Scam letter(s) from Kira Milevskaya to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, new friend, Jake... You write for nice Ukrainian woman, Tatyana, 22 years old, live in nice town Bryanka, who wants to find real man and make with him family, man who want to have love and care, and of course who wants to feel it from his beloved person too? So, its me? I`m a teacher of English in the kindergarten. Live with my parents in my own city, and one day I open my eyes in bed and decide to write on net my short info, because here in Ukraine I don`t meet real man for me. So, if you write me, it means that you want to communicate and looking for the same. Of course I want to know why you decide to write here. What do you want to find? So, I'm naturally kind, polite, and considerate to strangers and acquaintances. I like to help people, especially when someone shows a common interest in something that I like, I'll be more than happy to go out of my way to help them with that subject or their problem. I am a cheerful person in life trying to overcome all difficulties with a smile on your face but always lacked a strong male shoulder on which I could care and love. I`m looking for my beloved person, who can be my second half, who is feeling lonely, who is kind tender sincere, romantic, who will be glad to have family full of love, emotion, feelings, and trust. I hope you are looking for the same, I will be glad to know more about you: your feelings, your attitude to life, your hope and dreams I`m waiting for your replay ;) Kisses, bye-bye Your Tanya.
Letter 2
Jake, hello. I`m so sorry, but I`m ill now, and can`t write because I use comp at work, now I`m in hospital ,and answer for you from my friend`s laptop... Take care,and don`t forget me:) kisses bye
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