Scam letter(s) from Julia Balab to Michael (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Michael!!!
I a great pleasure to see your new letter. And with great pleasure I write you the answer.
It is very pleasant to me to begin with you dialogue. Only ours with you correspondence.
To me it is pleasant that I to cause in you original interest me.
You as have very much interested me to have continuation our dialogue. It is important to me to learn about you much. To get acquainted as it is possible more close.
Dear Michael, at me today all is fine also I is glad to see your new letter. At me with weather all is fine, but in the street it is enough hot, but I will not understand weather, as at me in a city very much hot. And I was already bothered with this heat. In the street you will make nothing. Even since morning for work was to reach hot. I cannot present as such weather can is created with my city. As with weather at you. I hope that at you not as hot as well as in my city. To me it is very sad that the weekend approaches. As it will not be necessary to go to work. But I think that I will find to myself work at home.
Dear Michael, my day has passed remarkably and I am glad to see your new letter and with the great pleasure I write you the letter to the answer. At me in the country also very much hot so I you to understand. Thanks that you have sent me the photo.
Michael, I wish to have reciprocity in dialogue. I think that it is important to have reciprocity to tell about each other, therefore I wish to begin the story about me!
You agree with me in it?
As you already know that parents named me Julia. They liked it and me as it is pleasant, as my name is.
It is pleasant to you, how my name is?
How you want that I named you? Write to me.
My birthday May, 14th. And now to me of 26 years. As you can learn, my a sign the zodiac - little bodies. Much that is written by astrologists coincides with me. It is interesting, how they to guess?!
To live I in fine and exclusive city Kirov, in Russia. My the city is constructed on the hilly district, therefore all roads or go downwards, or upwards.
My a city beautiful enough, especially in the summer as land a considerable quantity flowers.
I to live together with my remarkable parents to whom I am grateful for all also happiness that I have them.
In a life I the lonely woman. And I am assured that to find happiness the true and unique love, the man.
My dream is that. You dream?
Michael, write me please, as the story about you.
To me it will be pleasant, if you in detail to write about you!
It would be interesting to me to learn about you much and much, it is interesting to me.
For me as original interest to answer your questions. Ask me!
I also would like to see your photos.
I send you set my various photos that you could learn is better what I.
I hope that you understand that I write. Also you will write me answers to my questions.
I pending your new letter...
C respect, your new friend Julia.
Letter 2
Hello Mike!!!
I pleasure again to see your new letter! I am given by pleasure to write you the answer!
I very much love your letters, I with the great pleasure read them! And I understand you more and more and it is pleasant to me! I think of you... I feel, how with each letter you become closer for me, we become closer...
Very much I hope that the beginning new week at you remarkable!?
You know, weather again has not changed, these are 38 heats...
FROM that that woods, in a city a smoke burn... From it it is difficult to breathe,
It is a lot of people to have from heat and from this smoke of a problem about health...
About my health all well now also I hope that as will be!!
Your letters help me to be stronger! You to give me forces! Your letters pleasure for me and always a great pleasure to read it!
Mike, today I would like to ask you about friends. If you not against?! Mike, at you it is a lot of friends? Not simply familiar. There are people to whom you can trust all? And they will always give to your advice irrespective of when you to it will address. Which does not wish to cause you a pain. Which will help in all to you, with any request. Mike, I have only one such girlfriend with which I can to speak about all and I trust it all my secrets. Her name is Maria, we with it about the childhood together and we know about each other all. Now it works as the secretary in firm. You have such friends whom you know all life?
Mike, to me all is interesting for knowing about you!! Possibly I, asked a lot of personal, I hope that you are not offended on it. I to finish now my letter, and I check again mine an e-mail. Your new letter now is not present! Your new letter suddenly will appear on mine an e-mail? I wait, very strongly I wait... I wish to send you my photo again! I want, that you had many my photos. You do not object?
Yours Yulia.
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