Scam letter(s) from Jessica Anderson to David (USA)

Letter 1
Dave its okay , why would i get upset with you? you always been a wonderful guy to me and i guess you are not just pretending now because we are talking on here and thanks for those beautiful pictures they are lovely. I have some pictures to show you too but not until they are print out so i will be sending some to you, am not covering any match today and not until tomorrow night i have been indoor all day today because i have been having this headache. So Dave, i will like to ask you a little help i dont know if you will be able to do it for me now because it has been bothering me, and i know am not suppose to be asking you this kind of a thing but its very urgent i have it done, so i will like to know if you will be able to help out, hope to hear from you real soon. Stay Bless, Jessica.
Letter 2
Hey Dave, How are you doing today, and thanks for the advice yesterday. well i have been thinking and thinking about it why don't want to help me out, but that is not the question now the question is this how you are going to treat me while we are together, i hope not, because i cant stand a man like that. So Dave i have also contact some people about it inculding my friend and i will need 800 to 950 more to get things work out for me , you should know how this is important to me and also am sorry for putting you in this connection. i know how you feel by me asking you the money like that i know how i will feel too, but i really need your help on this one you will safe so many disappointment for me. so i will be online later today to let me know if you can still help me get that amount. Hope to hear from you again today. Stay Bless, Jessica.
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