Scam letter(s) from Maria to Eddie (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my love Eddie! I was very glad and happy to receive your letter, as well as always. I am very grateful to destiny, that you have appeared in my life and I hope, that you will remain in it for ever! You for me the most remarkable and fine person and for me are not present a limit of my pleasure.
My dear Eddie, why at you such strange questions concerning colour of your hair? Certainly I saw your photos, you sent me it! Unless you do not remember it? You were on fishing in those photos.
My love Eddie, in the last letter I said to you, that have decided to save money, it because you are very necessary to me was not as though difficult, and I want that we could be happy together. My love I consider that we need to be together, and I think that we are simply created for each other, and you for me a destiny gift, I never wish you to lose.
Today I was on work and have more and more in detail learnt from my colleagues. Simply I wanted will learn how many it to me to cost, and to calculate as long at me will occupy time to save up the necessary sum of money. I know that travel agency in which I work very reliable, I trust it, because I already once used its services, I to you already told not so good experience. And the more so that now I work in this agency. I very long talked and learnt from the main manager, a detail concerning a trip to you love Eddie. He all has in detail explained me what documents be required from me, and has told that they will give me the discount of 10% , as I the worker of this agency. The manager has counted cost of a full trip with all documents and details, this sum will make 1700$. As a result with my remarkable discount in 10% , on a trip it is required 1530$. As this sum can exchange, as in due course all varies. Yes it is final my the prince Eddie, it is very expensive, but the love is more expensive than any money to me for light, and I never can exchange love for money, and you know that I very strongly love you, and only you for me most of all mean in this life! I understand my love Eddie, that for accumulation of this sum, at me a lot of time, approximately will leave 1 year. But it seems to me, that if we can pass through this test of time, it will very strongly strengthen our relations. What do you think in this occasion my Eddie? Naturally if we with you were prevented by money then we could meet you earlier, I am ready to arrive to you though tomorrow if I had such possibility.
But money stirs to us! my love I know that we with you can be happy together, and I will wait for it so much how many it necessary, because you for me the most remarkable person, and I am grateful to the destiny that have met you.
When I have started to learn from my colleagues concerning a trip to you Eddie. They have been very surprised, that I have gathered so far. All have started to ask me, what for I have gathered in such long trip. I had to tell it, that I have found there the present love. My colleagues have told, that I the madwoman. They have started to assure me, that it is not so good idea as it is not known that waits for me there. Though I did not begin to argue with them, I know that you the decent and good man of my dream. I madly love you and to anybody I will not listen, besides that my heart prompts to me!
my love I understand that very long it is necessary to wait but I can make nothing more!
my love I hope that you understand now as my feelings and as I am strong to you are strong I trust, and I hope that you will love me!
my love as your affairs? And how you have spent time today? How your health?
my love I hope that I will receive your answer tomorrow, and I always mentally with you my the prince Eddie! With love Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello my fine man, my fine prince Eddie! I was very glad to receive your letter, how your affairs my love? I very strongly miss on you, yes is final it can sounds strange, but I feel that I know you many years, and I know about you and about your life though probably it not so, but I am very glad what exactly I much, have met you.
My love Eddie, I am assured that you will like me very much at a meeting. Thus I very much dream to visit you.
Today I very long waited when I can to come in the cafe Internet, and to write to you, now I sit here, I have read your letter and I answer you.
I am very glad that you very understanding person and I can trust completely in you, I know that I can tell completely to you all about the life, I of anything, never hide from you because in ours relations are very big trust and full honesty before the friend the friend. I so was glad, when we have started to write each other letters, and now between us is more than friendship. I am glad that destinies has pushed off me, with you dear Eddie, and now you are always in my heart. You the person for the sake of which I live and I wish to live, and it not simple words my Eddie, thus I ask to consider them after my letter and to understand completely, you should present as much you mean for me! I cannot know, whether really you understand it? And I very much hope that you Eddie as you write me not easier words, namely that that goes at you from heart!
my love I think that when we with you will be together to us it will be very interesting also to us always will be to talk about what, it will seems to me that to us very well and cheerfully together. We with you very much approach to each other. You think as? We can do many affairs together, and I will be confident that it very strongly is pleasant to us, between us there will be only mutual relations 50/50.
