Scam letter(s) from Elena Solov to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!! How are you? How's your day? I'm good. If you remember, you left me your email on the dating site. I am very grateful that I deigned to leave your email. I decided to write to you. I hope you do not mind our acquaintance. To be honest, I'm very pleased to be able to talk to you. I would like to tell you about myself, I always write in subsequent letters. Also I will be very interesting to learn about you. I also want to tell you that I am looking for only serious relations. And if you only need to communicate and fun, I ask you not to write me. I'll wait for your answer, to continue our acquaintance. Also, I am sending you my photo. I'll be very glad if you also sent me your photo. Elena
Letter 2
Hello my new friend .... How are you? as your mood? For me it was very nice that I became interested in you and you answered me, and from that moment we start with you dating ... Today when I woke up on the street was very good weather, the sun is shining and the street is very hot 29 degrees Celsius ... My friend, I would like to see you and with each letter to know one another and gradually drew closer to you ... You will probably wondering why I wrote to you ... The fact is that over its 26 years I had no real love ... Of course in my life have been men, but I need something more ... Since my childhood dream to find his dream to create a family ... And I've heard on television that live abroad are decent men with whom you can build your future now and I hope I'm not mistaken .... I like to see every your letter, you told as much as possible about yourself and your life ... I want to tell you that I once loved person, and I thought it was my destiny, but after he changed me almost before my eyes, I broke up with him and I do not even want to think about it, I live in the future and hope that you I understand ... My friend and I want to tell you, if you have to me any issues or whether I will be glad to answer ... And now I have to you do not have a lot of questions to which I wish I could get answers if you do not mind .... What do you like most? And what sporting events do you like? What are your plans for the future and achieve exactly what you want in this life? I would like to ask you many questions, but we'll start very small and I am sure that in our communication we will not spare that are familiar to you ... And now I want to tell you about myself and how I live ... I was born in 1984 on May 18 .. My name is Elena I am 26 years old ... I live in the City Samara .. I live in a hostel ... My profession is the consultant for the sale of children's supplies and I have a lot to work with children ... I believe that children are the most important thing in life and I love them very much ... And I do not understand people who abandon their children and they are not even interested in the fate of their children .. I would have done everything to my children were happy and I do not need ... Because I know that this does not have parents ... My friend and tell me about your family and if you have children? I want to tell you right away that I do not like deception and want to ask you that you have written I have always frankly and in truth ... I hope you understand me ... And now I do not even know that you write more, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll hear from you, and I will write you more about her life. I wish you a good day ... Your new friend!!
Letter 3
Good day my friend .. I am very pleased to receive your letter again ... How are you? How you spend these days? Today I have a very good mood .. The street is very good weather and want to enjoy life. I'm so glad that we've met ... Last night we talked with my girlfriend and I told her about you ... She asked a lot about you .. And it sends you greetings ... And you could tell me about your friends? I am very interested in your circle of friends and with whom you spend your free time and what you do. And I want to tell you about their work more ... In general, the work I like and I am very pleased to come to work ... I even told the director I am very conscientious employee ... I do not want to praise myself, but I want to tell you that I am a very responsible person ... Only at work I like that little pay .. In a month I earn about 210 dollars .. And the money I barely have enough to live .. But money is not my main thing in life ... The most important thing for me is the family .. Family is more than something else ... Most of all I do not like when people say not the truth ... And I want to tell you in advance, always speak honestly and sincerely. And I want you to say what might happen that you will not receive a letter from me ... Internet cafes are from my home in a few hours away and sometimes I do not have the possibility to go ... So do not lose me ... But I will always try to write you as often as possible .. And I really would like you to send me more photos ... I really want to tell you about my town where I live. His name Turkmenbashi. The village is very small and everyone here knows each other and live together .. It is very beautiful and there are many beautiful forests and lakes and beautiful places ... In the summer we often go to the lake and many spend time there ... I love to walk in beautiful surroundings. Nature is beautiful in Russia, but our power is not appreciated in Russia sold a lot of forests and so gradually destroy the nature .. We with my girlfriend Ritoy love to go for mushrooms and berries .. And the summer is very often in the woods you can see a hare or a hedgehog ... In our areas a lot of animals .. Would you like to spend time in beautiful surroundings and close to the lake .. Dear I'm telling you all about myself and I discovered you and I trust you. And if you have any questions to me or you want to know more about my town where I live, please contact me and I with great pleasure that I shall write to you. And at this time for me to go to work and I am very pleased to write to you tomorrow and I hope to hear from you .. I wish you to spend a day.
