Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Jon (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello friend!
I would like to be your friend. I liked your profile on dating site
If I have interested you, write to me on my email:
I shall tell to you more after your answer.
I with impatience look forward to your reply!
Embraces lonely girl!
Letter 2
Hey Jon!
I am grateful for your answer!
I was very glad to get your letter because i would like to have a penfriend, to get acquainted with you closer!
It is the first time that i use this way to find friend it is really fascinating!
My parents gave me the name Anastasiya! I am 27 year-old young lady!
I am from Russia, i live in St. Petersburg.We are different people from different countries but, i believe that it will not disturb our pen friendship.
I have got friends in Russia, but it is not the same as abroad! I want to practice my English, i have learnt it for 3 years that is why i have a possibility to speak English very well!
I sent you my photos and I hope that you like it.
As for me, i am lonely young lady. Despite my age i had not serious relationships, and i haven't got children.
It does not worry me at all, because i did not meet my real love - a person who suits me.
I know that any time i will meet him!
I am a serious responsible lady, and i can not accept unserious relationships.
The previous one was insignificant for me and it was something wrong.
I understood that it is not for me what i imagine and found. I think that it is not necessary to hurry up in this matter.
Sometimes i think about my future, and i really know that i am ready to begin new bright rooted feelings, i am waiting for this and willing something new good.
That is why i decided to get acquainted with a kind person from abroad to have friendship and more if it is possible.
I believe in our correspondence that is the best way to know each other at the beginning.
If to be sincere the first i am looking for a friend.
I will be glad to have a such friend as you. And do not worry about the difference in our ages, it does not worry me too!
The men such as you attract me more than young unexperiment men.
i think that my age will fit you too.
I have only one desire to have a good serious friend, because i save my time and i would not like to spend it to no purpose and for some funny games.
I see in you such man who does not spend time for nothing too if i am not wrong and we are interested in each other!
I finish my letter and i will wait for your answer and your photos so much!
I hope that my letter will affect you and you will pay attention to me!
If you are interested in me, we can become friends! Of course in the next letter i will write you more about me.
See you soon! Goodbye!
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