Scam letter(s) from Valentina Bogatyryova to Michael (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Michael.At me delight as today I have again received your letter which I waited with the big impatience. I with pleasure will answer you Michael.How your affairs today? How your mood? I wish you fine day today. Michael, I assume that you the interesting and pleasant person with whom I can have pleasant dialogue. It is pleasant to you to continue dialogue with me? What do you think? Michael, I wish to represent better you for me. I wish to ask you some questions and to me it will be madly pleasant if you answer my questions and will write in more details. It to help me to represent you well and to understand you better!Michael what at you the main dream also aim lives? What woman to be pleasant to you? You wish to begin a new life? What life you represent to you in the future, what your desires?I will be very glad if you answer all my questions and will write about all in more details.Michael, you can as to ask me any questions and I with pleasure will answer you any question. I want that you knew all about me. I think that we should learn much about each other that we could communicate and represent is easier each other to the full. You agree with me Michael?I would like to tell about my life as much as possible.So, my religion - the Christian. God always in my heart and me often ask it that it has given me patience and success. I do not visit church often, Because I do not think that it is necessary for understanding of belief. I think that God should be with soul at each person. You agree with me Michael?My favourite foodstuffs - usual meal. I have no any rules, I eat, when I want it and that I want in it time. Certainly I as the majority of people love fruit and sweets. I to love a national Russian cuisine, but also and other kitchens. Also I love sea products.In music I have some favourite groups and composers. But it is not so important for me. It is pleasant to me, for example: Rotations Stones, Erick Klapton, Hearts, Linda Ronstadt, Franc Sinatra, Diana Krol, Boney James, David Benoit... And many other things...I like to dance, it cheers well up. Michael, I think you will be happy, as I to you have told a little about me?!Tell about you as!! Today I wish to send you some my photos.I think will be happy to receive today my letter with my photos. I correctly speak, Michael?On it I finish my letter, and I wish you fine day, and good mood.Your new girlfriend Svetlana!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Michael.I did not think yet when I to you arrive.Expensive Michael, it is not pleasant to me to see in your letter of a word of mistrust, I give you the full data which at me are available. Name: Svetlana Surname: KonevaThe country: RussieCity: KirovStreet - Truda the house 18, apartment 23The postal index: 610000 Expensive Michael, I do not have phone unfortunately, I to have earlier a mobile phone, but at me it to steal what that the young man. It has occurred approximately 3 months ago, I to buy phone. I to go one through park and on me a misfortune the young man and to pull out my phone, but I am grateful to god that I to survive, I was in a shock when it to steal at me phone, you understand as me were awful during that moment? But I ask you write to me your phone number, and I will try to call to you from mail.Favourite mine Michael, I very insistently wish to see you. I want it that you have met me with a bouquet of red roses. I want, that you have embraced me, have kissed and have pressed to yourself with such force that nobody could separate us from each other. And your eyes shine passion of love, we with you will walk in a city all the day long. In the evening we will continue walk under the moon, and we will bear there all night long only you and I. It clears up remarkable minutes!!!! I wish to have second, minutes, hours of passion and love. You understand rather what I speak? After we will go home, and we will sleep all the day long, and we will care rather each other.I have no enough patience to wait during this easy moment in our life, I wish to meet faster you to jump up to you on a neck, to kiss you on the mouth, to look you in the face and to inform you, I LOVE YOU Michael!!!!!!! I wish to feed you with delicacies. I wish to have care of you. I will regret and care of you. You promise, what will care of me if to me it will be bad?When you are far, I feel lonely, you are necessary for me. Ideas to rather our fast meeting warm my soul, they support me when in me the mood is bad, and do me happy. I very insistently wish to meet you mine Michael the fine! I wish to check up our feelings to each other. How you think, we will meet? You will help me to arrive to you? We should meet you as through letters we long cannot simply correspond necessarily. I wish to be convinced of you that you will not throw me. You trust in virtual love? I do not trust in virtual love, I wish to be close to you. I look at your photo, and I understand that we should be together! I dream to see you. You wish to execute my dreams and desires? I dream to execute all your dreams!!!!I am happy that I have you. I wait our meeting, as the young schoolgirl of the first appointment in a life. But I hope that at us with you all will be good. I hope soon to see you.With love yours Svetlana...
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