Scam Letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Robert (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Dearest Robert,

I hope this message gets to you in good time and also finds you in the best of circumstance. Thank you for finally providing me with your email address to write to you. My name is Batalema but my friends call me Daisy. I was born on May 15, 1976 in Harare, Zimbabwe and that of course must tell you I'm 34yrs of age. I am single and never married lady looking for a life time partner to establish a long lasting relationship with based on honesty and sincerity. My birth mom, Kathy, was staying in a home for unwed girls. She gave birth (she tells me it was an easy birth!) and soon after my parents-to-be came to see me in the hospital; they took me home early November. We lived in Harare for a few more years, and then we relocated to Accra Ghana, where I've been living since. We left Zimbabwe for Ghana due to the political crisis and instability in that country as you can witness the news on CNN, BBC, AL JAZEERA and other TV networks worldwide. I hope you are aware of this crisis that the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has so much hatred for the whites living in the country and hence seized a lot of companies and farms that belonged to the whites. There isn't peace for the whites and even the black people in that country. If you read the news very well then you would know exactly what am talking about.

I was told I was adopted very early on...early enough that I don't think I even understood what it meant! I do know that I knew that I was 'chosen' and very loved. That was good enough for me :) My sister was my parents' biological child, but I never thought my sister was any 'different' and from what I can tell, neither did she. I must have really been proud of my 'chosen' best friend decided that she wanted to be adopted too because it seemed so good! I did got through my bratty phases when I'd tell my parents 'You can't tell me what to do, you're not my real parents!'. Now that I'm older, I can see how hurtful that could be...I've talked it over with my mom and she says she understood and never took it to heart (phew!).

I sometimes wondered about my biological parents...mostly when I'd see my friends and how much they looked like someone in their family. I think that missing out on a family resemblance was the hardest thing for me. My sister looks so much like my mom, and I can see little things in her that are like my dad. This always left me wondering 'Do I look like anyone?'. When I was about 14 or 15, I asked my mom to see the non-identifying information. She showed it to me and I read it all with wonder. It described these people, who I had some connection to...but it seemed so strange. I should note that my mom always told me that she'd help me find my biological family if I wanted to, so I didn't feel that asking for the information would hurt her. So, I was satisfied with this information for a while. I was able to see that my biological father had green eyes...that gave me something to explain where my green eyes came from.

Around the age of 19, two things happened in my life which I think affected my thinking about searching. First, my dad died of cancer. I had no family in Ghana except for my mom and my sister. I guess this got me thinking about life, family, and where I fit in. Second, I started dating my first real long-term boyfriend. He had a huge family...parents, brother (I had always wanted a brother!), aunts, uncles, cousins...and lots of them! I was so jealous of this big family that he seemed to take for granted. I was thinking on and off about possibly searching, but I'd heard some bad reunion stories which scared me a bit. I also thought that maybe my biological parents hadn't told people about me, and wanted it kept that way. In the non-identifying information, it mentioned that my bio.parents had planned to stay together. I used to tell people that may be they were still together, and I may even have siblings! Everyone told me that it was very unlikely, impossible even. I understood their warnings about this, but I still had it in my head that they could be together.

My interests are reading, writing poems, listening to music swimming and the list goes on and on. I also like the theater. But, I think playing the piano is one of my favorite past times. I love to play the piano to figure out songs that I here on the radio, and also to try different instruments. As far as night life's I like to go to the movies with my friends when the finance is available.

Actually, one of my interests is people. I am a University graduate and I am currently working as a sales girl in a shopping mall here in the capital. It isn't the kind of job I wanted to do though but circumstances goaded me to. Here, I meet people who are not just different physically, but different socially. For example, a lot of people who come to buy, and many times as I walk in the vicinity I approach a person and if our eyes meet they would be obliged to say 'hi' or 'how 'r doing?' This, I found, was one of the most surprising differences that I experienced while staying there. However, I also noticed that people there are generally impatient. They expect things to be done right away, as if they were in a hurry or something. This is in contrast to the people here where pushy people are a rarity. I think that the cultural upbringing and the environment in which people live as a lot to do with this. I also like to confide in people and to talk over their problems. This results in a greater understanding of the person who I am talking to and it gives me a gratifying feeling when their problem is solved or gotten over. Well, after thinking about myself I guess I am a kind of mellow person. I like to contemplate on the aspect of self-realization and setting positive goals for myself. Having a goal in life is very important in fact, I feel one should have a different goal each day. Well, I guess I've presented enough of myself. Putting everything together, this is the physical and inner me.

