Letter(s) from Tatyana Goncharova to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear! Maybe I may sound idealistic, but I believe thathappiness exists, and there's love in this world. But no one can behappy alone, that is why I am glad that we have met.

And first of all I want to remind you about myself. I am tender,romantic, broad minded and easy going Ukrainian woman, my name isTatyana. I am looking for a mature, sincere and honest man who iswilling to understand emotions and feelings of people surrounding him.I want serious relations, and my idea of such relations is that twoloving soul mates have trust, understanding and much care about eachother.

Don't you agree with me, that it's great when someone is always happyto see you, who wants to kiss you in mornings, and is willing to shareevery tiny happiness with you.

I believe a correspondence is a good start for relations giving us alucky opportunity to learn each other better, and it would be apleasure for me to know more about you - what you are looking for inyour partner and what your idea of good relations is. When you haveany questions to me - I'm always ready to reply! Excited, Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear!

I am really glad to receive a letter from you, which means you agree that two people should know each other well before they may consider whether they want to be together. For me it's a pleasure to know that such man as you are is really interested in me. Thank you so much for your letter and so kind words for me:)Also thank you so much for your nice photos:):) You look great:) It was really great pleasure to get all this form you. Dear I'm glad that we have met here and hope that this communication will lead us to something nice and...romantic:) Don't you think so? I think it is time so I'll begin to tell you about me and my life, but not all at ones, let me be a mystery for you just a while:) So lets start...

As I wrote you in my previous letter, my ex wasn't a mature man and he wasn't really interested in me. That is why our marriage was a disaster. I really hope to make good relations with mature and serious man, who knows what he wants from this life and is eager to be my friend for life, my soul mate, my partner and my lover. To say the true it is to difficult to find nice man in Ukraine just because of their ego, but I'm woman and I do not want to spend all my life for this searching, I just want to be happy and make all my dreams come true. Now I have met you and hope that our corresponding will be long till we will meet in real life:) But time will show us what to do.

I am very excited with our correspondence, as I haven't had relations via Internet before. I would like to introduce myself better, but if you have some questions for me, feel free to ask about anything. I was born on October 19, 1982. I was born and live in a small town of Markovka, it is in the Eastern part of Ukraine. I used to work as a model few years ago, but my manager wanted to have sexual relations with me, and when I refused, he behaved very rudely, that is why I quit that job and now I work as a waitress.I live with my mom as it's hard for her to live alone. I have an elder brother (he is 31), his name is Peter, he lives in Donetsk and we almost don't communicate as he is very busy.This is my little confession for you dear :)Hope to see yours...

Would you mind to write me more about yourself? I would like to know more about the place where you live, about your family and job. Do you have some special hobbies?And do not forget to add your photos,I'll be very glad to see them:) Well, I wish you to have a great day. Hope to hear soon from you. Tatyana

Letter 3

Hello my dear!

It's a great pleasure to receive your letter, and excuse me for not replying you earlier. I am very happy to read from you, and hope you are doing well.I want thank you again for your letter and for your desire to make flame of our correspondence burn more brighter and brighter.Dear for me it is really very important because I'm here for serious and I want you be with me honest and open-minded,this will make our letters more interesting and value,don't you think so?I was so happy to see your nice photos and I want to add that you look wonderful as always:)Dear I want to tell you that you are very interesting person for me and hope that we will have possibility to communicate with each other more and more in the future:):)

Each time I get a letter from you, I feel as I have never felt before.Maybe it's because we live far away from each other, and I'm excited in knowing more and more about you. And with each letter we become closer and closer to each other. Indeed, I wish you lived not so faraway, so that we could have a real meeting. I would be very happy to watch your eyes, and hold your hand. By the way, what is your idea of a first date with me? I guess we would experience different feelings.It'd be the most happiest day on the one hand, and on the other hand it might be very hard to find correct words as we speak different languages. Unfortunately, my English leaves much to be desired. And on this reason I use services of a translation agency. But I am sure,when we meet we definitely will be able to communicate, and the Universal language of love will surely help us. Don't you agree with me?When we need or want something we need just believe in this and make our best for taking it...I truly believe in this and try to make everything right in my life.I do not know is it good but till now I was regret only about one thing so...hope it will be like this all my life:)

My dear, I will be waiting for your reply impatiently, as your lettersand kind words to me really make my days brighter.Of course I'll be waiting for your nice photos:) My tender kiss to you. Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello my dear!

Dear,I am really glad to receive a letter from you. And it's a pleasure to know that we are getting closer and closer to each other,that we learn more and more about each other. Your kind words to me really make my days brighter and give me a hope. You are the first man who really makes me believe that true love and happiness exist in this world.Again and again I get your letters and I like this:)I was glad to see your nice photos,you look very nice:)Dear how are you?As for me I feel fine and I'm writing now every my word from all heart:)You know,yesterday I was imagine our meeting and I can say that it will be really the most romantic moment in our lifes.I know it is to early to thing about such things but I'm just a woman and I like think about something like this:):)But do not think that I'm living in a dreamworld,I'm serious independent and strong woman but sometimes I have such weakness:)By the way what is your weaknesses?As for me I like ice-cream very much:)And you?Also one of my weakness is chatting with friends,maybe it is sounds funny but it is really so:) You know,I have one little news for you,do you know what?Try to imagine what can I tell you now and then read next...okay I have already told about you to my mother and you know what was her reaction?Unfortunately you are in bad situation dear because my mother really likes to talk with person that she like so much,so be ready for long conversations with my mother:)But do not be afraid her,she is very kind and gentle woman:) Dear,my mother often tells me that my dad was her only love,and that she would never fall in love with another man. Have you heard about such fact that girls are more attached to their fathers than to their mothers? Dad taught me a lot of good things, and I will always remember him. You know, sometimes when I read your words, I think that you definitely remind me of him. You are also very kind, attentive, sincere and honest with me. You know, my parents are good example for me. I understand know that I was too young when I married my husband.My mom married when she was ready for the marriage, and her life with my dad was very happy. Dad was 15 years older, then she was. But they were so happy and loved each other very much. And now I feel that I am ready for a new beginning, and the fact that we have met really makes me think that destiny exists.I do not know where am I now: in fairy tale or in real life but I know that this place for me and I want to be here forever.You make me feel so special way,and...I do not want to say that I'm ready for everything or that I love you,no...but I want to tell you that you make me feel happy and I do not want to loose you because,strange but it is true,in such short period of time you have become very important for me:)Hope this is also so important for you too...

My dear, I will be waiting for your answer impatiently. My most tender kisses to you. Tatyana Goncharova.

Letter 5

"Mova Services" Translations Agency
PO BOX 92400,
Zadoroghnogo Str., 25.
Markovka, Ukraine tel.+380953102170

Dear Mr.

We need to inform you that Miss Tatyana can no longer use services of our agency as her account is frozen. She cannot receive messages from you on this e-mail address any longer, and as we have understood it is the only e-mail address that she has. She has explained to us she is interested in correspondence with you, but she has some serious financial problems at the present moment. As soon as her account will be reactivated, all further correspondence will be passed to her.
Should you be interested in assisting Miss Tatyana, we will inform you about pricing for our services. Otherwise, you will receive automatic responses from this e-mail address.

Best regards,
Olga Sherbakova,
Manager of "Mova Services" Translations Agency