Scam Letter(s) from Olga Kasnowa to Craig (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello again, I sent this letter yesterday and you didn't reply I resendit I think that maybe something was wrong with internet connection! Hello,Alena here! What is your name? Thank you for your answer....I live in Russia and so many kilometers between us but now it is not problem to communicate!to be fair I'm not sure what to write forthe first time, I think that at first you should see my photos and I'msending my should know Iwork as waitress,it is not very good job but I can earn money ensuremyself and there is not good job here for young people and now withfinance crisis it is getting harder to find any should knowI'm going to leave russia to work abroad and I wouldlike to meet a man over there who will be interested in meeting youngenough girl! I will work in any bar or restaraunt of your area.I am 26years old ,I have not kids and never been married!well I will close this letterand if you want to continue our communicate and you liked my photosplease reply! Alena PS: People from travel agency help me toarrange my travel and they created my personal mail box for mycorrespondence and they tell that it will be better if I have someonethere who will wait for me and help me first days.and This is mypersonal e-mail address so please send a word to let me know if youwant to continue correspondence, I will wait for your answer!!!



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