I dream that when I will arrive to you you me can acquaint with the friends and native that they knew that I the good girl and that they did not worry for you but only were glad for us, I think that they will see as strongly we with you we love each other, and will be very glad.
I will dream of you and to miss, I will wait for your fast reply. I want that you always remembered, that you the remarkable person for me, and I am very happy that have met you. Yours and only yours Mariya.
Letter 3
Hi my Prince Eddie. My dear now your letters for me became very necessary, they shine my heart and to me it becomes very easy, when I can read your letter.
My love I hope that you not bothered with those that I speak to you, and I tell as I spend the days and that happens in my life. I hope that to you interestingly to know about my life, so as well as me about yours. I am always very attentive, and carefully I read your letters to understand each word which you transfer to me though earlier I not so well understood some words, but now when already there has passed a lot of time as we with you correspond, I began to understand you very well and my heart begins is speeded up to fight at reading of your letters!
My dear Eddie, I am obligatory to you I will call, I think that it will be fast. My prince today I have very well spent time with familiar with work, our travel agency was closed earlier, and we have decided to go a little to take a walk on a city, to walk around shops.
My Eddie I wish to ask you a question: you like to go shopping?
Certainly I understand, what not all men like to go shopping, especially to women therefore we very long time can choose to ourselves things, and men happens very boringly. Whether but me you interestingly like to do it? At first we have gone to walk on park, at us very good almost a flying weather and very warmly in the street, I very much like summer and spring a season when after winter all thaws and birds from the south arrive. We long sat on a bench in park and talked, I told about you much, and it very much envies me, that I have found such remarkable person and is very happy. She has told, that sincerely wishes our of good luck.
We long walked on shops, we did not have many money then we have simply decided to take a walk. If it is fair Eddie, I not so often go to shops. In one of shops I have seen very beautiful dress, very strongly it wanted to me to measure it, I have tried on it and it looked very perfectly well, I very strongly would want that you saw this dress on me! I am assured, that very strongly it would be pleasant to you, it seemed to me that it ideally approaches me. My girlfriend has told, that to you has very much carried that you have met me, and I had a confusion during that moment, I consider that it to me has carried with you. Though it seems to me that it is destiny!
My love Eddie, I wished to learn from you, what season is pleasant to you most of all?
I hope that when we with you will be together, you will sometimes go with me on shops, and I promise that I will not torture very strongly you expectation, and time carrying out in shops. Certainly it only a joke, I will never ask you to do that you do not want, for me your opinion much means.
My love Eddie already late, and I should run home, I will be glad to receive your letter as soon as possible, I very strongly love you Eddie! Your Mariya.
Letter 4

Hello my Dear Eddie, I am very glad to see your letter!
I so was delighted, when have received your letter, it is always pleasant to me to read it. Today on work I am very tired, at me was a lot of work, I very much waited for this evening to come to the Internet of cafe and to write you the letter my love.
Eddie darling my, I very much would like to learn your customs and traditions in the country? It is interesting to me to learn what customs in your country is? I very much would like to tell to you about our traditions in Russia, Eddie you know that that before wedding the husband should not see the bride. I have been invited to many weddings, my girlfriends have already married and live happily, some of them have children, sometimes I very much would like to play with them. It certainly not often happens, but sometimes my girlfriends of pigs me to turn grey with them some time when it it is necessary where that to leave and they cannot simply leave the kid of one. It is interesting to me to spend with them time is so funny to play with children. I like to be on wedding and we spend all time cheerfully. I witnessed on wedding of my girlfriend, to me so it was pleasant that she has chosen me the witness on wedding. I even together with it chose a wedding dress most interesting Love Eddie, it in the Registry office when the young accept ritual of marriage of a combination, they dress each other rings on hands. All visitors and relatives congratulate a newly-married couple and after that the walk begins. Eddie dear, my girlfriends are very happy, and I too am very happy for them, that at them in a life all has turned out, and they have found the love. I too am happy, that I have found the happiness and it you Eddie!
