Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana to Graeme (UK)

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Letter 1

I am very happy to see your letter! I am very pleased that you wrote to me, because you give me is very interesting! I am very afraid that you do not answer me. But I am very pleased that I can communicate with you.
To begin, I would like to tell more about yourself, you probably wonder who I am? My name is Olga. I am 28 years old and I live with my mother in one apartment. I have never had a long relationship, I am disappointed in the men very much, and I think very well, what can I first know more about you before the beginning of our relationship! I have no children and I've never had a husband! I live in a very small village called Shinerposi. I work in a grocery store in my country. I can not say that I really very happy with my work! But there was no choice, because very little work in my village.
I use the computer recently, I do not have it at home. But only about a month ago in my village have opened Internet cafes! My friend brought me there. It was very interesting, because I almost never used the Internet! But about a week ago, my girlfriend insisted that I tried to look for love on the Internet, because I'm afraid to start new relationships. This is really surprising for me to get acquainted with the man, but have never met him in my life! I wrote to two men before you, but unfortunately they were interested in just sex and nothing but this! I'm not looking for sex relationship. But then I stumbled upon your profile and I became very interested and I decided to write to you.
What would you like to know about me?? Ask me and I will answer you. I am sending you a few of their photos, and I would really like to know what you think about my photos, including me! For me it is very important.
I wonder what kind of woman you want, character traits, or something else? Can you tell me this? I hope that tomorrow I again receive your letter and your photo. I want to know more about you ... I'll be very wait. Do not forget to write me a letter? I hope not ......

Letter 2

Hello Graeme.
I am happy to read your wonderful letter, and I am very pleased to your letter! I really thought a lot about what you write to me ... I hope that you enjoy a few photos that I send you today!
I'm sorry that I did not tell you before that I live in Russia, I heard that foreigners are afraid to get acquainted with Russian girls .... I like you very much, and I am very afraid that you do not answer me more ...
I look forward to wait for your photos of tomorrow, you send them to me? I really hope so ... I do not know why, but you are very cute to me! I do not understand why. Graeme, Can you know? I would like to tell you a little more about yourself. My growth 176 sm, weight about 62 pounds. Sometimes I try a little to slow your weight. But I'm on a diet! Many wonder how I can keep my figure! I would also love to hear from you more! I appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and good attitude towards others. I like cleanliness and order in the house. It is very difficult to be in the room where a big mess. In this, I often do cleaning in my house! I also really love to cook. I am preparing a lot of different dishes ... And I did it is very tasty.
No I did not say that it is not good. I would love to entertain you.
Would you like to taste my food?? Graeme Do you know how to cook?
Perhaps some special dishes?? How did you learn? " I asked you what you like women. For example, I like men who are calm, sincere and not cheat. Whom I love and who loves me. Graeme, Do you think you could be them? Or not? I think that soon we will know it. When to know each other better. I really like that I can communicate through the Internet, it is possible to recognize a person much better to meet with him. What did you do today? I hope. that my letters pleasant for you. I hope you are fine. I will wait your letter tomorrow. I hope that I will get answers to all your questions and a lot of your photo.
Sincerely yours, Olga

Letter 3

Hello my dear Graeme!!!!!!
I am very pleased that you've written me, I am very pleased to read your wonderful letter. You know how to do, so I smiled. I just forget about everything and think only of you. As the day today?
Successfully? I hope so.
Graeme, I had a great desire to learn a little about your family, you can tell me this?? I am very interested in how your childhood has passed, in what circumstances?? I would be very happy if you could tell me this?? I also tell you a little about my family. My mother is now 56 years old and her name Alena. Unfortunately my father, I do not know. He left us when I was born ...
I never saw him again ... so I spent her childhood without a father. It was very difficult because I always wanted to have a father. I've been asking about it, but my mom does not like to talk about these issues ... And so I do not even know what happened to him now, and whether it could be found. My grandmother called Olesia .. Almost every summer of my childhood I spent with my grandmother, it was very beautiful. I really enjoyed living with her. She taught me so much, and I am very grateful to her for that! Even now, I really love to come to her during my vacation ... I love her. You probably wonder why I can not find the person for relations in his village. As I've told you that I'm very shy. But I was very infuriates in these men, that they consume a lot of alcohol.
I do not understand them. And I can not live with a man who very much drink. I do not like alcohol, and I drink very rarely. And I never drink much. Only during the holidays 1-2 glasses of champagne or wine.
It is very difficult to find anyone in my village, which would fully understand me! I want to meet this, who would understand me. Who can support me and who I am important. And I will always love this man and I will be only his. Graeme I do not think that age is an important factor. Because the age of men wiser and more experienced and I would be happy to live with this man.
Therefore, age is not important for me. I want to enjoy love, passion, tenderness, I want to see the happiness of the man she loved. And I'll do anything for it. You Graeme???? I do not love quarrel. I think that everything can be resolved peacefully. How do you think? Graeme You would like to get it my photo ... Today, I also send you my photo, I very much hope that they'll enjoy! I am sending you a kiss and hope that he makes your day a success. I hope that I will get the answer soon. Really? you write me soon as you get my letter?
Your Olga

