Letter(s) from Valentina Bogatyryova to Michael (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Michael.
Today I have seen your letter on mine an e-mail, and in my soul was filled with pleasure. Thanks that you have answered me. Really it is very pleasant that you have paid attention to me. It is pleasant to see reciprocity in our general desire will get acquainted and to learn better each other. To me to begin great happiness with you correspondence and this pleasure that we to have our general with you correspondence. The truth fine?
It is inconvenient to me to begin acquaintance. I did not think from what the beginning and very much I hope on yours the man the help in it and support!
You know, to write through letters difficultly. I did not expect the such have begun. Together, I am assured that we will cope with it. I will think as more in detail to you to tell about me. I will be the beginning in the following letter. I hope for your understanding in it!
To me it will be pleasant, if you to ask me. Then to me it will be easier the answer to you and the detailed story about me! How you think?
Now I will finish my first letter for you. I send my photos about this letter and I hope the pleasure will give to you to see me!
With impatience and trembling in my soul I wait yours the answer.
With hope of long dialogue and pleasant acquaintance.