I very much like a wedding feast when all relatives, all friends, all girlfriends, come and sit down a table. On wedding Eddie, at us always were the Host is a person which spends all wedding and amuses all visitors. My love Eddie, on wedding there are many competitions and cheerful actions. All visitors congratulate young, and give them wedding gifts. Usually wedding passes so, on the middle the husband and the wife sit at a table, they should not sit in no event on a table corner as it will be not happy marriage and there will be quarrels within 7 years. Usually we eat our national dishes, it is a roast chicken, many different dishes from fish, plov on Russian and many other remarkable dishes. Native the groom and the bride; mums and daddies, sisters, brothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sit at one table. Opposite to a table of the groom and the bride in parallel there are two numbers of long tables at which visitors sit, dear my it is interesting that on one number visitors of the groom sit, and on other visitors of the bride sit. The host always entertains visitors and thinks out different competitions. To me it was most of all remembered as all visitors by turns speak in a microphone the a wish in all sincerity.
love Eddie it is interesting to me to learn as there pass weddings in your country, I would like to know what traditions at you how there pass weddings in your country? Eddie how many time you have been invited to weddings? I know dear that at us with you different cultures and different customs, and it will be very interesting to me to learn all your traditions. Eddie I so am happy, that I have met you, I very much you love , I with the big interest will Wait your letter. Now I am going to follow products in shop, I very much you love my prince, have come to finish time my letter. I will write to you dear Eddie very soon, tomorrow after work I again will come in the cafe Internet, and I will hope, that I will see your letter!
Your the most beautiful and most love the future Bride Mariya!
Letter 5
my love Prince Eddie I am happy to receive your letter, how your affairs my love?
My dear Eddie, really to you my photos are important, it is more than the letter? Now I understand that your love to me, only because of photos.
At me today very good mood, and I rejoice lives because in my life there is you Eddie. You which that person I very strongly love, and with which I wish to live all life. Yesterday there was very big pleasure, I have come after work and have started to make a supper, my mum was late on work, mum usually comes before me from work, but not this time. When it has come home, it looked very happy and all shone, at first I did not understand that the such has occurred, and why it was so is glad. I have asked it why it looks such happy, it was not kept and has told to me that 2 months ago, she has got acquainted with the man who has very much liked it. I was surprised why she has not told to me of it earlier, mum admitted, that she very much was afraid that I not correctly will understand it, from for my father. I was in a shock when it have heard. It never from me hid nothing, but in this situation I think that she can be understood, because she very much was afraid to cause to me a pain. But I to it have told at once, that I it perfectly understand also love it very remarkably.
I was madly glad, that my mum still can receive happiness in her life, and has begun new relations. After mum to me has told about the man whom she has met and as they have got acquainted, I already spoke to you that my mum works as the tutor in a kindergarten. And so, two months ago in a kindergarten its working day has been already finished, but she was late, because at one child the father was late.
It could not leave the child of one, and has decided to wait together with the kid of his father when there has arrived the father of the child it has brought up my mum to the house, they lovely talked and have liked each other. Then a current of two months, a free time spent together, it came for the child, and they together went to walk, or it took it to the house. I could not know it because as I already spoke to you, I come home later than my mum. This man the father the single who was thrown by the wife. It appears to it very strongly my mum was pleasant. Certainly I know that my mum is true to my daddy, but I think that she should not live all remained life one. After it is a lot of years, she has met at last the worthy man. It should seems to me that to use this chance which was given to it by destiny. If it is frank, I would be very glad, if mum can construct relations and to be happy. I could not believe to the ears when mum told to me all this history. But I very well understand it as love really brings during our life a lot of heat, good and light!
