Scam letter(s) from Anna Zimnuhova to Boyko (Bulgaria)

Letter 1
Hi my lovely man.
How are things going with you??? Excuse that could not write to you. I have news. I on Friday go to Moscow, for visa reception!!! I think that very soon I will at you. Write me please the address and the airport where you will meet me. I tomorrow or after tomorrow will go to tour agency to reserve tickets. As I will know flight details, I will inform at once you. It was not easy to me to find this money, but I have found, I think to me will suffice. I have occupied from mum and the best friends. I hope all it not in vain. I wait from you addresses and the city name, is more true than the airport where you will meet me. I hope you me you will meet??? Write to me. I will not write much, I think very soon we will speak with you face to face and it will be much more interesting. To us will be to talk about what. On it I will finish the letter and I wait from you for the answer. Gentle kiss for you!!! Your girl Anna.
Letter 2
Hi my dear and lovely man.
I have run in Internet cafe to tell to you a flight detail. I have reserved tickets.
Monday, May, 03rd 2010
Moscow, the Sheremetyevo, RU (SVO)
Start: 09:40
Arrival: 11:40
Monday, May, 03rd 2010
Sofia, Vrazhebna, BG (SOF)
Without stops / SU 0171
Salon: the House-keeper / Airbus Indastri A319 Thursday, May, 13th 2010
Start: 12:30
Sofia, Vrazhebna, BG (SOF)
Arrival: 16:25
Thursday, May, 13th 2010
Moscow, the Sheremetyevo, RU (SVO)
Without stops / SU 0172
Salon: the House-keeper / Airbus Indastri A319
I very much worry, after all very soon we will together. I Now run home, I take the things and meal on station to get on a train. Tomorrow I will be in embassy. As I will receive the visa I to you I will write. I go to you for 10 days. I hope you not against???))) My dear it is time to me to run. See you soon!!! I miss on you. My gentle kiss for you. Prepare for sleepless nights))) Your girl Anna.
Letter 3
Hi my lovely man Boyko.
I have two news, one good and another bad, I do not know that to me to do. I will begin with good news. I have passed interview in embassy, I have received the visa. But bad news that I cannot depart if at me will not be a cash sum of money from calculation 100 euros one days of residing in your country. It turns out that for 10 days, I need to have at itself a sum of money 1000 euros. I will need to show this money at customs. What to me to do??? I in perplexity. I do not know as me to be. This formality, but without her me will not start up in your country. I cannot pass customs in the country at all. My dear, I wait from you for the answer. Tell to me that to me to make. At me hope only on you. If you cannot send me money I cannot arrive to you. I am in a shock. I know that you too do not have such money, I remember that you spoke to me about problems with money. But there can be you will try to borrow at the friends, I as will arrive at once I will give you this money at the airport and you can return this money back at whom you them will take. If you do not send me money we cannot be together. And I still has debts, before close people. As you know I borrowed money to arrive to you. I am ready to cry from hopelessness. I very strongly was upset, when have learnt this news. I do not understand, why me have not warned in tour agency??? I hope that it does not place to us to be together. I so long waited for this moment and have made much to see you and when we with you already in a step from each other, before us there is a barrier. My darling write to me please, you can solve this problem???? I will wait from you for the letter. I kiss you gently and I hope that I can soon embrace you and kiss. Your girl Anna.
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