Letter(s) from Sandra Dereck to Wauters (Belgium)

Letter 1


thanks for your concern.Well it is okay...i don't think i need your money again..cause you said you don't beleive me again and more so you can't because of the fact that i need a help from you to insult me i don't think i will like that...if you say you want to come here on what end will that be...will that provide the money for the bail or bill.Each ever the way you want it i am totally disappionted in you.Well am sorry for asking you for help i taught you will be my last resort but you have proved how concerned you are to my family.Let me ask you this..if to say you were the one that used the vehicle to have an accident at that certain condition like mine that is your sister that send you on an errand and she does not have money at hand what do you think she will do?answer me.I asked for you to help me with just 1000euro that i will pay you back at soonest.But you said you don't trust me again cause i asked for your help.If you insist on coming here and i know hwy you are coming here...it is fine by me.I will be waiting for you at the train station so that i can take you along to my house cause i don't know how to give you the directions.I will be waiting for you this evening to hear what you will say.But think about it.I will like you to lend me the money and i hope you understand..but coming here won't solve the problem that is just what i want to tell you.and i don't think this has to do with trust and why you said you don't believe me again you will tell me later in the day.I will be waiting for you this evening by 6.00pm Bye.

Letter 2

Hello Alain..

how are you today.and how is your work.Well i will like to tell you somethings tat i don't really expect from you.First of all the fact that you are being callous and not minding what happens to anybody beside you.For the fact that he is my brother and i am asking for help from you...is this your level of being caring for my family and is this how you will be treating me if we get married?i will ask for help and you will wait till the last breathing moment to help me.I know that this is not your wish that you are being forced by the circumstances around you..i know you want to help me but due to some things that are restraining you which i don't know.But try and see through your clouded eyes how i am being baffled.Is this the reason why you did not mail me?.Baby i know it is not in my power to force you,but try and see how i am being humiliated for the curse.Do you know i was the one that send him on an errand..and let me ask you one question...if it is you that is in this position what will your sister do for you? and more so i am not asking you for you to give me i said borrow me and if you think you can't get the money then you politely tell me not you insulting me by saying am taking you for being stupid..what has what ia sked you got to do with being stupid.I tried every thing to plead to you but you only think about you own interest and never see how grave hurt you are causeing me.Am left alone to think instead of you to console me you are adding to my problems.i know you can give me the money but what do you think i can do for you to please try and help me out in this mess.I still love you and for the sake of love do this for me.I you want to come here all well and good.come this weekend and send me the details of your arrival so that i can come and meet you.And with that i know you will bring the money so that we can send him the money and this will be over and you can stay with me if you like.I will be waiting for your reply.Bye for now my husband.I love you.