My love Eddie now I think, that I can not worry for mum's happiness, it as well as I has found the man with whom she wishes to spend the life. I am improbably happy for it, my love I hope that have not tired you with the story? Simply you the person closest to me Eddie, and I wished to share the pleasure with you. My love now I will finish on it the letter and I will go home, I hope that I will receive soon your answer. With love, yours Mariya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear prince Eddie,
Your letters instal a lot of happiness during my life, and decorate its presence. But it is very a pity to me, that you are not present nearby, and you cannot embrace and kiss me, I often dream of you my Eddie. What today weather in your city? At me in a city today it is cloudy, and is a few rain. How your affairs my love? How your health?
My love Eddie, in this weekend I did nothing, had simply a rest at home, and did house cleaning a little.
My dear Eddie, today I had very bad day on work, but your letter has helped me to distract from it, and to me it becomes better. On work I had very bad situation, the director of travel agency has told, that probably soon me will dismiss (will reduce), in connection with that that is not enough people now go in travel. Also that crisis, starts to influence our agency in this connection he worries that cannot soon pay in all wages strongly. Thus it is possible, that soon I will remain without work, but it is yet exact.
This news has very much afflicted me, and at me now many different bad thoughts in a head. I will start to search for new work since tomorrow, but I have not enough chances as I watched TV recently, there spoke that thousand people remain without work, or in it do not pay the salary. So will find new work very difficult if still to consider, that from my wages it will be necessary to save money for ours with you meetings. But I will try to find the best variant.
I hope that all will be good also my chief will not dismiss me, he knows that I the conscientious worker, and always I perform the work well.
My love Eddie my mum sends you huge regards, and she has asked, that you did not offend me, because I very vulnerable girl. Certainly it has joked, concerning that that you did not offend me, because I to it told about you much, and she knows that you the fine person.
Nevertheless she worries for me, from for that case in Italy a little.
But I assure her that you will not cause me a pain though I as though did not assure mum, she will worry all the same for me, as I its unique and favourite child. At me very good mum and she very much wishes to get acquainted with you, and I hope that you as wish to get acquainted with it. I am confident that you will like each other.
My lovely Eddie I wished to tell to you, that often I dream of that time when we will meet you, and I will be assured that this unforgettable time for us, we can nearby with each other on the present be happy. You the remarkable person, and I very much hope that shortly we can embrace each other and kiss. You have presented to me happiness in my life, and it will increase in millions times, at ours with you to a meeting my Eddie! My the prince you always in my thoughts where I would not be! I dream before a dream of ours with you of a joint life, and know these dreams so are delightful, that they cannot be transferred in words!
My love now I should finish the letter because my time in the cafe Internet comes to an end, it is not a pity to me that I can write to you more, but I will necessarily come in the cafe Internet tomorrow, and very much I hope to receive your answer. Yours and only yours Mariya!
Letter 7
Hi my fine the prince Eddie, I was happy to see your letter!
My love Eddie today I have come to the Internet of cafe earlier to write you the letter. At me was not a lot of work and my chief has released me earlier. He of anything has not told today to me about my dismissal, but today it has dismissed already two workers of our agency, and has given explanations that to it nothing to pay in all wages, differently the travel company can go bankrupt. Nevertheless I still have hope, that it will not dismiss me. My dearest Eddie, I live in a city under the name Kirov, it approximately 800?? from Moscow.
My dear Eddie I think that now when my mum has found the beloved with which it wishes to be together I can not worry that it remains one when I will go to you. And it seems to me, that circumstances by itself develop safely, for me and my mum. And such feeling as though destiny wants, that we with you were together my Eddie!
My love I very much want that we could meet you, certainly a lot of time to carry out this dream still is necessary, but all the same we with you will be together because we very strongly love each other.
After all it so my the favourite prince?
My love Eddie today remarkable weather, and I have decided to go home on foot and to walk through park that will simply vanish and to stay one. Lately in my life, there were many pleasures, and I think that my life became happy on the present, after all our love the main and finest event which has occurred in my life. Certainly while we with you not together, but I already feel, that the part you always to be near to me, I think every minute of you and I dream of our joint happiness, I thank destiny that I have met you. my love I wish you remarkable day, and I hope that you will be as it is possible to recollect me is more often! I love you all heart and soul! My prince Eddie I hope, that tomorrow I will receive your letter.
