Letter(s) from Marina to Philip (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello. where are you lost? I am waiting for your letter. And you say something and not what not to announce itself. what happened to you?

I want to understand. I am interested to communicate with you and learn from you many new and interesting. you suddenly fell silent and not talk to me.

I thought we started well, our communication. I wish that we continue to communicate. does not disappear from my life and our communication.

I can not bear it. I want us silenced. I want so that you sent to the alias the photos and many letters. waiting

Letter 2

Hello Philip. I was glad to hear from you today. I am very glad that you want to see me. I need to arrive in your country a tourist visa. I already have a passport. Today I learn that the visa costs 200 $. I do not have such money. I need only this and only want you.
I want to ask your help.
if you're willing to help me I would be happy if not then our meeting is not to be.
I want to try our relationship. I want to come to you. I think this is possible.we have everything for it.
Only I have no money to pay for the visa. hope your good conscience and good sense.
I think that we can understand and make the right decision. I am waiting for your letter.