Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi! This is not easy to communicate with a foreing man for me, but you attraced my attantion, let's make an acquaintance closer?
My name is Valentina. call me Valya.
strange feeling, but we will catch a romance and positive waves from each other's connection. Agree? My home place is Vinnitsa, the western region. My age is I am 26.
I was born on December, 22, 1983. my star sign is Capricorn.
I work in a clothing shop. My basic work is trade and sells.
make the papers of work, work at computer also. I do manager's job time to time, can go out for a working trip.
Don't worry, I speak English well, we can talk free and opening.
Before I had studied English in the college and read the English literature and listen to CDs. Why I am in Internet?
you're cusious to know. I am in the searches for a good man for serious relaions and love. Nowadays is fashionable to connect with somebody by the Net. Do you believe in love on Internet?
Why are you on dating site? Why are you looking for an ukrainian woman and not the woman from your country?
May I draw a portrait of the man? the most important traits are character, lifestyle, conduct with a woman.
I value: witty mind, exceptional ability, free from any stereotypes.
Without difference age. mutual understanding in relations!
strong love spark, closeness for long, friendship, ****** attraction. like any woman, I want to feel love.
To create the good relation with a comfortable life for both.
Don't laugh at me listening to my women's memoirs..
didn't scare of my description? what's your type of woman?
what did you find out in me? what expect to get from our connection? reply me back soon, your Valentina
Letter 2
Hi Johny,
extremely pleasant to receive an answer back again.
I'm feeling little funny that was attracted for your eyes.
Tell me about your first impression of me, I wonder to hear the truth ;-) I can say that you created a good impression on you. Little more about me.
I keen on the cultivation, with cactuses. On my balcony are some of species.
My free time I spend with friends, walking, enjoying nature, love listening to music, sea, sand, sun.. watching the movies.
Go to the gym. I cook, the meals under sounds of music or sing myself in the kitchen. Those things make my life positive moods.
my dear Johny, if a person wants to create a love, then some good things help to make an image of future man or woman. To my mind, I have the exact image of man, it there are no supper criterion to him, he'd honest, serious, reliable, I could feel a strong protection behind him.
Neither difference age nor exterior doesn't matter for me.
what requirements have you to the woman? character, appearance, complexion, clothes, education etc. In your face I would like to find the close *****-friend, the man who knows the song in his heart and can sing it back if the woman have forgotten the words.will you suggest to the song? reply me soon, kissing, your Valentina
Letter 3
Hi my lovely Johny!
what's your mood? how is your feeling? hope everything is well at you, I am feeling fine, and hope to know you closer for making stable and long-term relations in future. I live with parents.
They are wonderful people, happy in marriage, live long time together, match for each other in all relations. In my ideas of my man, that I would like to have a good, careful person by my side, we could match to each other not only in ****** aspect of our private life but keep in touch with daily routine together and solve it.
The couple may dance by candlelight but it is after the dishes are washed, their day-to-day problems are solved.
Loving partners take place with perpetual romance in the moonlight.
Of course, now is long distance between us, our mentality is different, some another in relationships, culture, language barrier between two people from foreign countries, if two people love each other, want to be together, start a love relation, they to surmount the all obstacles. Don't think? It takes great courage to be open in love. I believe that if you are willing to open yourself up and express your feelings for me. I am very affectionate and passionate woman on my traits, like the romance to be expressed very frankly in love. do you feel that affectionate can be shown anywhere within reason of course. I would like to try to build a relationship between us. and you too? Have we a chance? wait for reply, kisses and hugs, your Valentina
Letter 4

Hello baby Johny, how are you today? what's your feeling?
Today is a wonderful summer day, day is full of sunshine and lights it seems the day is full of inspiration, do you feel?
may be romance, you like fantasying?
could you fantasy something of us? one day a pretty woman will meet with a good man ;-) in romantic Paris? in charming Rome?
in passionate Madrid? where??? the city of sweethearts they could feel a sensual romance.. standing nearly Eiffel Tower she's whispering a song " I wanna kiss you in Paris I wanna hold your hand in Rome I wanna run ***** in a rainstorm.."
Oh, Venice, they will boat in a gondola under a magic Italian song..
like italian songs? Madrid?? there they'll feel a taste of Spanish passion. had you been in Spain?? probably, it would happen in man's's more romantic and more lively..
the woman will come to him, in his arms' I don't want to confuse you, it's honeyed ideas. But I our first dating, and you?
with fizz, fruits..opening love magic words, I went too far with my fantasy but I dreamt little. Forgive me? :-)
you have similar fantasy? let's put in a small black box.
One day it will take it from each other..fulfill the fantasy in reality.
This is our private way of keeping the spark between us..our secret..
little fire in our relationship. I will get a kiss one day.
now catch a kiss from your fantasy woman Valentina
Letter 5
My cell phone +38 097 2601978
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