Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Vakhrameeva to Cary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love, Cary!!!
My lovely I is madly happy to find on the box your letter.
Kak tvoyo zdorovie? - How's your health?
I very strongly to love you. To not pass any minute and any second that I to not recollect you and to not represent us together. I yesterday to dream and we were together my dear. In my dream you and I to take walk before dream. You gently to embrace me and to whisper beautiful words about love. Then we for a long time to kiss and embrace. It was fine feeling my lovely. But when I to wake up you beside was not my lovely. I very much to want that we to fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. You my superman, you my dream. I very strongly to like you and very much to want to be with you and to begin your wife.
My lovely I today to receive the letter from my uncle from Moscow. My uncle to write to me, that he can help me at reception the visa and the passport. He already to have experience in reception the visa and many times to help the friends. For this purpose I should arrive in Moscow and personally address in embassy. Most easy to me to receive the visa of tourist B-2.
The visa of tourist B-2 to give out to people which to arrive in the USA to visit friends, relatives or for rest. Also I should legalize some other papers in Moscow. I can arrive to you under the visa of tourist B-2 and remain with you for the term of from 3 till 6 months. My lovely for this time we can address in a bureau of immigration and submit the application, to change the visa of tourist B-2 on the visa of bride K-1. On this the visa of bride K-1 we can get married my lovely and together create fine family. I very much to want to become fast your wife. My lovely you to want that I to begin your wife?
My lovely I also to learn, that to receive the visa and to legalize all necessary papers to me it is necessary 350.00 USD. Unfortunately I to not have such quantity of money. My lovely I very much to want, that you to help me with this sum. I can hope for you? If you send me this money I can to take off at once in Moscow, to address in embassy and to start procedure of registration the visa.
You to have in your city office the Western Union? I to write you the address of office the Western Union in my city: ALFA BANK, RUSSIA
phone: 7-861-2596107
Lyudmila Vakhrameeva My lovely I also to learn, that you should me inform 10 figures MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), your full address and your full name.
My lovely I also shall be glad if you to inform the most international airport nearest to you. My visa will be ready in 2 weeks after I to address in embassy.I very strongly to like and to not represent the life without you. You my Sun and you my air. My lovely you are very necessary for me.
I am very happy what to meet such fine the man as you. My mum and the sister to transfer you huge greetings. They also are very happy, that I to meet you.
I love you Cary. I with shall wait your letter tomorrow, and I to hope on good to conduct. For ever yours Lyudmila. Lyudmila
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