Letter(s) from Joyce Owusu to Wayne (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello There,

Thanks for the responds on the lavalife date site and am so happy to have your email address.

well am writing this email to tell u more about myself,But there is one thing i want to let you know.
well first of all age and races are not so much important to me.besides age is just a figure and its what in the person that count.Age and races has nothing to do with friendship,love or marriage.The the most important thing is trust,honesty,love,loyalty,patient and understanding. do u agree with me ?


Well below are few info about me.

My full name is Joyce Owusu,but my family and friends call me Joy .I'm 34 and work as a cashier in J&B SHOPPING MALL, Osu,a surburb of Accra.I love my job becos becos it enables me to meet new people each and everyday. I'm of mixed races,Am half German and half Ghanaian,.My dad is from Hamburg,Germany whilst my mum is from Ghana,,but i currently live and work in Ghana,please do not be discourage about where i live presently,becos i am making arrangements to move back to Hamburg very soon,also i love travelling and will very much love to fly over for a visit in the future if things work out for us.I'm a very hard-working and kind-hearted lady,I am very loving,friendly,easy going,open-hearted,caring,responsible,reliable,dependable,good listener,I've Got a great sense of humour,very romantic.My friends consider me to be very honest and trust worthy.I currently live on my own in a one bed room apartment which i rented 2 years ago and i visit my mum atleast ones in every two weeks.my hobbies are reading,swimming,dancing,listening to music, watching movies and hanging out with my friends.My Height is 5'5" and i weigh 120 lbs.I have black shoulder length hair,brown eye,medium size breast,my bust size is 34B,waste is 34,hips is 36 and average in body shape. I have never smoke in my entire life and drink occasionally. I am a Christian and attend church at THE CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY..I think I like you and i really want to keep in touch with you and to exchange mails with you everyday in order to get to know ourselves better and to build a lasting friendship or relationship which will eventually end up in something really great.you seems to have some of the traits i'm looking for in a man.i read little about you in your profile and loved it.so i want to be very serious with you and get to know you better...what do you think about this ? i am seriously looking for my true life partner,someone i can love and be loved back,someone i can trust and spend the rest of my life with..i have been looking for my life partner on the net for quiet some days now,but it seems to be very difficult to find it on the net.
Anyway,i have attached pictures of me with this letter and i hope you will like them..please send me more of your pictures and tell me more about yourself..i will love to read all about you.

how many kids do u have and how many times have u been married ?
tell me more about yourself and what u do..
so do you have yahoo or msn messenger ? i will very much love to meet up with you online and chat with you as frequent as possible on daily bases,becos this will help to get to know ourselves better and more.

How long have u been on the date site and how many Ghana girls or German girls have u chat with or made contact with ?


May God bless you and keep you....

kind regards

Letter 2

Hello Wayne,

Thanks for the nice,interesting and informative responds email and am so happy to hear from you.,,well i gave up ever hearing from you,becos i thought u were not interested,,but i am glad that my thoughts were all wrong and am really happy to hear from you.

Well I joined the dating site a week and days ago and you were the first person i contacted on the site.In fact i found you 10 minutes after i joined...If you could check my profile from the site,i have deleted it,i deleted my profile few minutes ago after i read your responds email,i mean few minutes ago after i started writing this very email.This is becos i am one man's woman and i dont like the idea of writing to more than one man,so i deleted my profile from the dating site just becos of you,i want to exchange mails with you alone and get to know u more..i pray and believe that things will work out for us.please do not let me down as i am putting alot of trust and hope in you.

In fact i am happy that i have meet you and i pray that things will go on well between us so that we can keep in touch on regular basis and build a lasting and strong relationship which will eventually end up in something really great.,hope u know what i mean. You seems to be very genuine and i am very happy that i have found you.i know and pray that things will work out for us when we eventually meet.
I live and work in a town called Osu,it is situated in the greater Accra region,a surburb of Accra. i live about 60 kilometers away from home and i visit my family ones in every 2 weeks..i have 2 brothers and one little sister and i am the eldest.As you already knows,i am German by nationality,was born and raised in Hamburg,Germany and only came down to Ghana few couple of years ago after my dad passed away.my dad passed away when i was 25,he was a banker and work with Nordea Bank in oslo and hamburg for many years,but had a fatal accident and died at the spot,i was so lonely and sad out there in Hamburg after he died as i was the only one living with him,so i came down to Ghana to live with my mum,but i moved when i started this job and rented my apartment.I am single,have never been married and have no kids.,but i love kids and will love to have kids of my own in the nearest future..i will also love to get married soon (to you )

Anyway I have been given a bitter heart broken by my ex-boyfriend and it's a year and 2 months now since we split,but i thank god that i have healed from the ordeal i went through and can look for a new love again. A friend of mine was very successful in finding her life partner on the dating site and she introduce me there,,she now live in usa with her husband and daughter. i have been praying everyday that i will also find someone who will be honest and love me..so i thank God that i have found you and hope things will work out for us in the nearest future..

well i will tell you a story about what my mum has been telling me. my mum has been advising me after my ex-boyfriend dumped me..she has been advising me concerning choosing another man..she keeps telling me to look for older men as they are very experienced and intelligence due to their age,they are also very caring,loving,good listeners,dependable,responsible,honest and unconventional in their love and knows how to make their woman happy and treat them with tender loving care and respect..in fact i was so impressed about my mums advise..so i hope you now know and realise why i was so excited when i found you on the dating site...

I have attached another pics of me with this email and i hope u will like them..i will send u more later.

do u like swimming ?
do you smoke ?
do you drink alcohol ?

Ask me any question u like and i will answer them....

kisses and hugs,