Scam letter(s) from Joy Barry to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello sir
How are you doing over there?i am Commander Gary Beck,i am the officer in charge of Base R in Iraq...i was just checking my mails now when i saw your mail.
Its very possible for your girlfriend to come over to you since she has her return ticket with her.
Sir,i will be glad to know your full address and your full names,what you do for living and how close both are.
Mr.Ken,this young lady has been a very good officer since i came to this base to inspect since September 2009.
I will be glad to let her leave for visitation for a short period of time till we resume work fully here in the base in November.
Sir,please i will want you to send to me all your information''s so i can start working on her papers as soon as i get to my office this morning.
I will be glad to have this informations from you so i can let you know the full procedures that could get her out of here.
Hope to hear from you soon
Gary Beck
US Army-Iraq
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