Please feel free to ask me any question or any information you might need know about me and I shall willingly provide you with honest answers. I hope you like it and I hope we get to know each other well. I have a lot more to tell you about me as this is only the first part of me. Moreover I wouldn't like to take much of your time. Will save some and write to you tomorrow God willing. I would write to you about my past relationship and some things I look forward to doing with that special someone. Until I hear from you again it's bye bye from me.

Hugs and kisses

Letter 2

My dearest Rob, below here are a list of 100 practical things I would do with you in no particular order

1.Fly my kite with you on a windy day along the Beach.
2. Stay home and snuggle on the sofa, watching a movie and stuffing ourselves with an order-in curry.
3. God to a concert and dance until 4am, keeping our sweaty bodies close and sexy.
4. Kiss you in a restaurant for hours on end, while other people get hard-ons just watching us!
5. Make you my full Ghanaian breakfast on a Sunday morning and bring it on a tray to the bedroom.
6. Drive into the country, climb a hill and shout out how much I love you!
7. Wash your car together and get you covered in soapy water.
8. Get all dressed up and go to the theater.
9. Get you do up the lace on my canvas shoe so I don't trip.
10. Visit a castle and wander through all the historical displays.
11. Sit next to you on a train and rub my leg against yours.
12. Put all our "whites" together on a 60 degree wash programme.
13. Watch a comedy on TV, and try to keep my hands off you!
14. Rub up behind you when you bend over to put the plates in the dishwasher.
15. Watch your face as you open your Christmas presents.
16. Open champagne to celebrate my first real job.
17. Push a trolley round a supermarket with you to shop for food.
18. Suck your cock while looking up at your face until you come in my mouth.
19. Have you lie on my lap while I feed you grapes.
20. Bring you to all the family get togethers.
21. Swim naked with you in the sea on a holiday just the two of us. LOL
22. Secretely sniff your pants when you aren't looking!
23. Plan a secret surprise weekend away with you in a romantic setting.
24. Take a shower with you in my lovely bathroom.
25. Play you all my favorite CDs.
26. Talk about a play we've been to see together.
27. Look at you with love in my eyes when you weren't looking at me.
28. Go to church together because it's important to me.
29. Hug your closed ones, and tell them that I'm so happy because I love you.
30. Give you a massage with scented oil.
31. Feel amazing lust for you knowing what lies inside your track-suit bottoms.
32. Walk over a bridge with you at night with a warm breeze blowing.
33. Visit a traditional African shopping center, and advise you what clothes look best on you.
34. Look after you when you're not feeling well.
35. Get you to give me a piggy back in a field in summer.
36. Cook you sausage and mash with onion gravy.
37. Go jogging with you, and struggle to keep up!
38. Show you all my photos and talk about my past.
39. Go to the cinema and sit at the back, missing the movie because we're kissing.
40. Shout up your name aloud, that dinner is ready.
41. Be carried to the bedroom by you and be thrown onto the bed.
42. Look into your eyes and have tears well up from loving you so much.
43. Introduce you to my family and friends as my partner.
44. Learn new things from you and teach you new things too.
45. Spend a cheesy evening singing Karaoke on my TV.
46. Invite you one evening to watch me doing my training.
47. Discover what all your favorite things are.
48. Spend a whole day in bed just making love with you.
49. Take you home, because we've just had enough and wanna leave.
50. Visit my family or your family while they are on admission at the hospital.
51. Help you cook a roast dinner, eat it, feel full and sleepy, and go to bed in the afternoon.
52. Find out if and where you are ticklish/hot spots.
53. Make us a cake for our birthday and wonder how many candles to put on it!
54. Always, always keep you in my heart as the most important person in my life.
55. Suck your toes when you less expect.
56. Peel an orange and share it with you.
57. Have a snowball fight (hahaha you'd win!)
58. Pick out a color scheme for decorating a room.
59. Ask you to be patient if I was in a bad mood.
60. Gladly do any favor for you when you asked me to.
61. Whisper I love you in your ear when you are fast asleep.
62. Bite your nipples hard - just short of causing you pain.
63. Answer any question you had about me honestly and without secretes.
64. Show you every day how much I care and love you.
65. Scrub your back in the bath and shampoo your hair.
66. Tempt you to have just a little wine on a special occasion.
67. Feel you deep inside me fucking me hard.
68. Iron a shirt for you because you are in a hurry.
69. Go and get you an ice cream while you lay on a sandy beach in the sun.
70. Hold your hand on every situation I could.
71. Build up your confidence if you were having a hard day.
72. Make a home movie of ourselves.
73. Throw us a big barbecue party in the garden on a summer day.
74. Kiss you as often as was physically possible.
75. Bring our families together for a visit.
76. Get caught in a down pour rain so we would both be wet through.
77. Make us a nice cup of tea.
78. Cover you in spray cream and lick it all off!
79. Talk about world news and engage you in discussion.
80. Give you all the time you needed to be by yourself.
81. Disconnect our phones so no-one could disturb us.
82. Cuddle and snuggle you under the duvet.
83. Listen to me playing the piano.
84. Buy you beautiful flowers.
85. Let everyone see how much in love we are.
86. Phone each other from work just to hear each other.
87. Go out and have a very expensive meal.
88. Make you laugh until your belly hurt.
89. Have sex outside where we might get discovered.
90. Splash you with paint when we were decorating our new small house.
91. Draw your head to mine and give you a long deep kiss.
92. Brush away your tears when you were sad or happy.
93. Undress you slowly and sensuously.
94. Go down the restuarant with you and meet up with friends.
95. Book tickets for us to see a live concert.
96. Sit on a plane and hold your hand as we take off.
97. Look into your eyes and tell you how happy I am.
98. Smack your bum as I chase you up in our home.
99. Write you a poem just like I'll be doing always.
100. Think up a million other things I'd want to do with you.

