Scam letter(s) from Melvis Mel to Brian (Denmark)

Letter 1
Good evening Honey and I hope that your day is getting along well.Mine has been good and I thank God for all,it's been so sunny and everywhere seems to be so hot today,I guess the night would be far hotter with this heat on now.I am thinking that your day would be stressful today going by your last message and make sure that you do have some rest at the end please.
I sent you a mail in the morning and I have no idea if you got or maybe you aren't back yet to be able to read through and here we are back from the Embassy Honey.We were given all the forms that I needed to be filled and you were right,it has to be vacation visa and that it's the only visa that I can apply for that will be quicker.They said that after I have filled and submited the forms back that here is only a consolate and that they are posting my applications to Burkinafaso where they have Embassy and that it would take a few weeks from the date of submission.They as well said that I have to pay the sum of 47,000 CFA as the visa fee.
I tried asking my In-law about this amount and he said that it's about $92 US and this is quite allot of money Honey,how do we raise this money to pay for the visa fee?It would be hard to get this and I know that it's quite allot of money Honey but Please I don't know if you woudl be kind to assist me in this by sending me the money so that I could pay for this as I am submitting the application back.I would be really happy if you would be of this great assistance.I sure know that you have quite allot caring for there with Mum and all that,together with your personal needs but please My LOve.
I would be so glad if we can put in the applications now because I love to be at the comfort of your arms and work together with you into making our future a nice one.I hope your day wouldn't be so hard that you don't get back home that tired,however if that's the case please do make sure that you eat and find some rest and write me when you can,will miss reading fromyou though but your health is far more important that anything else.
I can't stop wishing to see us meeting and if you ask me,I would say let it be right this moment because in you I have found the secret of happiness.I love you.
Your Wife,
Mrs Melvis Brian.
Letter 2
Good morning Honey and I must say that there's nothing wrong with your message and though I must admit that you sounded like you really don't care what happens to us from here and I was so surprised really and therea re things that I asked you before now but you never provided them,I did beg you that my father wants your address and even your phone number but you never mentioned about that.
Relationship isn't through force and it's never money and I ma not saying that you shouldn't carry out whatever investigation that suits your heart but in all,our presentation should be have some element of salt so that other could feel receptive and I have always known you to be this kind of person and as a matter of fact,this is the first time that you are sounding this way and who knows,maybe there are more that I stand to find out about you.I could have least expected that your responce would be this way but thanks in all.
I can see that you have no trust in me like you said but be sure that I am who I said I am to you and would always be one no matter times.We all puts in our best efforts and should things works out fine and if they don't,well somehow there is still life and we just have to carry on,it would be so painful but even at that,no one has ever cried blood even the face of the worst,it will still be tears that will role down the ****.I want to think that you had a goodnight rest and I must say that from your resquest,I am given you a scan of my passport here with it's number and date of birth,my full name is as well there.I don't have a phone number but if you wish you could call my Aunt's Husband and let him know when you wish to talk with me just in case and when he's home we would talk through his phone and here is his number( 00221765869035 and his name is John).
My Address at the Gambia is NO 2 MUSUKEBBAH STREET,
WEST AFRICA. Here in Senegal we are living at RUE 6X17 MEDINA,
WEST AFRICA. Well,you said you wil be sending the money for the visa application fee to the consolate and I really don't know just how that is possible and want to believe that you knows just how to do that because I am the one that is submitting the application and I was told that on the point of submission,that's when I will pay the money.Please let me know how things are going,when you are able to send them the money,how would I know and would I have any proove that I can show to them when I get there that You have paid the money for me??I am asking this so that there would be no form of embarrasmenrt on me when I get there.I will be glad and PLEASE Brian,money can't bring us happiness,lets try to build a level of trust on each others because a good person is a good person and a bad person is as well a bad person.I believe that you will come to trust in me and to lov eme the more as we walk this part to meeting each others.I will be waiting to hear from you and if it pleases you,would you mind still please to send me your address and your phone number so that I can share with my father and my Aunt?If you don't feel safe with doing that,I can as well understand.I hope you have a wonderful day and do know that someone is thinking about you and miss you,will always love you no matter times.
Mrs Melvis Brian.
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