Scam letter(s) from Teresa John to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Donald,how are you today?thanks for your msgs,i look forward to seeing you asap,you've practically ended my search for the right man because i found hapiness,honesty,attention and what more can a lady want from a man....i need to ask for a favor though i want you to know that i took my time to think about it before finally concluding to tell you, i know you're God fearing and you'd always consider God in all you do... **scared**

The flight information i sent you is my info alone, Bianca'd have to remain here until i get to the US, we collated all the cash we had at hand to purchase a ticket for me because it wouldn't speak well for both of us to be stranded at the same time,i offered Bianca to come home first but she insisted that you and i are really anxious to seeing each other and so therefore, she would rather have me go first and send her money to come afterwards.
i know you would be thinking why we cant come home together since we came here to work and get paid. Well, the event team paid us all with a check this morning, that check is secured that we can only cash it in our respective countries, the reason is because Nigeria or Africa as a whole isnt a good place to feel safe with Money and anything might happen to our Money so the event company secured our checks and we wont be able to cash the checks until we get home....we both have a check of 10,000$ each. The reason i wrote this message is because i would like to beg for a favor from you though i had thought about it and right now as you are reading this message, i am scared and really worried on what you have to write next but Like Bianca lured me to write you, she said WHAT WILL BE WILL BE!!! **more scared** My ticket is with the travel agent that helped Purchase it, he wouldnt release it unless i pay him money for service charged (consultation fee) right now i have only my check with me and no other money apart from the check. All effort scrounging the Money seemed futile otherwise i wouldn't tell you but right now i need you to Loan me some Money... 650$ Precisely...**sad** I'd refund once i get home pls,i really need you to assist me **on bended knees** i'll stop here until i hear from you again, hopefully with views to ask me to send you my details so you can send the money...Pls don't take this message the other way round, i expressed my feelings to you simply because we have shared alot and wouldnt hide anything from you... **Hoping** Teressa
Letter 2
hello dear Donald,
thanks very much for initiating contact,you sound like a sweet, honest person in your profile and i'm really glad. Thank you for being so open about yourself, it is refreshing as I've had a few contacts who were so coy and guarded, I just couldn't open up to them and I think by now you must have known a lot about me through my profile but let me tell you a little about me My name is Teressa Adeola John, i live on North 36th Street Settle WA 98177.i'm a 36yrs old girl,the only child of my deceased parents..i lost them in a fatal accident way back in holland...i was born and bred in holland{amsterdam} i relocated to WA couple of months ago with the help of my best friend Bianca who offered me to come live with her when my aunts husband tried sleeping with me and she also introduced me to create a profile hopefully to help me in my search for the right man for me..i read your profile and i love to know more about you.i am looking for a very serious relationship and someone to be with me for the rest of my life,I am a young event packager who knows what she wants and who do not depend in others.

I am romantic. I hate violence, especially towards a weaker person
I respect my fellow beings and their opinions
I hate dishonesty
I almost always smile (even in the morning). It takes a lot to get me in a bad mood
I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining.
I never forget the wrong people do to my friend and me
I am very emotional, so when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious.
Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions that is what I can think of in a short time.
On my spare time I love going to the beach, movies, theater and museum etc.
I love sports too and I play tennis although it has been long now I play it.
I am also into target practice with hand guns and bows{funny isnt it}. I have not spent much time with the archery but I want to. Photography.... I enjoy portrait work, architecture and abstract.

i was really happy when i got ur profile and it was a lucky spin for me on the dating site, i'm currently in Africa to package an event for the motherless babies 50th anniversary together with my best friend Bianca,event packaging is just a way of organizing events professionally and i chose to come with my friend because i needed to reach the children and make them understand that there is more to this life even without your parents..i've been here for over 3 weeks and i'll be getting back to the US in less than 6days as soon as i get paid here so i could secure a return ticket back to the US ..i am sorry we are meeting on this note but i believe all things work together for good,i hope one day we will meet or probably chat on the computer or get better acquainted through constant email messaging before i come back to the US.pls send me an email and tell me more about you or hopefully we continue the love story so we could get better acquainted and see where it goes or i probably call you when i get back to the US i.e if you choose not to continue because i'm far away at the moment...

I hope that gives a better impression about the person who I am.i'd really love to continue and hope we can both stop corresponding to anyone on the dating site and focus on our love story to see where it'd lead

I am not Searching for a man that I can live with, I am Searching For The man That I Cannot Live Without.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Letter 3
Hello again Donald, how are you doing today......? I am so pleased to read your reply,it has warm my heart and I am hoping to get to always hear from you though you didnt sympathize with me about my tragic past but its ok and I hope this interaction will take us to the next level and we could build relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet,In addition about me, I'm easy going & extremely passionate about life, love & especially romance. I'm romantic at heart but don't take it for granted. I can be very intense, bold, & assertive so I am not weak at heart, however I can be sweet, patient & caring but as i said don't take it for granted or you'll see the other side. I'm very deep, knowledgeable & I do say what's on my mind, i might sound like i know it all and conceited but i'm not. i can be pretty humble based on what i've been through. I can be intense with exploring my emotions but I'm not going to fall in love with you overnight ( unless we connect spiritually like that) because i believe in getting to know someone thru friendship...I'm just sick of games people play. I like a man who knows what he wants and not about the games and drama. i sometimes feel like up because to me there are no longer any good men left, men today have forgotten what it means to be a man and to let a woman be a woman. i have to thank God for keeping me strong enough to keep my fate and believing in unconditional love. I want to lay around talking about life, love, and spiritual happiness....I want to go on picnics...and long strolls in the park...I want to lay on the beach at night looking up at the stars wrapped in the arms of that special someone. I want to explore nature, love, & kindred spirits.... I don't want you to change who you are for me and I don't want to change who I am for you... compromise is good but let's just be who we are...I want you to strive to be the best you... you can be... & you should want me to simply do the same...and when we are in our purest form & honest about who we are...if we are meant to be...well... we will be... and I will be perfect for you & you for me! this is me in my purest truest sense... take it or leave it... I've had my past experiences with relationship and within myself and it opened my eyes to so much that I needed to see... It was like a bright light of inspiration... a plunging reality into my heart & soul... bringing enlightenment to my spirit. It reminded me of the passion for life I've always had and intense passion I want to share with someone. So i don't want someone to talk to me just because they think I'm cute or beautiful ok...?I liked your profile and all I read about it was awesome,it will be my pleasure to get to know more about you and I am putting this questions to you..... When did you join the online dating What do you seek for in a relationship? What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady? What sort of relationship you seek for? What interests you? Would you delete your profile off the site and get better acquainted with me? What do you do for fun? Do you like public intimacy? How long have you been single? What's being single like? Do you know I'm White caucasian and 36years old? How do you treat your lady? Why do you need a lady? Can you love this lady? What is love to you? Would you hit your lady for any reasons? I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions.I want to get to know you and meet you.

kisses and hugs
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