Do you agree that we do all these together sweetheart? Hmmmm, I hope you do darling.
My Tender Hugs and kisses,

Letter 3

My dearest and beloved Rob,

Good evening and how are you doing today? I hope you are well and safe my love. I also hope that you are having a very wonderful Sunday evening out there without me. I really do miss you so much if you care to know. Me and my family are doing good if you ask me and they send their love and greetings to you. I have just decided to come to the cafe to write to you since I am missing you so much and thought of writing to you. I really think there are more information about me that you don't know but really need to know. We have been corresponding with each other for close to 2 weeks now and I think it's about time you know lot more about me.

I think you also need to know this as our relationship is getting serious and deep. I want you to know everything about me and where I was raised before relocating to Ghana. Who really is the lady called Batalema Abudusamed? Well, my full name is Batalema Faure Abudusamed the daughter of Mr. Antoine Faure Abudusamed and Mrs. Kathy Faure Abudusamed. My father is a South African from Durban whereas my mother is a Zimbabwean from Bulawayo. My mother is of a British ancestry. My father was 54 years before his sudden death from this world. May his soul rest in perfect peace. My sister's name is Marian. My life in Zimbabwe was only 16 years. but I still remember Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe walking together as they opened Harare's Agricultural Show. I was there with my family to witness the show. A steady buzz of eager clapping filled the crisp Zimbabwean air and the only discernible interruption to it was the occasional volley of ululations from admirers. I certainly was not out of place in that sea of exhilaration rather, I was elated albeit for a different reason. The grass arena in which we stood was filled with Zimbabwe's finest cattle all lined up in a neat row awaiting inspection. My greatest pleasure was derived from the animals, not that old fellow who inexplicably wore suit and dress shoe to this sanctuary of stench and dung. To say that I loved the agricultural show would be an understatement of enormous proportions. A year earlier, my school had sent its troop of Cub Scouts on an outing to the resort town of Nyanga, near the Mozambique border. For most students, a week of mountaineering, orienteering, obstacle courses and camping was to die for. I declined to go because the trip coincided with the show and I wanted to be with my family.

