Scam letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Marty (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Angelica. I live in Russia. Acquaintance on the Internet is popular now all over the world. I have noticed Your profile. You live in America in this good place to live I very much, I love your mysterious country! America is freedom country? I never was in America However, I know about your country a little. Each person has the right By a good life and you have sufficient freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone has equal possibilities at employment. In America I think more Possibilities of a good life. There, where I live now it not the best Place to live and create a family. But even in such country I can make Good residing. I like to work, I have family, and I want to Have the best life with good the person whom I will love also which Will love me. I think, that women, here good enough to be as the wife for America. I the woman who estimates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoilt by an easy and carefree life. I looked your structure on the Internet, and you have drawn my attention. We could study each other better. I also wish to draw your attention and therefore I will not write today much. I only will tell now, that to me of 30 years. My growth of 172 centimetres. My weight of 58 kg. I hope, that you understand, that I wish to create a family, I wish to live in America and to have the best life. I have in this life everything, except for a family and existing love. I search for love now. I not the poor woman. I, that concern middle class in Russia. I have good work, and I have here good money for residing. Besides I am rich spiritually. I hope, you can see my pictures. Write to me here: With hope, Angelica. ps: I Hope, that you will write to me but if you do not wish to write to me I ask that you spoke to me about it at once. I respect honesty. I hope that you will like my photos.
Letter 2
Hello marty! I waited your letter! Today I woke up early. I usually wake up at 6:30. I have opened in the morning the computer and working a little. Also I have copied today some pictures, and today I will send to you! Well? You really loved my pictures? How your day was? How work? You know, I have received today the letter from another the person. It from the city of New York. Stanley's its name. However he has written to me that does not want serious relations. I have written to it, that I in that case do not wish to waste time in vain. I have explained, that I search for serious relations. I will not write to it more. I promise you it. I wish to ask a question to you. What has induced you to write to me? Interest? Curiosity? I still hope, that you can well understand my language. I do not think, that it is very good to speak in your language, but also and it is not so bad! It is possible to understand anyway! I like to have an active way of life! Sometimes I should work Not only in our city. My work sends to me sometimes on business trip. Though it is not frequent. With my work I am helped by my car. I have entered into business trip to Moscow some times, and also I have gone to St.-Petersburg. You have heard about this city? You often go to go? I like to travel in the summer. I travelled across Russia, and also I was in Hungary. In the world There are many fine places. We in Russia also have many beautiful places! marty, I to you wished to tell that as I live right now. It I think very important for us to know about each other in the greatest possible degree. I from a sufficient big family. I have younger sister. My sister more is younger than I and its name Elena. She while to study at university. I live in separate apartment. The name of daddy Michail, the name of mum Rima. The daddy and mum work now. My daddy the engineer. It works in the building company. My mum works in hospital. It the doctor. I often invite my parents, and also I continue visiting of parents! marty, you from the big family? Tell to me a little about your family! Well? It is very important! I will wait your letter. I hope, that this advantage The letter for you. Sincerely yours, Angelica.
Letter 3
marty, I am glad, that you wish to meet me in the person and that you invite me in America. I really very much wish to see your country and your way of life. I should see it my eyes, and I think, that we will have happy time together. We very good friends and I should tell now, that our friendship can become enamoured. You are valid very important - for me. In my life now there is a good friend and it you. I am always true for my friends and me never to betray. Besides I very much hope, that we will love each other! I really want, that between us there was a love and warm feelings. I want, that between us there was also a trust and understanding. I respect you very much, and I love you as the person! You, that type of the person which I would like in the husband. I think, that there, where, you live, this very good place to live and a family. You thought of me today? Tell to me please as you investigate your future? What do you want in the future and whether you want, what I was a part of your future? You would like that your future wife, were till the end of your life? I wish to marry only once and to be happy. What you have made today the especial? My day today, usual. Yesterday I lay down late enough, and I thought of you. I think, that we would go with parents in our garden close to a city. We have some bases and the small house. I like to remain there in the summer. Mine marty, I very much want, that you have met as soon as possible. I am valid to look at things and I think, it is necessary to be prepared for it well. As you understand, I should speak again and again with mine the boss and also with my parents. I think, that all will be good, and then I should define time when I will be ready to a meeting. I already travelled earlier to Europe, and I know to make travel to other country, necessary to be well ready. I think, that I am ready to meet you. So, if you agree, that I have arrived to you then I will start to prepare for it! Well? At first I will speak with my boss and a family, and then I will be included into travel agency. I am already familiar with some rules for visiting, but I think, that for a trip to America it - is a little differently. I will inform you later, as I will have all things for preparation to arrive to you. Well? Inform me also when you would like, that I have arrived. Well? I understand, that you also work, but I think, that if you cannot take a short vacation anyway, it will not prevent us. I could remain with you the house while you on work and then in the evening we could be one, and we will speak very much! I will not prevent you to work! I want opposite that you have inspired. I would kiss you every day when you come home, and I would capture you! You would kiss me? We also could go to go! I do not want, that you have spent for me many money. Money is difficult, and therefore we could be simply at home, and I will be prepared for you for a supper! Also I can help you with work for the house, and I can make the order! I already dream of our meeting. Well, I then will start to take some measures on our meeting. I will make all considered and is correct, which we have met a little faster. Well? I should take all things one. But I would like, which you have written me every day and also to inspire me! I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us! I send my kisses to you! Also speak your friends and a family Greetings from Russia! Write to me soon! I will think of you and to dream of our meeting. Only yours, Angelica.
