Scam letter(s) from Diana Max to Lee (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Lee, How are you doing today and how as your weekend been?Thanks for the mail,i really do appreciate it..Well,I am looking for a man that will love me and be faithful to me, someone that will trust me and that i can trust with all my life...Well let me tell you more about myself, I'm 5'8 tall, Beautiful long hair,blue eyes blah blah blah.... I am single with no kids and i am a Good Christian and a follower of the word of God..... Well i live in Luton Bedfordshire, but I'm working as a nurse attached to UNICEF and presently im on a working trip...I'm currently with the UNICEF team on a mission to war-ravished countries in western Africa i hope that does not bother you? and i'm gonna be back next month. I hope you can wait that long just to meet me..I do hope you can wait cos that will give us enough time to talk more and know more about each other..Anyways things are going well for us out here and I hope its continues this way... Well, talking about relationships, I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me gain,I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had. I believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible,though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking for a man that's caring, understanding, faithful, honest, trustworthy, patient,supportive, gentle, responsible and intelligent. I am a very open person and I have a very steady and calm character. Friends say that I am mature and they think that I am a very honest friend.. I understand that family life is not a continuous holiday and it can be a struggle. One of my best qualities is the ability of finding compromises in everything. I am tolerant and loyal to people, but I can not stand dishonest and rude people. I have very strong moral values.I am an active woman and I like sports. I do aerobics just for fun and for the sake of staying in good physical shape and since I know how important health is for everyone, I am kind, tender, optimistic and cheerful. I adore children and animals. I have a big sense of justice and I do not like the injustice and people who weave a plot. love slow dancing, walks in the park, anything to do with the water.I also like swimming, camping, fishing. I live a very quiet life and I stay home a lot but I have learned to embrace the quietness and enjoy it KINDLY ANSWER SOME OF MY QUESTION?
9 : HOW OLD ARE YOU? Well,talking more about background,my dad died when i was young and mom left me and got married to another man which i don't get to see her again ever since..I had to leave with my Aunt in Victoria who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol..But its passed now,i didn't and i wont let that pull me back in life..I just have to move on with my life... So tell me,what do you do for a living,what are your goals and what do you think of relationships?.....have you ever met anyone off the internet?....What is it like?....What do you do for fun and are you an outdoor person?...I don't wanna be too inquisitive so i guess i'll stop here..Well I have also attached here some pictures of me so you would see what I look like. I will be expecting to hear back from you soon. Take good care of yourself and have a lovely and successful day. I hope to read back from you pretty soon..
Letter 2
Hello Honey, How are you doing today and hope you had a wonderful day with rikki today..I miss you so much Honey, i wish i was home already..i can't wait to be with you my make me complete and make my dreams come true, i can't wait to finally become your wife legally and the mother of Rikki, He his all you got and i promise to take good care of him when we get together..Thanks so much for your all you've done for me for all your love, support care and everything you've done for me My love..You make me happy each time and you've always stood by me through all and i promised you again honey that for all what you've done for me, i'll always love you and you alone my darling Lee...I will always make you happy, always make you feel fulfilled and I will never let you down at any moment in my life,because i love you so much and i cherish every moment and everything we share and we've built together..LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY Honey, I am all alone in my room right now..i feel so very weak and faint right now and my eyes are kind of dizzy...I was at the hospital with Sandra this Morning to see the doctor because of the bleeding and stomach pains as you know, at first i thought the bleeding and stomach pain was just that of my normal ************ period and i was expecting it to ease off after i took some pills and used the pads,But the bleeding just didn't stopped, the doctor said the excessive bleeding was as a result of stress, he said i must have overstressed myself and it in turn after my body, and that has caused a damage in me somewhere around the lower part of my abdomen which as now resulted into a prolonged bleeding and abdominal cramp, he also said the food i eat out here are very harmful to my body system and that also contributed to really *****... Honey I feel so sad right now, i don't understand why this kind of thing would happen to me, why me:( i feel like killing myself right now..I am bleeding so hard honey and my stomach really hurts me, I have already changed my pads thrice today because the flow wouldn't stop, i am so frustrated right now..i don't know why this is happening to me..i have never felt this much pain and frustration in my whole life..i have been in