Letter(s) from Irina Zavyalova to David (England)

Letter 1

Hello Davy,
I hope you are doing well and you have smile getting this letter. I was pleased to hear from you and read about you. You seem like a good person for me, and I would like to know you better.
Davy, I want to continue with you, so I write you again…. My dear Davy, I try to choose right words to describe yourself and tell about my life, because I don’t want to create wrong imagination about me. I want you to understand that I am real, alive, simple person and I have my own emotions, so if you decide to give me up, please be careful with your words. I have choose you from many men who wrote me, because I think you are the best I could find there. You are sensitive and smart and maybe we can be good friends first and something more in the future… Right now I don’t want you to go away from me. I want you to try to learn me and see my individuality.
I’ve already told you about myself in my previous letter, but of course it is not enough, so I will continue to tell about my personality as I would like you continue to tell about yourself.
I work as a small manager in Construction Company. It is my second job (first was as a secretary). It is interesting work, but I would like to change it in the future, because I like to experiment. If I relocate to another country, maybe I can find new job there.
I finished Udmurtian University in Izhevsk, where I’ve studied Economy. There also I’ve learned English.
I like movies, art galleries, reading, biking, camping, I like to spend much time outdoors, going for walk in the parks with my friends, going to nature. I like many kinds of sports, I play tennis and volleyball.
What more? Maybe I will tell you some things about my personality. I use internet the first time, so it is something strange for me. I don’t know who I will meet, but hope everything will be ok and I can find my future husband here. I would like to create my own family in the future. I think husband and family are the most important things in woman’s life and I do hope to have it soon. Tell me do you want children or not?
I know that you would like to ask me why I can not find man in my area. Actually, it is difficult question…. I do not know why. Of course I had man in my life and with one man I had strong relationship, but I did not create long strong relationship with him because he lied much to me and he tried to meet with a few girls in the same time and have sex with all of them. I think he was not smart and serious. I finished all the contacts with him and I just have heard that he drinks a lot now and he beats his present girl. It is disgusting… I don’t want the same experience in my life.
I really would like to find man who will understand me and will see in me real lady. I believe in honesty, kindness, giving, loyalty, and generally doing what I think is right and good. I learn from my mistakes and do my best not to repeat them. I am Christian and believe
in God. Basically I am a very sensitive woman who is not afraid to show emotions. I believe very much in love and I know that I will meet my only "love" soon. I am tired of being single and I am want to share my life with the right man. I am very romantic and caring woman. I have not entered into a long term relationship because I have not met the right person. I never was marriage and have no children.
Davy, please understand from the beginning that I am very serious about seeking the real man who will become my soul-mate, my best friend, my lover, my truest companion, and my partner in all things. I want very much to share my life with that very special man. We will laugh together, cry together, and love each other, and share our hearts, minds and desires together.
I live in apartment which one I rent, I do not have my own apartment, because it is expensive for me. As I told you I don’t have any brothers and sisters; I am the only child in the family. My parents live in the village.
Well, it is enough about me now, if you really think that you interesting in knowing me better, so please answer back. I would like to know your better and you can feel free and ask me everything, ok?
Hope to hear from you soon, dear Davy,
Your new friend Irina.

Letter 2

Hello dear Davy
Thank you for the answer. I’ve wondered if you would write me back after that long letter. I thought it was little boring or imposing… But, any way I think we should learn us from the letters, so we can understand each others characters and life.
You know such a good weather today and there are a lot of people who are walking outside! It would be really nice to walk outside with you someday. I hope someday we will. Today one of my friends had birthday and we had tea with birthday cake this evening. I told some of my friends about correspondence with you. They were impressed and had many questions when, where and how I met you. It was difficult to explain them, because the most of them have no imagine how to meet friends due Internet. You know Davy, in place I live not so many people have computer at home. I do not have computer in my own too, so I always use somebody’s computer. For example, my friend Katya has. And sometimes she allows using her computer for different reasons like typing or searching information.
Except my friend’s computer, I use computer in Internet - caf?. There I can write letters to you privately, nobody bothers me and I can think better. This letter I am sending from the Internet-caf?, after my work.
When I wrote you first time Davy, I couldn’t imagine that I will find such good man like you. It is fate, I believe! I have big hope that you are that special man I am looking for. I see, you are good, honest, kind, open man, and you are very serious with me... I told you that I do not like when someone plays with me. I tired to be lonely in my life, I really want and need find someone like you who will be always with me, I know that it is only words, but I am sure you understand what I mean and believe that all my words come from my heart. I do not know why but I begin to think about you often, Davy!
It is time to go now,
write me soon, ok?
Your Irina.