I was raised on a 2000 hectare commercial farm, 20 kilometers outside Harare. The farm was owned by the Anglo American Corporation. My family raised both dairy and beef cattle. The land was red and fertile with maize, soy beans and peas as the main crops grown. Unfortunately, we did could not grow tobacco, then Zimbabwe's main foreign currency earner, because the soil was too thick and heavy for a plant as picky as tobacco. My father ran the dairy for about ten years before becoming the general manager; both of these were remarkably rare accomplishments for a black man in Zimbabwe. While our family was never rich my father had been studious and lucky enough to earn a full scholarship to study agriculture Abroad. His job provided us with comfortable accommodation, access to good schools and a life lived in stark contrast to the austerity in which black farm laborers or rural subsistence farmers faced. One of my earliest memories of discomfort in contradiction occurred when my parents dropped me off at boarding school at the beginning of first grade. I can still remember my mother sobbing bitterly as my dad pried her from me so that they could begin their journey home. I had been brave until that moment but her flowing tears immediately conspired with my own and we sobbed together. The school was in the heart of a black rural farming community about 70 kilometers north of Harare. Out of 300 students or so, I was one of the 21 who were white. Of course, I made it a priority to make friends as children naturally do and I managed to fit in very well. In spite of this, words of racist expletives were used around me routinely. Not even the teachers were above such abuse. None insulted me to my face, really. And when they spoke about other whites in derogative terms, they were sure to make me feel special, "Not you Batalema, you're not like the others." This was usually enough to allay my deepest fears of rejection. We would continue on as friends but of course, an acute unease eventually began to brew within me. Not all the blacks at school retained that Rhodesian mentality. Indeed, it seemed that some of them had never been infected by it at all. One such fellow was Shola, a shy Abino boy with a square face. He was completely at ease with everyone, including the white students. Surprisingly, racial bias was conspicuously absent in his parents too and in time both our families became good friends. Such genuine interracial friendships were extremely rare in my experience. I suspect this is because older generations grew up in an overtly bitter and divisive society.

On the farm there was a comfortable house next to the dairy in which the foreman lived. For as long as I could remember this position had been held by Maximus, a former freedom fighter whose angular face and shaggy beard fit his profile as well as his name. Rumors had it that he still had his weapon from the liberation struggle and that it was on display in his home. His son Stanley and I were good friends and one of our favorite activities involved me begging my parents for change. If successful we would cycle to the farm store and fill grocery bags with mountains of chewing gum. We would then go to the local dam and perch ourselves on the dam wall where those mountains of chewing gum would be dispatched into our mouths with remarkable efficiency. One day I approached Stanley's house, hoping to have an adventure of some sort when I was turned away, not by words, but by a stern scowl from Maximus. I later learned that Stanley had not paid his school fees as his father had instructed him to. I didn't see him for months. Maximus was inconsolable, but it was not only because of Stanley's dishonesty. He was disappointed in Stanley's unwillingness to seize opportunities that his father had not lived with but had been prepared to die for. At that time, Zimbabweans believed that there was hope in their future. Continued and overwhelming black poverty was not enough to dash those hopes. If one prepared for the future, through education for example, one could hope, realistically it seemed, to succeed in life. That's what Zimbabweans did then; we made plans, prepared and hoped for a better future. Suddenly, the farm that employed my father was put up for sale. Unfortunately, the new company that took ownership of the farm decided that they did not need the services of my father. While he accepted this decision outrage ensued when they snubbed his contractual right to a severance package. For the second time in my life Zanu-PF reached its hand into my life and the effect was exhilarating. All it took was a phone call (made at the behest of a family friend) and the firm made my father an excessively generous offer. We didn't realize it at the time but what we were experiencing were the first signs of the violent social upheaval that awaited Zimbabwe. I often wonder if anyone else benefited from Zanu's intervention. What happened to the ordinary farm laborers, who barely earned enough to survive? Did they have friends who were powerful enough to intervene on their behalf or were they snared by the yoke of oppression that barely missed my father? My father bounced between jobs until the hurricane of expedience or infamous land invasions descended on Zimbabwe. The anticipated demise of Zimbabwean agriculture left him with no choice but to leave the country to seek better opportunities. At that time, black and white Zimbabweans were being intimidated and the opposition party received what turned out to be a mere dress rehearsal of the violence it would endure in years to come. It all seemed like a dream.