Yours for ever Mariya!
Letter 8
Hello my love Eddie, I was glad to read your letter. You the finest and most remarkable person for me which I have met in the life and have grown fond very much very strongly. It certainly is strange, that our love with you only on huge distance, but I know this distance does it even more strong and more madly!
My love Eddie, this very bad incident happens with your daddy. I hope, that with it will be everything is all right, and it will soon be restored. From Moscow to Kirov, planes do not fly, but there go trains and buses so it not a problem, to reach from Moscow my city.
My the prince Eddie, yesterday to me in a head very fine idea has come, I have decided to go to bank and to take the credit that we could meet you much earlier because you are very necessary for me in my life, I have got tired to spend evening only dreams of you. I want that we with you could be together, I wish to touch you and gently to kiss, spend with you time, simply is near to you and to be happy to it.
Today during a dinner on work I have gone to bank, whether to learn I can to receive the necessary sum. But me have afflicted, and have told that they cannot grant to me the loan as we with mum still had not paid loan, we took this money for a long time already, but still we can not pay up to the end. We took money in bank on home appliances (a washing machine, a gas cooker and on the new TV) and took this loan for long time that many money was necessary to pay every month not so.
Certainly I knew about this loan when has gone to bank because we pay it every month, but I had a hope, that to me will give money for a trip to you Eddie. It is very a pity that at me it has not turned out to receive necessary money, it seems to me it is destiny and we should wait long time while I will not save up the necessary sum.
My love Eddie, today I not so well feel myself, because my hopes of our fast meeting have not justified themselves! And I hope you will forgive me for this small letter to you, I promise to write tomorrow to you more.
Gentle kiss to mine love Prince! Your gentle princess Mariya.
Letter 9
Hello my man Eddie. I was glad to see your letter today. That you have written Many thanks to me. The letters and love you give me sense in my life. I am very happy, that you decorate my life the presence!
My dear Eddie, from Moscow to Kirov about 800 km.
Today I have spent all the day long on work, but at me was not a lot of work, and it was possible to tell free day. And we with my colleague drank tea, talked to brighten up our inaction. Today at me very good mood. My love Eddie as at you business? What the new? How your health? It is very interesting to me to know as much as possible as you spend time. My love Eddie I'm fine, and it is remarkable at my mum. She at me asked, as you business, sometimes she asks me how are you doing at us in relations. I certainly speak that we are fine, and it is very glad for us, that we with you have found each other.
This morning when I gathered for work mum have informed me, that she wishes to acquaint me with its man. I have answered that I will be very glad will get acquainted with it. This meeting very interesting will seems to me that, I waited for a long time when mum will acquaint me with its beloved.
My love Eddie, I have just recollected, when I have woken up today in the morning to me the dream was remembered, it was with your participation, and I think that I will not forget it never, my dreams of you are shown in my dreams. I saw as I have arrived to you, and you have met me at the airport, you have presented to me a smart bunch of flowers, and cautiously took me for a hand, your hands shivered not much, as though you were afraid of me, and I have asked why you shiver, you have answered that is very excited. I liked these words which you has said, and that you ???c??????? I have kissed you, your lips were very gentle and sweet, we continued to kiss very long. But you have stopped our kiss, and have told that my love at us will be with you a lot of time to kiss each other so much how many we of it we will want. Then we with you have gone to you home, on a way we very often looked against each other and admired, we could not believe that our time has come and we were together, but it was so. Then we have arrived to you home, I have told that I wish to make to us a romantic supper, you have agreed and began me to help, during this moment the alarm clock has rung out, and this fine dream remained only with me in a head. My love Eddie I very strongly hope, that this dream will be a reality, and continuation it will be done by us with you when we will meet!
My dear Eddie you the most remarkable for me the person and I was very glad that we with you can together.
My love on it I will finish the letter, and acquaintance to the beloved of mum today is necessary to me, I hope that the meeting will pass well, I will tell to you details in the following letter. I LOVE YOU, yours Mariya!
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