Scam letter(s) from Melaine to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
can you chat with me on yahoo messanger honey,

your word really makes me smiles and i begins to be thinking about you , you sound like complete man that i have been waiting for and i belief talking and see how we develop good relationship together then see possibility of meeting ourself and see how it goes further your word really touch my heart and i feel peace in my heart to give this a trial..
Moreover , i really want to know if you could send me ur cell phone number so i can call you and we can discuss on phone and hear each other voice, Moreover i will like to ask one more question, if we talk and decided to meet each other would be able to support me financially on my needs to process my needs to be able to come there to meet you, because i do really want someone we could plan to meet and spend some time together to know more about ourself in real life and see how we develop the chemistry between us..
i will hope you can mail be back soon...
Letter 2
My pics,

Kindly let me know if you can help me to receive some goods on your address like laptop and phone, they are not shipping out of australia and i need address of friends that they can deliver it to then you will later help me send it here, i will glad if you could be of help...
Letter 3
are you still online,

can you add me on ur messager...
Letter 4

Hello Love.

thanks for the message sent to me and am very glad to read from you and i belief we are getting more closer each day we talk on from here and am hoping will develop good relationship together, concerning coming there to meet you and spend some time together wouldnt be any problem about visa, Because Malaysia is VISA FREE for 3months to australia, i will just need to do some travelling document, but it does not require , visa is free, so is nothing to worried about visa..

Moreover, i wil call you if you want us to talk things slowly no problem, morever can you send me your house address i want you to help me receive some electronice , like laptop or phones, is part of my business but most store there are not shipping internationally, that is why i need ur assistance, i do really feel good about us and i hope we can get more closer...
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