Scam Letter(s) from Kira Milevskaya to G. (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello again, dear G.!
How is everything going for you there?
Firstly of course I want to thank you for writing me. It's a real pleasure to receive your letters.

It's very pleasant to receive your photos and I am very grateful to you for sending them to me! You are so nice man!

Concerning age, I don't believe it can be an obstacle. Love doesn't care about age, and it doesn't matter how old we are, the main is that we get along well and have feelings towards one another. And age.., age is nothing.

You know, I think a lot about relations, about building strong relations between you and me, and of course I am interested in everything concerning you, on your views on life, different questions because it's very important. What three qualities do you consider to be the most important in a woman? Do you think that every woman should cook well? For instance here it is considered to be very important. My Mama taught me how to cook since my childhood and said that real woman should know how to spoil a man with tasty dishes, so I should say that I am nearly master of cooking :) My favorite dish is roasted meat with boiled potatoes. And what about you?

What is your main goal in life? My main is of course to find a man whom with I will be able to share my life with. The qualities I look for in my man is of course love, tenderness, warmth, understanding and respect to me. I want to become not only lover, but best friend for him. Who knows, maybe you are right that man. Time will show us the way, but deeply in my heart I hope that the search won't be long, and that things will work out for you and me.

I am very serious, and in spite of that we live not in the same country now, I do believe that it is possible to build relations. I am very sincere and open, and everything I say I mean. No lies, no secrets. I don't believe in secrets between partners because sooner or later everything opens. Do you agree with me? I want to start relations from openness and to build them on trust and honesty.

By my personally I am very romantic. My perfect first date is romantic date. It shouldn't be expensive restaurant. It may be simple walk, holding each other's hands and talking about different things. Life consists on the moments that take the breath away, and then it can be called real happiness. I am ready to accept happiness and know how to give it to others, but I want to share all my love and warmth with only one man.
And I would like you to be this man.
Are you ready?

I hope you will write me soon. I am deeply interested in you.
With warmth,

Letter 2

Hi my dear G.!

Thank you for answering to my letters, it's more and more pleasant to get your mails. I think that it is possible for us to develop relations and to bring them to the higher stage later. What do you feel about this?

How are you today? Speaking about me, I am alright. It was another day at work, but it was not so boring because I was waiting impatiently for the end of the working day to hurry to the agency and write you a letter and was hoping to receive yours. You know, maybe it sounds silly or too romantic but before opening your mails, I sit for a moment and try to guess what can be written there. Yeah, sometimes I feel myself like a little girl to whom first love came at school :=)

By the way, do you remember your very very first love? My first love was when I studied at the second form. The love was to the boy whom with I was sitting at the same desk. It was a mutual feeling, and from time to time sitting at the lessons instead of writing a task, we were discussing plans for the future :) He said that as soon, as we would finish school, he would marry me, then we would go to some sunny country, etc.. It was funny, but we didn't even suspect about fun, as our plans were more than serious. We only wondered why our parents were smiling so sly when we shared our thoughts with them :-) But with the time our love was dying.. and finally at sixth form we decided that we had different characters and should sit with someone else at the desk and move forward.. :-) When I look back at all that, I smile.
We talked about that so seriously, like we were breaking family that has been existing for thirty years :)

Since that time I didn't have boyfriend. Why? Because I was always serious and took relations seriously. I wanted and want to be with only one man, with the man whom in I will be sure, who will bring me calmness and comfort, respect and understanding, whom with I will feel myself real woman, protected and safe. I never wanted to spray my inside love, warmth and tenderness to the left and to the right just to say "I'm not alone, I have boyfriend". When my friends were dating with the boys and then were telling each other about their emotions and experience.. I was never embarrassed with the fact that I didn't date with anyone because I was always confident that some day I would meet my one and only man whom to I would give all my tenderness and all me. And I want to do this. After looking at our men I realize that here I won't find the man whom with I will be happy because they either drink too much, or simply are cold and are not prepared for real love. They don't know what it is.

By the way, I shared with my parents about our communication. They are very glad that I have met a man whom I like a lot. They see how much gladness I have while talking to you, how much it's pleasant for me to talk about you. They see that I changed a bit since I met you because I am in a good mood all the time, and surely they only wish us luck and hope that we will be able to bring these relations to a higher stage and to build strong relations. Maybe this is really our great chance in life?