Letter 4

Hello my dear Graeme!!!!!
I am glad that you respond to my letters. Do you like me more and more. I want to know you more and more. The more you learn, the more I like you.
After becoming acquainted with you, in me there have been some changes, it's difficult to understand what exactly, but I like pulling every day at an Internet cafe to learn from you new news. I felt so good when I read your letter. I can understand your feelings, your experience. I think you're getting closer and closer to me, even though we are so far apart! This is for me very nice! You know, I was very much notice of what had not noticed. I began to notice the beauty of the weather. I never thought about it. And then suddenly gazed at the sky and thought about you. I do not know what is happening to me, but it was very pleasant to me. I see all good things ... and it is all thanks to you ... I am very grateful to you for what you have so changed me! And you how are you? How do you feel? You have a good day?
What's happened? Today I met with my girlfriend. She offered to go to the movies. But I did not have time to. And I refused. Graeme, Do you like movies?
What? Do you like going to the theater? A dance? I danced before? Perhaps you have a good dance.
I love to watch movies. Especially about love and comedy. Graeme Do you love me? " we were friends a few years ago went to Sochi. At rest.
I will never forget the sea, which is so beautiful. If you could be with me I think it would be much better. How do you think? Graeme I am sending you a photo. All this time I think I'll like it or not? I like you very much and I'm glad to meet you. And you Graeme?
By the way, my girlfriend asked to invent a name for her cat. I do not even know what to say. Maybe you podskazhesh me? How do you think?
I'll wait for your answer with impatience tomorrow. I wish, what would your day was successful and full of happiness.
I look forward to your pictures and letters.

Letter 5

Hi, I'm sorry, but I do not get any letter from you for several days!
I'm very bored and upset ... I very much hope that you soon will be able to find a way to write to me! I am waiting for your letter ...
Your Olga!

Letter 6

Hello Graeme!!!!!!
I am very happy that I again can read your letter ... I am very happy and I feel very happy! I want to send you some more of my photos. I do not know whether they will like you, but I really hope so!
I would love to know about your friends, you can tell me this?? you often see your with your friends?? Graeme, You have many friends? And this? not just acquaintances. And people who you can trust around??
And they always give you advice on how to hurt he was not. Who does not want you in pain. Which all help you. Graeme I have only one real friend, with whom we can talk about everything. This is it, I went to the movies. Remember to tell? Her name is Sveta! We grew up together with her and went to school together, went together to the dance. Now she works as a teacher at the school. She teaches English. We are with her well-studied English in school.
Graeme And what are your friends?
Do you have many real friends? Tell the truth. And have a photo where you together? You can send it to me? Graeme I'm really curious and I want to know everything about you. I guess I do many questions, I hope that you will not hurt to do so. I already miss you and check mail. Suddenly comes your letter?
I am waiting very much looking forward .....
Your Olga!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Graeme!!!!!!
Graeme When you woke up today, you got my greetings, which I asked you to convey to the sun? It is to convey to you my greetings? He warmed you? I beg you to tell me. I'm so glad to receive your letter. I am glad that I'm interested in you. I can pretty well speak English! is not a problem for me!
Today I am very tired at work. But the weariness has passed since I received your letter. Graeme, Can you tell me about your work?? You work every day? I have flexible hours, and I can work at different times ... I usually have 2 days off per week and also on different days! I work in a grocery store, I already told you about it! I can not say that I like this job very much! But we unfortunately have no other work in the countryside! I have never cheated customers! But unfortunately I have very few clients. In this I do not have a very large salary, but I this is quite enough for my life because I live with my mom! usually in the weekend I go to my grandmother. Graeme, I have a very good grandma. She taught me everything. I know how to wash, ironing, caring for clothes, repair it, cook delicious food.
Grandma said that taught me the best. And I am very grateful for that.
Graeme Would you like to try the pie, which we have to do with his grandmother? I am sure you would have liked. They are very tasty.
Graeme And what dishes you would like, what would I prepare? Or learned how to cook? I do not know what time of day you just get a letter?
Morning? or evening?
I'll wait for your letter. I hope that you will answer as soon as you receive it.
Your sincere Olga!

