Scam letter(s) from Faith Akamba to Luigi (Spain)

Letter 1

How are you today, i hope you are ok, Thanks for responding to me, I will tell you about my self now, I am not a Ghanian am from Liberia but I and my Mum are living in Ghana (A COUNTRY IN WEST AFRICA) the reason why we are is that my name is Faith I am the eldest Doughter of late Chief Akamba the proud owner of Mallon International Diamond Company in Liberia and was also the executive director of a quasi governmental coporation. but things totally went wrong for us, my father and my sister were killed by rebel soldiers during war in our country.
Before my Father's death he made my mother to understand that he deposited some huge amount of money which he Made from sale of diamond and gold and give my mother all relevant document of the funds Which deposited (marked) as family belonging, after his death.
I and my mother were able to move out from Liberia through the UNITED NATION CARGO SHIP to Accra Ghana, as a refugee. My Biological Father left behind "Foutyfive Million United State Dollars" which he deposited as family valuables for safety reason in a Bank called Afro International Bank in Accra Ghana.
when we came to Ghana and located the Bank we were told at the Bank to provide all the relevant documents that was given to my father at the time of deposit and his death certificate and other documents from the court. We were able to provide them with all the requested documents, next they told us that my father had registerd the funds on express transfer to leave Africa so we would be unable to collect the funds.We were later advised to look for some one outside Africa who is lling to help us then they ll transfer the funds over to you.
I am hereby soliciting your assistance to be my foreign partner and adviser because:
1) I do not know much about investment and we need you to assist me for investment of this fund in your country because am 25yrs old While my mother she is 48yrs old, and my brother his name is David Akamba he is 23years
2) You will be entitled to (20%)twenty Percent of the total sum, for your assistance
3) Your compensation for the assistance is negotiable while (5%) five percent of the whole sum will be mapped out for any expenses.
4) After the success of this transaction you are going to make arrangement for me and my mother to meet you over in your country for investment of the fund and start a new life.
I know We have never met, but I want to trust you and please do not let me me down when this fund being delivered to you. Please if you are willing to help us, get back to me through my email address to enable me feed you with more details and all necessary documentations and if possible you be able to come to Ghana we ll be very happy.
Looking forward to hear from you and your direct telephone number for easy communication and more details. please email me and my brother for more information
Best Regards
Yours Faith
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