Letter 4

Hello Scamhunter!!! What's your mood? how do you feel? I was very glad to receive your letter ... Today I have a very good mood ... The weather here is wonderful, the sun is shining and the street heat. Just today, I do not sleep and I do not want to get up in the morning ... But I did what she could not help it, because I had to go to work ... My friend and tell me how you spent this time and whether you liked my photos? I want to thank you, that you do not leave my letter without an answer, and you give me hope for the future ... But for this we need to know each other as much as possible ... You are a mystery to me, I want to slowly unravel, and I think this is funny ... Do you agree with me ... Now before you write, I thought, but what you wrote to me, and I was very glad to read your letter and with each your letter I learn about you something new .. Since we met with you, albeit through the Internet, I do not know why, but you let me have a very interesting and I want to say at once that if you write to me just for the sake of the game, you'd better say it right away, because I do not want and then get upset and think of you badly. But I'm sure that will not happen and that your serious intentions. Now we need one to continue our correspondence, and only after we know each other, we can understand what we need and whether we have something in common that we can unite and bring together ... Scamhunter ... Today I have the evening to be busy. And after work, I immediately go home ... Weather on the street and I need a great many things to do around the house ... Around my house I have not a large area, that is the garden where I grow vegetables .. And you have your own garden? I love flowers, and tonight I want to plant lots of flowers ... Flowers is the most beautiful plant and they fill my life with joy ... Most of all I love spending time outdoors and we often go for a walk with my girlfriend in our village ... Dear, I even know that you write more, I'm very embarrassed you, but if you have any questions to me, ask or write what you want to know about me specifically and I have great pleasure in everything you write. And on this I will finish my letter and I must go ... I wish you a good day and I hope that I get a letter from you tomorrow ... My best wishes to you ...
Letter 5
Good day, my .... My friend I am very glad to receive your letter. I'm good and I am very pleased to read your letter .... Yesterday we went with friends on the nature, roasted meat and to celebrate holidays, we were so cool to spend all day in nature ... We danced and sang songs with a guitar. In the other we had a very good time and tell me what you're doing? I am very interested to learn about your country and what are your traditions and beautiful places. And where would you most like to spend time? Sometimes when I'm feeling very sad, I go to a wonderful place where we were I can relax and not think about the bad ... And today, I will send you a photo, where the most beautiful is my favorite place where I can calm down .... This is the place I found when I was about 15 years and since then it reminds me of my childhood ... Even though my childhood was not the happiest I have not seen much in this life ... And I do not even know what mom or dad ... But I do not want to think about it, I just feel sad and want to cry ... I think you understand me ... And today, I wanted to tell you about their city Samara. Our city is rich in beautiful places ... We have a very large number of lakes and rivers of various ... And statistics is that the most beautiful woods that we have and I fully agree with this, but the state does not appreciate it, and we are a large logging and that they harm the nature ... We even have sections on conservation. Sometimes in our woods you can see animals that are listed in the red book .. And in 1985, was created, the National Forest "Zhygulivs'kyi Reserve". He's very handsome and it is here you can see plants and animals that are listed in the Red Book ... Animals are the most beautiful creatures ... I hope that you liked to know about my city and our localities. I wish you a good time. I look forward to tomorrow from you. Your Elena.
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