Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Eddie (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear and beloved Eddie!
How are you feeling? What are you doing? What interesting things happened to you lately? I am fine!
I keep thinking about us, about our future.
My favorite, I thought long and was afraid, but today I want to open my heart to you!
I'm shy and I do not easily do so, but I had the courage to want to tell you that I love you! Sympathy for you turned into a serious sense of the first letter from you. I can no longer keep my feelings secret.
You are courageous, gentle, kind, sympathetic person. I know that I can rely on you in any difficult moment. I believed that I could find a man whose love for - real, so sincere and gentle. It turns out that you are the prince, whom I sought and finally found it.
I hope that you will take my feelings and add me. I thank you for all that you carefully read my letter and with trembling answered them. We tried to build a serious relationship, and this we did. Now there is the world's only you and me. I want our relations to develop further.
My Dear Eddie, for me love is something valuable that you need to protect throughout life. I love, and so I breathe. I want you there.
My precious Eddie, I'll tell you my heart and soul. I hope that you do not turn me away! Please tell me what you feel? Are you ready to say that you love me?
Today, I spoke about our relations with mom and dad. They were very surprised, but at the same time, the eyes flashed joy for me because they wanted me to be happy and find love. My dad though and kind, but very fair and rigorous. He wanted to hear from me, where you live, and how to continue our communication with you. I told my parents what you're good, interesting and caring people. My parents agreed that we have a lot in common with you, and wished us luck.
My Dear Eddie, please open your heart for me. Tell me about your feelings for me? Have any of your relatives, friends and acquaintances know about our relationship?
I look forward to your letter.
I love you!
Your, Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello, my love Eddie!
Thank you for your wonderful letter. It is written so tenderly that I want to tell you the answer: love! Love! Love!
I really want to be with you. I imagine I will be cozy and warm in your gentle embrace. I am happy that our life paths crossed. I can not imagine my life without you.
I woke up very early. As soon as I opened my eyes, my first thought was you. I think about you constantly, my dear Eddie. Your love warms me.
Today I had a difficult day. My colleague went on vacation and I have to replace it. But it's not scary. I'm very fond of children and is always happy to come to their aid. So I can help many more children.
How is your day today? What is your weather?
My parents send you a big hello. My mother is very happy for us. She said that she sees in my eyes, happiness, for it is most important.
I am very glad that I could open my heart to you. All my life I dreamed about this man. God has not left my requests ignored. I believe that in life there are no coincidences. If we are fated to be together, then so be it. Now I really appreciate you and are very relationship.
I was so happy to live and know that somewhere far away there is a man who loves me. Each your letter is becoming more precious to me, because you write them love me, and I'm happy!
Often I closed her eyes and dream about our future life. I dream of a life in which we could walk side by side, hand in hand, to give each other kisses.
I would like to dive with you in a storm of tender feelings and emotions. I want to be in your warm embrace and feel the beating of your heart, your breath. My prince, I want to look into your beautiful eyes. I dream of you. Thanks again for what you came into my life and never left me unattended. It is very important! Thank you for having given me these bright moments of life. I shall never forget you! You left a piece of my heart for me and I'll keep this piece forever!
Have you ever thought about our future life together Eddie? I think we would be good. Please tell me your thoughts and feelings? I love you!
Please write me a letter about your love for me. It is waiting.
Your favorite,
Letter 3
Hello my love Eddie!
What's your mood? What's happened over time?
I very much miss. Every day I want to quickly get into the Internet cafe to read your sweet letter and reply to you.
I keep thinking about our meeting. I had never traveled outside the country, so my trip to your country, would be my greatest desire in life.
Every day, I often imagine our first meeting with you. Airport. I'm out of the plane and see you with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I see the happy each other's eyes and our hearts begin to beat faster. Here it is that long-awaited moment! We can hug each other and tell you how strong our love is with you.
Now I gathered all their will and want to say that it is willing to meet you in real life. I want to be with you. I want to wake up with you in the morning, bring you coffee, to experience your joy with you and your troubles. I want us to be happy together.
My sun Eddie, tell me, you are ready to be next to me in real life? What do you say to me about this?
During the time that we know each other, I realized that you are the person for whose sake I am ready to absolutely everything!
