Letter(s) from Tatyana Cheremiskih to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love man Bruse!
I too on you very strongly miss on you my angel.
I any more do not represent the life without you, I very much love you Bruse!
Today I descended in agency where saw discounts.
I have told it that I wish to arrive to America to the man.
They to me have told that the best variant for me - tourist type of the visa to America for a period of 3 months! Only in this case I can quickly issue the visa!
Here a total cost of these documents:
The passport - 125$
The visa - 115$
The inquiry on a state of health - 65$
The insurance certificate - 110$
Payment of work of travel agency - 100$
Cost of my travel without tickets does - 515$
Actually all documents cost much more expensive.
But they carry out the special summer action thanks to which good discounts operate.
But nevertheless it very much a great sum for me, my love Bruse, you could help me this money that I could pay official registration of papers?
I very much would want that our meeting was as it is possible more soon, I very much love you and very much I wish to be near to you!
Today I went to bank and learnt from them as you can transfer to me of money, they have told to me hundred there is a reliable system of remittances Western Union. I descended in office Western Union and what information has learnt from them is necessary for you what you could to send me money.
They have told that for more reliable reception of money you should fill out my name and the country:
Here my name and a surname - Tatyana Cheremiskih
Here my country - Russia
Thus I can receive this money in any bank, I will need to have at myself the passport and a confidential code which you inform me by e-mail! I am glad that our meeting comes nearer!
My dear I already would give the first payment 100$ for this purpose that they have started to make to my papers, now it is necessary to pay the second part of money at a rate of 415$, they to me as have told that this sum should be brought in a current of 4 days differently money which I has enclosed 100$ they will simply burn down, my dear I trust and I hope that you will help me to pay official registration of papers, I trust that you will not throw me during such difficult moment for me I very much I trust. My dear see I too very much I try, to carry out ours with you a meeting. My dear believe to me, to me your money, me important ours with you the future happiness is not important.
The fine dream in which I today dreamt me saw you, you met me at the airport, I ran to you and we embraced. But unfortunately I did not see continuation of this dream and have woken up. I would would like that at all of us was as well as in this dream and it never came to an end!
I very much love you and always I wish to be near to you!
I will wait for your letter with good news!
I send you millions gentle kisses!
Sincerely yours love for ever Tanya!