the letter. When I come to the cafe Internet, your letter always waits for me, it very much pleases me.
It is always pleasant to understand, that I have for you great value my love. Today I went to travel agency what to learn about my travel to you. I talked to the manager in travel agency..... To me have told that I should have the passport, the inquiry from work, medical analyses and also I should receive the visa on which I can be at you in the country.... To me have told that is better to receive to begin with the tourist visa, for a period of three months, it to receive easier! But I should pay for all these documents money. They have counted and 420 EUROS have turned out, it will be 570 US dollars. I did not know that it so expensively! Across all Russia such prices. That agency would issue the visa, the passport, the medical inquiry and other documents to me it is necessary to pay to agency 420 EUROS. Term of registration of the visa and documents: 6-8 working days. I have put to this letter a copy a price of sheet of quotations of travel agency MaxiTour. In the document cost of documents, visas and agency services is specified. My love I have no such money, for me it is the big sum. Therefore I ask the help from you!!! You can help me with this sum???? My angel I certainly understand that you will probably become angry about me, but I really do not know as me still to find this money..... It is very a shame to me before you, to ask you this money..... But my desire to be together with you, is stronger than pride..... I asked money my parents but they I can not help me as they have spent all money for repair of apartment and furniture purchase..... I hope that you will support me. To me it will be very sad, if you deny assistance to me. But I trust and I hope, that we will be together!!! I know that it happens soon. Please answer me my letter! With love Aigul.......
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