Letter(s) from Favour Nelson to Dileep (India)

Letter 1

Hello dear,
I am writing to you with due respect and equally with heart full of tears and sorrows since we have not known or meet ourselves previously. Please, i mean no harm to you only that i am in a desperate situation and need urgent help. After going through this mail, it will be your decision, whether to help me or to leave me to my faith, but whatever you decide, bear in mind, i am in trouble and need your help.

I am asking for your assistance after i have gone through your profile that speaks good of you. I will be so glad if you can allow and lead me to the right channel towards your assistance to my situation. I will make my proposal well known if i am given the opportunity. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

However, i am favour Nelson Williams, 22 years old girl, the only daughter of Nelson Williams my father is now late,I lost the entire member of my family during the crises in my country and i was lucky to be in burden school when the war started. My late father died during the last crisis in my country (Liberia) West Africa. He was one of the high officers standing against the leadership of formal President,Charles Taylor who is now in exile after many innocent souls were killed, My father was unlucky to be among those that were killed by the rebels.

The main reason why i am contacting you now is to seek for your assistance in the area of my future investment and also for a help hand over of some huge amount of money in my possession. This money $6.5m (Six million, five hundred thousand usa dollars) was deposited some years ago by my father, he made me the sole beneficiary. Please, i am now asking you to stand on my behalf to make this claim to stand as my partner oversea and in time of the investment as well,i will like to introduce you to the bank base on your respond and am here to let you know that 30% percent of this money will go to you after transfer, you don,t have to entertain any fear because all the documents that cover my claim is here with me, only that bank bond me not to deal with them directly due to my refugee status, But give me any option to look for partner,

I choose not to invest this fund in africa due to war that is always going on here,I need your contact information to introduce you to the bank where the money was deposition and to give you bank contact to reach them as my foreign partner,Should in case, if you want to speak with me, on phone, i don,t have phone of my own here and we are not allow to access phone, But i will like you to call me through Reverend office telephone number,+221 77 366 5001, tell him that you want to speak with me, he will send for me from female refugee hostel to come to speak with you; i haver already inform rev father that you will call me through office phone.

Please attach your direct contact information as you reply to me together with you picture, i attach my picture for you, i know that you will like it.

Thanks and remain bless.
Miss favour