I wish you wonderful day, my dear, and will be looking forward for your letter.
With warmth,

Letter 3

Dear Mister,

Thank you for your letter. We should report you that your Lady will be very glad that you are interested in her.

We are serious, legitimate and reputable company, approved by the authorities of Ukraine. Our business license is 22907308.

This is information you were asking about:

- 1 letter from you costs $5 ( you pay $4 for translating from English
into Russian and $1 for services of Internet)
- 1 from your Lady costs also $5
Every photo costs $2

We also have such service like unlimited letters, in such way you can save your money:

-1 month of using our service $185
-2 month of using our service $320
-3 month of using our service $460

You should also know that you can pay any sum of money you want and send letters on this sum. Minimum deposit in our agency is $40.

So, if our services are suitable for you and you want your correspondence with Kira goes on, you can send money through Western Union to the name of our manager:

Ukraine, Krasnograd, Kharkov region
the name of our manager Boris Lutsenko

After transferring money you need report us about the control number of the transfer, the sum of money, your full name and the country you live.

If you don't have an opportunity to visit Western Union office,you can wire your money on line,using the credit card. You can visit web site and during 15 minutes you'll be able to send money from your credit card.

If you cannot transfer money through Western Union, please, let us know and we will send you the number of our account and the name of our manager.

Our private e-mail address is:

We'll answer all interesting you questions.

Agency "T.F.Y." ("Translation For You")

Letter 4

Dear G.,

Thank you for using our services. With this notification we inform you that our manager has already received $192 you have sent for your correspondence with Kira, and the money was put on your account with us so now you have unlimited service till 20th of August.

Please, if you have any questions, write us and ask all of them.
We are always open for your suggestions.


Letter 5

My dear G.!

Thank you very much for your help!
I missed you very much!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm am so happy that now I have an opportunity to correspond with you!!!

It brings me a real pleasure to write to you letters and more pleasure to receive your letters! I was so glad to read that you have the same feelings for me as I am!
I will take care of your heart very well!
You are already attached to me, so that a good sign! You are really a gentleman and the most wonderful man I have ever dream about!

How do you think what is our destiny?

Tell me please how are you? What news do you have?
And how is your work? I am very happy that you help me!!!
You are my magic saver now I am sure I can always rely on you! At one moment I thought that you may leave me.
But now I realize that you are so unique and remarkable man that can't offend delicate woman. Am I right?

Big sweet kisses,hugs and all my caress to you

Letter 6

Hi my dear G.!

It is a great pleasure to receive the letters from you.
Thanks a lot for your letters and poem.

As for English the price is for one month. If you are interested, here is the information:
Speaking English only,2 times a week,the group of 5-6 persons the price is $250.
Speaking English with Grammar,3 times a week,the group of 5-6 persons the price is $300.
Speaking English with Grammar,3 times a week,private teacher the price is $350.
I really want to learn English so that when we will meet we can communicate without any help.

You know, it feels great two people living so far apart can talk so easily to each other. Maybe in some time we will be sitting together reading our first letters to each other and thinking who lucky we were to have found each other! I'd like to go for walks and talk while we hold hands, to go for a romantic candle light dinner and to dance under the stars to hold your loved one close to you and look deep into your eyes and see into your heart.
Its very hard for me to concentrate at work, because i am so excited and think all the time at you, how to write the letters and what is going to happened in the future.
My dear, please tell me of your hopes, what do you want?I am very interested in reading all. Today I woke up in high spirits and with a smile on my lips like in childhood and at once felt a wish to share my pleasant emotions with you.
I liked your letter very much! It made my heart beating quicker and quicker. Your words written here in the letter made me fell the best I have ever have. I even can't express all I feel. Hope my letter will bring kind smile on your face( as your letter did it with me ).

Your letter impressed me a lot .
You are a real man that value true love!
I can only dream about a such man! I feel that it make my heart closer to your!
LOVE is a big word,love means everything. We must live with love every minute. It is the only way to go on. Love for a man is important part of life too: share, be romantic, to ear the another person and to live in harmony, but with the flame of passion, doing every day good things to make you and your second half the happiest, is not easy, but possible I think.

Big sweet hot kiss to your lips my G.



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