doors all day because i don't know when the blood flow can come and i don't want to embarrass myself in public, Sandra had to take a day off work as well to come stay with me..I just wanna be fine, i want all this pain and bleeding to leave me,its so frustrating The doctor said i would have to undergo a surgery to stop the blood flow, he said i would feel better afterwords...but i refused to go for the surgery because i knew it was gonna cost money so i decided to stay back and try to see if the blood flow would stop after i finish the dosage of the pill i bought earlier, but i finished the pills today and i don't feel any better, the flow still haven't stopped, i still feel the same pain.. I figured out that i would go see the doctor again this evening, because i felt much pain late this afternoon while i was all alone in my room, i was feeling dizzy and didn't know when i fell to the ground..i then thought to myself that its better i go for the surgery so i get better because i am just lucky i am still breathing because i have lost much blood and that is why i fell to the ground without knowing.. I went back to the doctor to tell him i am ready for the surgery..he said it was gonna cost me ?695 for me to get the surgery..i explained my situation to him and pleaded with him to help me, but he said there was nothing he could do,that i just have to get the money else i wouldn't get the surgery, because the hospital authorities wouldn't allow him to even if he wanted to help me.. Honey i didn't know how to tell you this that is why i didn't send you a mail until now..i am so sorry for bothering you with my own problems, i really appreciate all you've done for me,just that i have no one else to turn to right now but you honey..please honey i am hoping you would be able to help me get the ?695 across to me so i can go get the surgery..I am feeling so much pain right now as i write this mail..i wish you could see me right now:( i am feeling so horrible, i feel a kind of shape pain right below my abdomen...I am so sorry for inconveniencing and for bothering you honey..please i need your help Honey..I need to get the surgery because i don't want anything bad to happen to me...the doctor said as soon as i have the money the surgery will be carried out. I wish there was something i could do by myself, just that i haven't gotten my monthly allowance yet,and though i still have my paycheck of ?45,000 left with me,i can't cash the check out here because the banks here only perform local services, so i will have to get back home to the United Kingdom before i can cash my paycheck.. Right now Honey i don't have any money on me..Please baby you are all i have, i really need your help now more than ever so i can go for the surgery...I promise i am going to pay you back your money as soon as i get back to the United Kingdom and cash my check. Its 8:10 pm here right now and i haven't been able to get sleep yet..I'll try to see if i can get some rest now, I'll get online later today to chat with you baby Love you so much Lee and i appreciate all your efforts and support, Your
Letter 3
Please baby i need you to believe me , I am not a scammer, Please, I am dying right now and i need you to safe my life, Please lee, You are all i have that can help me out
Letter 4

Hello Honey , i am very very happy to see that you really want to help me out , i promise never to let you down , I am for real and i promise to pay you back your money as soon as i get back to the UK, Here is the information you are going to use to help me get the money across when you get to western Union. Name : Dianna Max
Address : 15 crescent camp, Lagos Nigeria, 23401. I will get the Receipt of the hospital scan to you as soon as i get the treatment so that you can get to see that i am for real and not playing games with you , I cant wait to be with you and my kid Rikki, I will want you to write back as soon as possible, Hugs
Letter 5
Hello sweetheart, its 7.30am and i just get back from the hospital, I have told the doctor about everything and i gave him your email address and he has promised to write you. Honey i hope you get to believe me and help me out, this pain is getting out of hands, I really need you to stand by me and i promise never to let you down , I will be looking forward to read a mail from you soon. Hugs
Letter 6
Glad to hear back from you , i am glad you got the job , i am so happy happy, I hope you are taking good care of my baby for me. yeah i know the meaning of Crb , Criminal Record Checks (CRB). I care so much about you lee. i need to go and have some rest now, cause the pain is getting out of hands i hope and pray the doctor email you as soon as possible. Lots of love
Letter 7
Hello sweetheart,, Its 10.41pm over here and i could not get any sleep at the moment , My eyes are wide open, The pain is getting out of hands and i have been bleeding all day , Please lee i really need you to help me out, please don't let me down sweetheart, you are all i have and i hope the doctor has write you a mail? I will be looking forward to read a mail from you soon. Lots of love
Letter 8
Lee why are you doing all this to me, This is my life , please don't let me die , I am not a scammer, Its not a forgery , Please i need you to believe me and have trust in me , i am for real and i have been honest with you ever since we started talking, Please safe my life lee Crying
Letter 9
Hello Dear Sir, I am sending this to you on behalf of Dianna Max.

Dr Martins Ojo
Tender Care Hospital.
100 Hollowood Road,
Lagos, Nigeria.
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