Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

I am on the nine clouds:) when I see your letter. I feel that you can be man from my dreams, can’t you, Jake? :)
May be I`m girl from your dream, if not, I will try to do everything for that…
So, I`m Ekaterina, 24 years old. Live in Mukachevo. Now I`m working as a nurse in the kindergartenJ I like kids very much, looking at them and playing with them I understood that I really miss in my life, real family, my family. I have many friends, but I don`t have my beloved man. Without him I`m so lonely, I do want to create a happy family, to build strong relations, for this we need trust each other, understand each other and of course love each other. I believe that you are kind, faithful and sympathetic man. My friend always say that my man will soon find me and we will be happy. But I can`t just sit and wait, I`m looking for him. I just need in ordinary man devoted and faithful with the beautiful soul Every morning I would make the breakfast and coffee for you and me, and you would kiss me and say something pleasant. I wish to spend as much as possible time with him, and to have the same interests and hobbies. What is important in your life? What hobbies do you have? How do you like to spend free time? Sport is important part of my life. My favorite sport is an acrobatics. On my trainings I relax intellectually, but strain physically. Sport gives me a lot of joy and pleasure. It makes me more sporty and cheerful.
I`d like to mention that holidays is a good chance for traveling and adventure. Travelling and adventure help me to study interesting places, to understand people better and to get to know more about other countries and continents, seas and oceans. It`s so interesting to try different food and to listen to different musical waives . I think it`s great to escape from routine of everybody life to warm Mediterranean or to enjoy riding on many attractions. But I`ve never been abroad, and still dream about it… But I`ve visited many cities in Ukraine when I studied at UniversityJ What about you? Do you like to travel? What courtiers do you visit? Where do you like to spend your time?
So, wait your sooner replay.
Kiss you, bye.

Letter 2

Hello, Jake.
Thanks for answer, what do you do today?
I understand your feelings, and it will be glad to see you in real;)
As for me, I want to have own family, I wrote for you about it before, but I don`t know where I live with my beloved man, and where I meet him, who knows may be one day, I can come to him, I also not for games, and afraid to be deceived...For me is not important age differences...
I see that you are serious man, who just wants to be happy with beloved woman, as for me I want the same, I want to find man, who can teach me to live, to love to feel... Man who can open for me the world and show all charms of love and family. Who can be for me friend, brother, father and husband. And from my site I give him everything what I can: my love, tenderness, care, everything what he wants to have... Know, here a lot of men, who are drink a lot, yes, its awful, in my country I see a lot of examples, when man beats his wife, when he is rude, say rude words, I cannot transfer it for you.
They do it, because know, that here in Ukraine more women then men, and each of feminine wants to be happy, want to have husband and children and don`t pay attention with whom she lives. I don`t want such life for me and decide to find man abroad, I don`t know is it good idea, but now when I start to communicate with you, I start to think that you are great, you understand me, and very brought up person.
I also want to create my own family with children, of course. You know I think that children are the best we can have in the life. They are the flowers of our life and our happiness. They are the only we need to live for. So I want to have a whole family, a husband I can trust in everything and he also can trust me and our children.
Ok, I tell you a lot about this problem, may be you write me your thoughts about it too... Wait your letter;)