Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Bernhard (Austria)

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Letter 1

thanks for your's a real pleasure for taking time to write me an actually a new member on the site and not really use to online but i only believe in the real thing probably if meeting for dinner and cups of coffee...since we not far from eachother...maybe we can do this someday but nevertheless we can still take time to know eachother better from here..send me email to wilskate01 at gmail dot com

Letter 2

am a new member on the site and also new to this internet stuff but got caughtup after reading your profile and i got interest in you but I Need to know which country you are situated presently?besides if you really single or not cuz i don't want to fall into a wrong hand cuz have been hurt in the past in relationship and this really get me pissed in finding another man until i got interest in you after reading your profile..i just hope you are for real... but first we need to start from friendship to get to know you more better and i will also appreciate if you can send me some couple of your pics to know how you look like?and also tell me what exactly you looking for in a relationship to see if we can have a perfect sending a copy of my pics in my next message...
your new friend,



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