Letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1

Good morning my love........... My life Stephen!
How are you?
I hope that you wait my letter, and I hope to receive your answer very soon.
Now I am in the Internet of cafe in the airport, and I have problem.
And I shall try to tell to you more about it.
The matter is that today I should pay the ticket, and fly to you.
But I had a problem on it.
The matter is that that I could buy the ticket I should have the customs document.
That is the insurance document.
It is the document which my self-sufficiency will confirm, that is I should be in your country on independent maintenance.
You understand me?
And me who did not speak about it.
And now late to buy this insurance document because it will be necessary to wait for 3 months that it was ready and to pay for it 1000 dollars. I do not think that it correctly. Because my visa already will be closed.
And now to fly to you I should have with itself 1800 dollars.
When I to buy the ticket in the airport, whether me have asked I have a credit card, and whether I have money there?
I should have 1800 dollars on my credit card, but I at all have not a credit card.
I understand that it is greater money, and I have no such money.
I do not know that to me to make now.
But me have told that I should have this money cash. 1800 dollars.
Probably you could help me with this money?
Because I already spent a lot of money for my ticket, and my visa.
I should not spend this money, I simply should have this money with myself on customs.
You understand me?
And as soon as I shall arrive to the airport I can give you this money.
But now I have no money for customs, and I to require it to fly to you.
I realy did not know about such law, and now I to regret for it :(
I very much hope that you can help me with it.
If you can help me today, I can inform you the information on my ticket, and to fly to you.
I really very strongly want our meeting, and I hope that you can understand me and help.
I shall wait for your letter, and I hope that we shall solve this problem.
I LOVE YOU............... I Love all heart and very much I wish to be with you as soon as possible.
Millions kisses for you.
For ever yours Ekaterina.

P.S I online shall wait for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello my love............ My life Stephen!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter, and for me the big happiness the nobility that you to wish to help me.
But I really do not know, how we can solve our problem.
To fly to you tomorrow I should have money.
I think that you could send money for he name through the Western Union.
WHAT you to think of it??
I to require in 1800 dollars, and the western union can transfer very quickly this of money.
To send money you should know a name:

1 My Full name: Kozhinova Ekaterina

2. Adres: country: Russia,
state: Moskowskaya Oblast ',
Airport "Sheremetyevo"
zip code: 141425

To receive money I should know.
1. Your full name of the sender?
2. The full address of the Sender?
3. MTCN code?

I very much hope that you can suit it today.
I should not spend this money. And when I shall arrive to you I swear that I to return to you it.
I very much want our meeting, And main my dream it to be with you..................... TO LOVE YOU!
I shall wait your help.
Millions kisses for you.
For ever yours Ekaterina.