Scam letter(s) from Maria to Del (England)

Letter 1

Hi, my dear Derrick!! I'm fine, thank you!
I'm admired very much, when has received your letter. Who it in other country, for thousand kilometers think of me! When I receive your letter with each time I ever more I understand, that you which that man I searched. I like when the people tell about themselves, it is very fascinating to listen to it when the man tells about itself.
The interlocutor can a lot of new learn about the story-teller when that describes itself. It is interesting to learn what qualities of the man like him. I want to ask you what qualities of your character to you like. It is interesting, as you will characterize yourselves.
For example y: kind, sociable, hardworking, economic, attractive.
Examples that with what you and I want to hear from you. Believe me it very interestingly for me. I want to you to set as far as not of modest questions but I think if we want to find out each other better that to us it is necessary to know all. Tell to me please how you live? There came to me please photos of your house and your rooms. On how much you are supplied? You tell to somebody from the relatives or familiar what we with you get acquainted? And how they to this concern? All my close people know about us with you. And I constantly tell by him about you. My mum is glad to that I have found such man as you. We with you have a lot of general and it involves me. You are very interesting to me. With you is about what to talk and I am read by your letters. It is very important when the people find general language. Many from mine familiar is boring also conversation with them is monotonous. I realize about that how long I ever more you searched and suddenly has found. You are not as it pleasantly. In depth of soul before me constantly there is your image. At these moments I do not present, that to me occurs. I never tested such. I very much need in such to the man as you. I want that at me would be the man which me I protected also to which could trust difficult minute. I think that you that man which I searched. How you look at it? I'll be waiting for your perfect letter. Send to me please your photos.
Bye bye
Letter 2

Hello my dear Derrick!
Each letter, which I write to you, I try, that it pleased you. My prince, each your letter is impregnated with your tenderness and care to me. Large to you thanks for your sensual letters. If you knew, how I without you miss. At present practically each my ideas are connected only with you. I constantly think of you. You my angel, and my love on all life. When I go on job I think of you, when I lie down to sleep I think of you. You dream of all my life. I madly like you. Today at night has dreamed me. Me dreamed, that we with you went for a walk on park, which was located near to the large house. We went with you on long avenue of park. We with you went and much talked and laughed. It was very good together. When we came to the end of avenue, you have begun me to embrace and to kiss. You do not represent, as it was perfect. Your scarlet lips concerned my lips. Your gentle hands ironed my neck and ******. It was excellent! On it my dream was finished.
When I have woken up, I am very good myself felt, but me became a little sad, because it was only dream. I very much would like, that this dream has come true. This dream remain in memory on all my life.
I madly like you! You mine unique liked the man, about which I dreamed all life. It was very pleasant to me to write in this letter on my dream. Naturally it is mine only dreams, but as it would be desirable,
that these dreams necessarily have come true. Please, understand correctly my passion to you. I very strongly like you. You my unique love! I do not want to hide from you anything, I trust you and consequently to me very important, that also you trusted me. It seems,
what is it love letter remain in your memory, up to ours to first with you of meeting. Our meeting with you necessarily is held. With impatience I will wait from you of the speed letter. Strong whole,
with love and caress for ever your from all of my heart
yours Maria
Letter 3

Hello my Derrick!! Thank for your letter which you have written to me.
Your words mean for me much. I always with pleasure read your letters.
They force me to live.
We had very cheerful holidays 9th of May. It was very much a gala day with parade on the main area of city. We went to look it all family with my mom, my sister. It was very beautiful. Once for a long time when I still went to school I too took part in this parade, but it was so a long time though memoirs have still remained. I remember that it was cloudy day, I went in the second line somewhere in the middle, and after us was line boys and someone has stepped to me on shoes and it have flied. I could not it dress, because there were we quickly and during this moment passed by the main tribune. I and went without shoes half more ways, yet have not passed the area and I did not appear in hands of mum. The principal has thanked me officially:))))
Therefore when I look such parades and I see schoolboys involuntarily I recollect myself. All the day long we walked, I passed by internet cafe, but it I have been closed also could not write to you this day.
I very much would would like that the computer at my place was and I could write to you at any time, but it is not possible much to our regret, therefore I should go in internet cafe.
We have sat in small cafe, coffee had a drink and ate a little ice cream. Day was very solar and rather summer. Everyone have been dressed very easily. In the evening in park salute was. To tell the truth it best of those was not that were earlier. I would give it an estimation three on a five-ball scale. Probably this year officials have decided to not spend many money to people, and to spend them for the personal needs as elections very much it is not fast.
Any way it was funny, there were many people - practically all city has gathered in one place. Streets Tsentrlyne of city have been blocked also we for a long time went on foot. To tell the truth I am tired, we very for a long time went and when we came home and at once has fallen asleep as the baby. It was one day from life Maria.
Do you had celebratings this day? Or this holiday only for us? I do not know, but I hope that this great day is remembered by all.
All yours
P.S. Today I want to send you a photo with my sister. We are very similar, isn't it?:))
Letter 4

Hello, my love!
How are you? I have some news for you. I went to travel agency and there have told to me, that first of all for this purpose for me will be necessary the passport and the visa. Easiest to me to receive visa.
It is given out for the period of three or four weeks. But cost of this visa which have told to me has made me is shocked. It costs 460 euro. I don't no such money:. I did not know what to answer them it because tears rose to my throat and I wanted to cry. I don't have such big money and it began before me a wall.... I have begun to cry directly there in travel agency. But the girl has calmed me and has told to me, that it not they establish such prices, and the government and various other officials, the travel agency only takes a small payment for registration. Secretary has told, that this cost includes the visa, the passport and full insurance, therefore it is the justified cost. They will help me with registration of all papers. But I have told, that I do not have such money and I only want to leave to the loved person who loves me and waits. The secretary has told, that if my loved person can help me. I have told to her, that you loves me,
but I do not know.... She told me, that we can take advantage of system of translations Western Union. She has given me the address of bank in Cheboksary where there is transfer system Western Union:
Avtovazbank, Kompozitorov Vorobevykh 5, Cheboksary, 4280325,
Russian Federation.. If you, my love, could send me this money in some weeks we would be in embraces each other, I could embrace you, kiss you, feel you!!!! I so strongly dream of it!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yours and only yours
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