Every night I think of you. Sometimes, I can not sleep. My thoughts of how we'd wake up in the morning together in each other's arms. We look to each other's eyes, I kiss your sweet, sweet lips. In your face a smile appears. I just dreamed the dream of how we walk together in the park. You take my hand, we run with you on the river bank. It's so romantic. But when I wake up, you just are not there. It saddens me terribly. I very much would like you to be with me in real life, my love Eddie! You're very dear and beloved man. I have no nearer you. I want us to be together. This is my biggest dream! I want to make it a reality. I understand that we shared a very large number of kilometers. However, I believe that for real, pure love, there is no distance, barriers and obstacles. True love overcomes all boundaries. I believe in our love and I am confident that we can overcome all boundaries. We can be truly together.
Today in a conversation with Mom and Dad, I told them that really want to meet with you. My parents do not have anything against our meeting. They said that the meeting will help us get to know each other better and our relationship will become even stronger. I really love my parents and always thank them for their support. They're the most remarkable. I'm glad I found you, this is wonderful, understanding man. I very strongly love you and want to be close to you Eddie!
My favorite, write me, please, your thoughts about our meeting.
Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter. Believe me, I very strongly love you!
Gently kiss on the neck!
Your, Mariya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear and beloved Eddie!
Thank you for your sweet letter. I am very glad that we remember each other every minute. I can not imagine life without you more Eddie! You're the most extraordinary man in the world. At home, at work and in public transport I always dream about our meeting. She's going to happen? Maybe you'll give at the ramp a huge bouquet of flowers, and we'll go arm in arm, stroll through the streets of your city. We will stand in the park under the shade of trees, you'll gently kiss me, and I'll whisper in your ear how much I love you. Or perhaps you have put me in traffic, and we umchimsya on him as on the wings of love into your home.
I love to dream, and I am sure that my dreams will soon come true, you're exactly the man to whom I can trust myself. I love you Eddie! I think for us to not be a problem to reduce the distance between us. Masculinity, consistency, firmness of your character and, of course, love will help us in this.
My mother is very happy that I found my happiness. She asked me today when we meet with you? I could not answer her, because I would like to hear from you, can I go to a travel agency in our city to find out what documents are needed in order that I may become a guest in your country and to you, beloved. I think that you will not mind?
I will attend a very good travel agency that operates the tourist market for more than 3 years and know all the details about our meeting.
I badly want to be with you in real life, I want to feel the warmth of your body, tenderness of your lips! You're the most expensive that I have in the world! All my ideas only about you Eddie. I will never leave you. I believe that very soon we will be able to see each other's eyes. We will spend all our time together. I want to very seriously think about our meeting in real life. I am ready to fully give you my love.
All the news I will write a new letter. Of course, I would be scary to be in a foreign country, but I think you will do everything that I did not feel a stranger in your country. You're the best man in the world. I love you!
I can not wait our meeting with you!
I kiss you Eddie!
Your, Mariya.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear and beloved Eddie! Thank you for your kind words. You are very dear person to me. I am ready to give to you my whole life! You have no idea how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My thoughts only about you and about our future life together. I'll give you my soul. I want to be with you. I love you!
My dear, you know, today I visited a travel agency in order to learn all the details about our meeting.
I went to a great travel agency that respect, many people in our city.
I asked the manager of the company and described the whole situation.
I found out what documents are needed to ensure that I am officially able to fly in your country.
Manager reported that to fly to your country require a passport, tourist visa, and, of course, tickets.
The most important thing for me at this stage, to make passport and visa. I will buy tickets only after completing these documents.
Tickets for me as will draw firm in which I am ordering a passport and visa, for an additional cost.
Preparation of a passport takes about 1-1.5 weeks. The cost of passport is 58 euros.
But things get a visa. Visa is issued about, as well as a passport - 1 -1.5 week. Visa is the most important document, without which I can not fly to you. The cost of visas, as indicated in euros. The visa fee is 257 euros.
When I learned that I need 315 euros, I wanted to cry. All my dreams about our meeting immediately collapsed. After all, I do not have so much money, my love Eddie. I do not know what to do, what to do. This amounts to two of my monthly salary. I badly want to be with you! You're very dear and beloved people to me! You're my whole life! You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street and thought only of you. Before my eyes were tears. I wanted to quickly write you a letter. Now I sit, and from my eyes again are filled with tears. Tears of sadness and grief. I do not want to live without you. After all, without your presence in my life now makes no sense!
Now I have got only one hope, that your help my love Eddie.
I believe that money is not the main purpose in our lives. The most important thing that we found each other and we are happy. We love each other and there is nothing more important in this life! Money is just paper, for which it is impossible to buy people's feelings. But now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money.
My love Eddie, you are ready to help in our meeting, this sum of money? This will determine our future life together. Now our destiny is only in your hands.
