Letter(s) from Patricia Kromrie to Tony (USA)

Letter 1


I wouldn't take this from you sir, i have been using money transfer for a whole and they don't ask for phone numbers, all you need is just my name and address and state to send the funds to. i feel you are not ready to do this, there wouldn't be any need for you to be requesting any more details, such as phone numbers or more, i am just here and i am who i told u i am sir, if they don't allow u to send the funds there, you can visit another location or store, western union or wall mart is all over the cities and they will never ask one for such details. all they need to do is do thier job. so i feel you should think twice now before you send me your next response sir. i know the directions of how to send money and rceive funds easily well.



Letter 2

Hello Master,

Thanks for the totally arrangement you are making for me my arrival master all you needed is this to get the funds sent to me.

Name....Patricia – Kromrie
Address...11712 brandon Pl
City..........Oklahoma city