Letter 4

marty, how are you doing? You grieved without me? You expected my letter? I hastened to write to you as soon as possible. I could not wait that moment while I not will close to the computer, to a little faster to see your letter and to write to you. You know, I have already started to take some measures for our meeting. I have decided, that first of all I will speak with my parents. My mum very well understands me and therefore I again and have again told to mum, that I wish to travel in Amerika to have a meeting with you. Mum well listened to me, and she asked about my plans. I have told to mum, that for me necessary to create a family. I have told also, that I wish to be happy, and she has understood my desire to live in Amerika. After that mum has told, that I already adult woman, and I have the right to build the life and to make decisions. I should build happiness together with the loved. For my mum the most important, that I was happy. Also mum has asked not to forget about our family never. I have told, that I will make only correct things. I, of course, very much love my family and I will never pass. I have told, that if I have possibility, I will always arrive to visiting, and also I will help. Anyway, I while in Russia and I reflect it is necessary all things. I really wish to build my life, and I am assured, that I really correct things. Then we have gone to speak with the daddy, and also I have told all to sister. My daddy always respects well planned actions. It respects accuracy and belief and therefore it has told to me, that again and again I should meet you in Amerika and to see your way of life, your house, your country. I should understand my feelings. Both of us should understand all things between us. Correctly? The daddy, of course, very much worries about me. Anyway, Amerika, it is far, but I have told, that you will care of me. Anyway, my parents have approved my choice, and they have told, which will not be against, I have visited Amerika during some time and have visited you. I was very glad, because I wished to hear these words from parents! I should have support of my parents. They already adult people and they lived a long life, and they understand a lot of prophetic better me. So, I have met approval of my parents! I even have shown them your pictures! I have printed it on the printer on work! They have told, that you on a kind, very good and beautiful the person. You unanimously look, and the daddy will invite also you to Russia if between us things approach, and we will continue relations. I promised, that when I will arrive in Amerika, I will immediately call for my parents and also to leave the address of my site. Now I can go easy in agency of travel and learn all details, enter in Amerika. I think, that it borrows time to finish all documents. When I travelled to Europe, it was required approximately 4 weeks to receive the passport and then 3 weeks, to receive the visa. Now my passport already has expired, and I should make the new passport. I had the passport before, and now will faster receive the passport. If all things approach, I think, that in 2 weeks I can have all ready documents! During this time I will have time to solve all things on work with mine the boss. I will work some time to have additional money for my trip. Then I will take a vacation! I will speak soon with mine the boss about it. Tomorrow I plan to enter into travel agency, and I will write All of you details as soon as I learn. I very much trust you, also I hope, that you will not deceive me, and you will care of me. When I will arrive in Amerika, you possibly should meet me. I should know the airport closest to you, that I have arrived, as it probably is closer to you! I very much dream of you! I want a little faster that day our meeting, was. I want, which our feelings developed, also we had serious relations. You Know, we already during long time speak with you, and I have not told in All to you my surname! I will tell to you about it right now. My full Name Angelica Efimova. I also wish to know in the greatest possible degree the personal information concerning you. Well? I really hope, that you loved all my pictures. I am assured, that you actually will love more than my appearance. This letter required from me whole 2 hours to write! I will go Now and I wait your letters. While my favourite marty. Lift good day. Yours for ever, Angelica
Letter 5
Mine marty, I LOVE YOU! My parents and friends spoke to you hello! Mum has already asked as us business with a meeting. I have explained to mum, that everything is all right. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has told, that in any day I can continue a vacation. Today I was included into travel agency. They give a set of services. I have addressed to the lady with questions, and it has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, that I wish to visit America and the first question which she has asked me: you were to Americas before? I have told that was not present. You have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction, and now it is necessary to prolong for me the passport. Also she has asked my marital status, my income, whether I have children, and other questions. I have kindly answered each question. I also have explained, it before, I visited Europe. After that lady has told to me, that then you will not have a problem with visiting of America. She has explained to me about the politician of the European countries and also Americas. Each country to care of people which arrive. They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the visa to all. Material stability is very important. Also the social status and the purpose of arrival in America. I already considered all details. The lady has explained to me, that I should go to Moscow for visa reception. I never was to Americas before and therefore my personal presence at embassy with payment of consular gathering is necessary. I can arrive to America approximately within 2 weeks, or 15 days. Also I should tell, that if I send all documents through agency in my city then, I should pay much more money. Besides I should go to Moscow anyway and personally be present at embassy. You understand about it? I