I am fully confident in you. I know that you can help in any situation. You never leave me! You're my guardian angel that God sent me. You are my life. Without you there is no meaning of life!
I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your strong hands. I know that you are the kind and honest man. I see you're worried, I see how you really want to be with me and it is very important to me.
I found my true love in you, Eddie. Now a day without you is ****, and your letters to me it's the sun that visits me every day. I am madly in love you my dear Eddie! I am grateful, because it allowed us to meet.
Today I also learned the best way to transfer money to me.
I went to the bank where they told me that the best option of transferring money is a system of remittances Western Union. It's very fast and reliable system. I was told that this system is ten times faster and safer bank transfer. I should not create an account and wait a long time to get the money.
As soon as you send it to me the money, the same day I will be able to receive them. Moreover, this system transfers now have in any bank. Western Union is the fastest and reliable system of remittances in the world! You can visit the official website where you can find the nearest bank branch in your city -
My Dear Eddie, for Western Union money transfer do you need my personal information. Once you make a transfer, you'll have to call me your personal data that you have filled in form. Also I need, money transfer control number, which is briefly MTCN. After that I can collect the money.
I want to make our meeting as soon as brighter and more cheerful. I want as quickly as possible to meet with you, because you are my whole life! After all, I just can not live without you my love. As soon as I get money, I will immediately begin processing my documents. After that, very soon we will be next to each other Eddie.
I very much love you Eddie, you are my sunshine among the clouds. You're my whole life!
I give you my details.
Country - Russia;
City - Puchezh;
Postal code - 155360;
Street - Gagarina 10, apartment 8.
Name - Mariya;
Surname - Pharhulina.
I look forward to your good news, my love!
Your future wife, Mariya. Please answer me as soon as you will have the opportunity.
Million kisses for you.
I am confident that we will not be a barrier 315 euros, and you will be able to help our meeting.
Letter 6
Hello, my sweet and beloved Eddie!
How are you doing? How are you feeling today? I think that all is well.
My prince, I certainly understand you and is ready to wait. I know that you will leave for 3 months. My angel, but I could start the paperwork right now, because this process takes a very long time. When you return I'll buy only the tickets and we will be together. What do you think about this? Are you ready to send the money right now?
Today, all night, I only thought about you, about our future together. I want our life together, was much better than life in solitude. I'm sure it will be so.
I'm up all night could not sleep. I imagined our first meeting. I dream only of you. You never leave my thoughts, heart and soul. I want to hug and kiss just for you!
My favorite angel Eddie, you know, you really gave me the most wonderful feeling in the world. This feeling of love! Even the fact that you now far away from me, thousands of miles away, I still feel the heat that leaves your heart to me.
How is your weather today?
How is your day? What are you doing?
I really want to be near you now. I want to meet you from work, cook you food, do house cleaning. My angel Eddie, I promise you that I will do everything to make you a most happy man! I want to give you my love!
I am sure that very soon we will be close. The one who knows how to wait! This is an important motto in life!
Every day I pray to God that he gave us happiness in life. So, I ask God for health for you!
Thank you for all that you do for our future! You're the best! I love you!
I can not express my feelings to you in words. You should feel my love in reality! I'll show you my feelings for you!
I want to be with you Eddie! You're my whole life! You're my angel, who gave me a god!
I look forward to your new email to me.
Your little princess from Russia,
Million Kisses just for you!
Letter 7
Hello, my sweet angel, Eddie!
How are you doing tonight? What are your plans for tonight? What will you do?
I live in the city Puchezh.
I hope you are fine! I miss you terribly. Every day, I look forward to your new messages. You are my angel! I do not imagine my life without you! I want to be next to you right now. Insanely sad that now we are separated by a great number of kilometers. But I'm sure that very soon we will be together in reality.
How is your weather? I am sure that in your arms I'll be in the warmth and affection!
My favorite angel Eddie, I look forward to our future meetings. Closing your eyes, I imagine, as we walk together, then, as we lie on the bed. I'll hug your strong, masculine body, feel the warmth of your breath. My sweet angel, Eddie, you're the best! " Thank you for what you gave me happiness!
Every day I pray to God that he gave you health. So I ask God that he allowed us, as soon as possible to meet!
My Dear Eddie, we have come a long way together! I am sure that you are my destiny. From the very first letter, I understood what you exactly the man I was looking for my whole life! You're my angel, who gave me a god! You became my dear man. Because I was very lonely in this life!
My favorite, unfortunately, now I must finish my letter. I look forward to your reply.
Your little angel from Russia,
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