Scam Letter(s) from Maame Paker to Rich (USA)

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Letter 1

It's good to read from you this morning and we need to learn about each other before we jump into a serious relationship that would lead to marriage in order to avoid mistakes. I have experienced alot during my previous relationship, and i don't want to encounter such problems in the future, and that's just the reason why i'm been very careful searching for the right man destined to be my heart desire. I was born and brought up in Texas but right now in Nigeria but am willing to relocate back to state as soon as i found the right man for me. Presently i run my mum's orphanage in that you pick from the street have a great future ...the happiness they show on there face when you do what vivi parents are supposed to be doing for them...Anyways i like what i do. What should i say about myself? I was once a fool and this has really drawn me back all thanks to God...For now i just had to pick up my life again because of the past. I am looking for a date to possibly develop a relationship with. I am a Christian and I put my faith in God above all other things.I hate to talk about this but i have to let you know, some years back i lost my dad when our building collapsed but mum survived the accident...since this incident had happened life seems very difficult for mum and Life has thought me many things. Now i am trying to relocate to find my soul mate. I hope i was going to find my soul mate on the dating site but just when i thought i should quit then you came with a sincerity word. I hope you are an honest man because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship. I'd like to find someone who's open, honest and easy going. A sense of humor is a big plus. Ideally we'd have some shared interests and goals, as well as some similarities in opinion about what's important in life.As silly as it sounds, I believe in love at first sight although this has put me in so much trouble. I would like to know more about you .Well i guess i can know more about you now? I will like you to send me your pics as soon as possible.



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