observed, that lists of a site of work and checked visa cost. They - 70 dollars. I should say you, that it is difficult enough and long process to receive the visa. To me have told, that I have more possibilities to receive the visa. By the way, I should receive the visa of the tourist, because it quickly enough and more more cheaply. Besides I believe, that for us now there is no requirement to receive the visa of the bride because it is our first meeting. You agree with me? So, in embassy if I prove, that I come back back, they will allow the visa without a problem. Here in Russia I have good work, my apartment, the car, and proves all it, that I will come back anyway. Therefore I can safely go to Moscow and receive my visa! I have a lot of information with that end in view behind which exception I travelled earlier. I know also, that it will demand from me time, my forces and money. I have time, I am valid! I the strong woman and I also we have money with that end in view. I should tell also, that I could rescue approximately 700 dollars with that end in view. I would have more, but I have paid taxes. I approximately considered my expenses. I should fly to Moscow by plane and back. I should pay also for the visa, for the passport, for many other things documents. Also I should live in Moscow in hotel some time and a payment for residing and for transport. I think, that I 700 dollars will be spent with that end in view only. I read on the Internet, that it will be necessary to show for me the ticket of back Russia. Without it to me will not allow the visa. It has a little broken me because tickets will demand many money. I wished to arrive to you, and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend with that end in view my working hours, money and my forces. As I know, that I wish to meet you. I wish to be with you. Both of us want it. For this reason I wished to speak with you about division with me roles of expenses. I want, that you have bought for me tickets onboard the plane. I think, that it will be fair, because I also to spend many my money and forces and time. You agree with me? I ask you, that you have bought for me tickets from Moscow to your closest airport. I have already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Moscow and to start to take all things. Now, if you help me with tickets, I can go tomorrow already to Moscow. By plane I very quickly reach Moscow. Tell to me, you will help me with tickets? You have money with that end in view now? I very much hope, that you will help me. Between us there is a trust and feelings. Both of us wish to meet. Also for me it will prove gravity of your intentions. Please, you should not refuse me. We really correct things, and I am assured, that we will be happy together. I wait tomorrow your answer and if you have money, and to me will buy tickets, I will go to Moscow. Write me it. Excuse me, that I ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair. You know my income, and you should present, that for me it is many money. I do not regret for money, and I will make all for our meeting. But I should have your support also. We should be one command, and then we will be happy. I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me, also I will go to Moscow soon. I love you. I wait our meeting. I wish to see you and to kiss. To write Soon, yours for ever, Angelica.
Letter 6
Mine marty, I am glad to receive your letter. Even more I am glad, that you understand me. I think, that between us there should be a trust and understanding. Now I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It is good, that you will be capable to help me with tickets. Now our meeting will take place really soon. I already called today in railway station, and I booked tickets to Moscow. Tonight I will go to my parents, and then they spend me to station. I will go to Moscow. I already took a vacation on work, and tomorrow I will not work more. I love you, and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! As soon as I will arrive to Moscow, I will immediately find the Internet - cafe and to inform you, that I have arrived to Moscow. I so am glad, that all things come nearer. It means, it soon we will together! I so wish to arrive to you more soon! I promise, that I will take all things correctly when I will arrive to Moscow. Wait for me, my love!!! I will hasten to our possible happiness. I should tell, that I understand now, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely understand, you want, that I have arrived to you. I the strong woman and my love to you will help me!!!! I on a correct way fortunately and I will struggle for happiness with you! It is very important to feel for me your support. I have been solved on travel to meet you. I want that you have written me every day letters. I do not think, that I will be during long time in Moscow. Possibly 5-6 days. I do not know precisely, but I will write every day to you and to inform concerning all affairs. Well? Well, I will not write very much today. I will be going to go for Moscow. We on a correct way. After my letter will be already probable of Moscow. Write to me Also. With love for ever, yours Angelica Efimova. P.S. marty the letter send it a variant it can come but I will send I today you I will cause by phone there and we will talk well!
Letter 7
Hello my fine I do not understand a little that happens but I do not see your letter please write to me in what I have put simply I wish to know if you do not wish to write more to me that and tell! Angelica.
Letter 8
Hello my love Marty I do not know as you still to prove that I I am real actually that who I there is I Angelica Borisovna Efimova 30 years of age born in the city of Nizhni Novgorod at present live in the Nizhniy Novgorod area the city of Lyskovo it about an hour to go by the bus to Nizhni Novgorod I work in firm on sales of computers. The truth it was pleasant to me to meet you but you do not trust me also I already I doubt to arrive to you as at us there is no trust you very remarkable person and I think that to me I would be pleasant to learn you more more close well I think that I full have given you the information yours Angelica.
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