Letter 8

Graeme I will write more tomorrow. I'll explain everything and tell tomorrow.
Please do not take offense at me. I explain. Do not be sad, I will soon return.

Letter 9

Graeme I'm sorry. I could not answer your letter, and I hope that you do not hurt me I had to go to work. I just came in and was going to eat, when I had my colleague and said that we need urgently to run to the store because there was a theft, I quickly ran into an Internet cafe and write you a letter, I very much hope that you are not angry me that I was not writing a lot! I had to go to the store, police were already there, and I had to say that it is gone! I was forced to spend some time late in the police, but then they took me home. I was very tired and went straight to bed, I have not had time to arrive at an Internet cafe, I'm sorry, I really hope that you are not angry at me ... I very much hope that the thief would find very soon ...
Graeme I am pleased to get acquainted with you. I like you. I can not explain this feeling, but I hope that our acquaintance will not end now. Remember I talked about my grandmother's pie? It will bring them tomorrow. I would like to try? I think that when we meet, I'll make sure those pies that you could try. Graeme Do you dream at night you look? Or you do not dream at night?
Yesterday I had a wonderful dream.
About how we're tanning on the beach and helped one another put on the body cream for sunburn. Do not describe the feeling when you rub my back cream. I was happy !!!!!!! Mom says that when the morning came into the room, then on my face was such a smile that even e decided to wake me.
Tell us what you think ?Graeme What are you dreaming? What would? I do not know why, but I'm sure I can trust you any, its mystery. And so I have, they are not from you. You know everything. By the way, my girlfriend and my mother asked me to give you my greetings and congratulations. I hope that you, Graeme, to receive them with my kisses that I send you. I'm glad you understand me, and I hope that you are not offended by the fact that I could not write. I will wait your letter tomorrow.
Already missing you and waiting for .........

Letter 10

Hello my dear Graeme!!!!!!
When you woke up you were in a good mood today? Or bad? What you saw in your dreams? I can not tell you about the cat, who lives in my house? In my opinion no. I gave him my friend Sveta. He woke me up this morning.
He came to my bed and began gently spinning around my arms. It was so nice!!
I'd like that would wake up every day from the kiss and gentle touch of his hand. I very much dream about it! Would you like to wake up from my kisses?
Graeme I want to talk to you about the most personal. About what is happening in your heart. " Graeme, You have secrets? You do not say that to me and to anyone? I beg you to tell honestly. I do not know why, but I do not want to hide anything from you. Because I'm sure it will remain between us and you will not tell anyone. Graeme, You for me became even closer than my friend, I can talk about what I will not tell my mother and grandmother. You became very close to me ... And I am willing to entrust you with all my dreams and desires ... I am ready to share with you all ... you are very dear to me. And I do not want to see between us was what a mystery! I believe you and I can not explain why. Graeme My mother, grandmother, friend, know that I communicate with you.
They say that I had changed. It has become more cheerful. I feel that my life has changed completely. You changed my life, added to her more joy and happiness. And I want to thank you for it.
But what has changed in your life? Graeme What they think are your friends?
You tell me? I beg you, tell me only the truth and sincerity.
Graeme You not tired of reading my letter? I suppose I write a lot and asking too many questions. Or not? I will wait your letter tomorrow.
Sincerely Olga



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