The image of my father standing in line at Harare International Airport, waiting to board a Ghana.-bound plane is still crystal clear. Every now and then his face would turn over his starched collar so that he could glance back at us. He wore a look of stern assurance on his face yet behind the facade of steel I could see vulnerability. He was leaving Zimbabwe and did not know when next the family would be reunited. I think we were all registering as many last images of each other as we could. My family eventually ended up in Ghana where my father had a job in the Mines. This is where he worked until his sudden car accident when he lost his life. He was a good father who cared and loved so much the family. He made sure he provided every other wants and needs for the family. Since his departure things were so difficult for us. An amount of money was given to my mother from the Company where my father worked. From this amount, we relocated to Accra and rented a 2 bedroom apartment that contained, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath. Part of the money was also used in paying my fees at the University and my sister's in College. The surplus money left was ample to establish a business for mum. Mother decided to operate a local restaurant and these went on for about 3 years when mother fell ill. This ill health of my mother was very serious that things went from bad to worse. She was fighting Cancer and heart attack. Two very serious killers. Her bank account was emptied to make sure she gets a good treatment. God being on our side she was safe and felt stronger and fit. Mum got some capital and started with some mini shop where she sells Second Hand (Used Materials) clothing. This is what currently the work my mother is into and I do support her fully whenever I have surplus monies. Though this business does not fetch her much money, at least she is able to support the family and I do also support with the little salary I get at end of every month from work. I do work in the Shopping Mall called MaxMart. This company belongs to the Lebanese. Maxmart is one of the biggest, one-stop family shopping centers in Ghana. They With three branches in the country. We offer the best and most exciting shopping experience. We also offer top quality brands at the most affordable prices. We the staff here will give you the courteous, friendly service you deserve. We aim to ensure that your shopping experience is convenient and secure. At Maxmart, you will get everything you need under one roof. Maxmart has 2floors. I am on the first floor and this is where we have, Toys - gift shop, Designer Perfume, Beauty section, DVD section, Coffee shop, Phone shop, Stationery, Jewelery, Electricals & home appliance. I am seated at the entrance where everybody makes payments to me after buying any item. It takes a true, sincere and trustworthy person to be at my position and because I posses all that, I was best suited for that position.

I want to make your life as rich and rewarding as I possibly can. I will do anything in my power to make our dreams and aspirations a reality. I want to do anything to make you a happy and fulfilled man. For you are everything good and powerful in my life. I can hear you, taste you, feel you, smell you and see you as my one and only. May there never be another in my life. You are my inspiration, my reason for being, my true love and my soul mate. I want, so very much, for you to be my husband. For us to be together until the Lord sees fit to separate us by the death of the other and on into another life. Am I in lust with you? Most assuredly, but above and beyond that I am "totally in love with you. I never want to be separated from you. I want our lives to be fulfilled and entwined with each other. I want our lives to be inseparable from one another. I want to make you as happy with me as I am with you. I am drunk, both physically and spiritually with you. I just can not believe that this is happening to me. I do not deserve this kind of happiness in my life. How did this happen? Can you explain to me my love?

Oops! I think I must end this at this juncture since I have a lot more coming on my mind. I know you must be very exhausted after reading this but I want you to know everything my sweetheart. I wish you a very good night sleep and have pleasant dreams about me.

My tender hugs and kisses....
Your wife to be...

Letter 4

Dearest Rob,

Here are some things I would like to share with you at a point in time when we are together. I want you to know that I would like to be your best wife, your love, your partner, your darling, your sweetheart and make you my husband. Get caught with you in the rain. Dance with you in the rain. Stargaze on a clear night. Watch the Sunrise and watch Sunset together. Spend all day with you doing nothing. Moonlit walks in the gardens or street. Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment. Go on a carriage ride through the parks, or through the hills and the mountains. Do a crossword together. Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger). Smile! Watch a bad movie together. Spend the rest of my life with you. Have our picture taken together. Paint together, eat ice cream with you. Make love to you passionately. Go to a museum together. Talk to each other using only body language. Give you space when you need it. Accept you totally and completely flaws and all (I already do). Discuss current events in a heated debate. Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion. Carve our names into a tree or a table. Be one with you. Send you a singing telegram. Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you. Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you. Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes. Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic. Spend my life making you happy. Spend our life making ourselves happy.

Feel your heartbeat. Give you a back rub just because you want it. I want always be honest with each other. Go hiking or camping together. Have our share of fights, make up and feel a stronger bond because we are very successfully weathered the storm together. I want to marry you. Laugh at someone together. Share a plate of potatoes chips. Go on a fun vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of. Treat you like my Prince. Go on a road trip across the UK. Count thunder together during a thunderstorm. Envelop you in my soul. Cook your favorite meals. Know you better than you know yourself. Go to a Renaissance Fair. Plant a tree in our dream yard together. Look over at you during work or dinner and have you know without me saying a word that I love you. Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways and in 89 different countries if I can. Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most. Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding. Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with hugs and kisses. I want to grow old with you my love. I hope you also wish the same out there? SMILE....

My love, I miss you, love you, and want you so badly. Keep those nipples hard for me, keep the cock that belongs to only me safe and protected. Tell your nipples and cock not to worry for we will be together soon so I can feed them and they will also feed me some milky cums. LOL! Keep those lips hotter than the stove eye, for I want you fresh and ready to go, my love. You are the last thing I think of before I close my eyes to sleep and the first thing I think of when I awake from bed.

My Tender Hugs and kisses



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