Scam letter(s) from Alena Egoshina to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Fekri! How at you an affair? I hope, what all is good?
I all this time thought of you. You are constant with me, difference only that I can not touch you. Want to understand:
for what to me from destiny the award? Or again the next *****?
And light, and during our correspondence of any dark Speck.
Probably, the love all the same changes persons, in me much has changed:
moral foundations, sights have exchanged. I in general have changed in the best party.
For it to you many thanks! You the surprising person, time on such are capable:
to change the girl who very long time ago has got used to all, the girl spoiled morally and the most important to wake love.
You know, to my surprise, such piece really exists. For the first time in life for the acts it became a shame to me! Very much it would be desirable to trust, that it is all not as usually though began already from all differs. It sincerely pleases me! On the nature I - " a cat who walks in itself ", by the rules and laws, incredibly, but you have tamed me, such too, alas, not it was possible to all. I do not know, that me holds near you, only I guess and the more I think of it, the more I understand, that so it and is. Yes.. .. Yes, I now at all do not hesitate to tell these three words in hearing, and am absolutely proud I declare, let everyone know, that I LOVE YOU! I recently have come to a conclusion, that you do not have minuses! It is wonderful!, that in this life you very strongly want to trust my last, that we together FOREVER, I at all do not want to think, that to us may happen, well simply VERY MUCH I, VERY, am very STRONG LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU, MINE Fekri! Alyona
Letter 2

Hi my love Fekri. thank my love, that you write me all these days and months. I believe in you very strongly, that you love me and will not forget me in any situation. I love you very much my honey.
I am glad, that you are in this world. I each divine day think of you and our future meeting. Give us the god that we beat together on all life.
I these words speak each day, each morning when I rise on work and at night when I lie down in cold bed one. Weather these days my lovely not so pleases. A sharp cold snap and rains each day.
These all days give me a gloomy picture about life. I thought my lovely all these days much, as though we together could meet? You were not asked this question my honey?
At me my lovely all is good, work mine is pleasant to me. From mum of mine to you big hi and a kiss. She very much worries for us my lovely. I all time calm mum, when she speaks me, that you do not love me. I have given mum to read your letters and after that she has believed seriously, that you love me and never will throw a difficult minute. Now mum speaks, that you present the man, that each day almost writes me letters and believes, that soon we shall be together. I hope for it and mum too. She all these years waits, when I to leave for the husband and to give birth to the grand daughter or the grandson. My mum dreams of it each day.
But I speak her, that with it it is impossible to hasten, that all at us will turn out. Thank my honey, that you is in this world. Thank for care.
Write and do not forget me, I very much love you, believe me.
Yours for one century Alyona. Alyona
Letter 3

Hello my Fekri! How at you an affair? How you?
I want, that you had good mood. I know, that feelings which now break off me, it is very difficult to put in a word. And you are not present beside to read all in my opinion. Loved, we with you so for a long time are copied, have learned about each other so much. You have presented me so a lot of love, that fire, lighting up in the soul, roaring and furious, has not died away even now. I very much grieve without you.
I have much seen lately, trying to think up to myself the new flour, new something, that will replace inconceivable emptiness somewhere inside.
I with go from mind of that you are not present near to me.
Having risen on unimaginable height, having seen all of charm of life, having tasted perfection, harmonies, serenity, pleasure and love, my soul has suddenly failed and has sunk at ocean of indifference and apathy to everything, except for you. The world, former such colourful, multi-colour, with set of sensations, tastes and smells has turned to a grey boulder to which it is not visible the end and edge.
This world and this life if you are not present near to me is not necessary for me. Loved, forgive! A bit too all this, I know. And still I know, that I shall wait always. I love you, my fine, do not long.
I want to present you love to present you of. All will be good. Alyona
Letter 4

Hello my Fekri! Suddenly very much it wanted to me to tell, how strongly I value you and as I miss... You so are far, and at the same time so are close with my heart... I live, I breathe and I feel as a number of you... You - in all... I feel you in everyone to a leaf, in each flower, I search for you there... And so it is happy, when your letter is possible to escape from routine of boring everyday lives and to enjoy you... You know, I have noticed... When at you the good mood when you are cheerful - shines the sun, birds somehow especially cheerfully sing the songs, camomiles on especial decline the of the head, even the moon gets fantastic, unusually mysterious kind as though hides whose secret at night... It is our secret...
When it is good you, I feel it in spite of the fact that we so may not be now together. Then too it is good me... Lovely when you long, the nature also feels it... Even birds begin to sing minor melodies when feel how you long as you miss... You miss on me... I know: you very much would like to be with me... You would like to hear, as I laugh how to narrow eyes, as we play... Sometimes... Why sometimes, this word inducing pressing melancholy in heart... What prevents us to be always together? May, what I do not have money? However, when I dream of you, I want to submit, want to feel your strong shoulder...
Only it is necessary to me to not type money to the Internet, that to read your letters as it somewhere leaves, in heart vanity creeps in...
Also there is only a whining pain... A pain of that I do not know, when we shall meet - constantly something prevents us...
A pain of that I know, how you want to be with me... And I can not make anything.
From it I am sad also again I search for you... I search in each flower, in each sparrow, in each cloud hastening somewhere on the sky...
I peer into persons of people, am afraid to pass chance to meet you...
I want to you! Alyona
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