Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Al (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Al!
How your mood? I am fine, thanks for reply! I am sorry but I haven't any way to borrow money for my trip to you, also I haven't free finance to visit you because my salary is not well, I am sorry and we can't meet! You can ask me everything, what can be interesting to you to find out of me. I want to say of my family a little, as I spoke to you before - I have no parents, my mum has died 5 years ago and my father has been lost 7 years ago in accident, it's bad story and I don't want to recollect it. Sometimes I feel myself alone because I live alone and haven't still my own family, just friends.. and I want to have my own family, I think, that the ideal partner for me it's who does me better and happy to have mutual love. The ideal partner must be intellectual and careful about it's family. The family is so important for me and I want to create family with my lovely man if I could meet he... I search for someone as you who will force me to be happy all time, or at least will present to me this feeling! What are you think? I like how are you write me! And have so many hopes with you, I will wait your next reply, write me soon.
All my Kisses and hug to you!
Your Natalya.
Letter 2
Thank you for the reply Al! How are you today? I am glad to write to you and read your reply! Oh' I was so happy and surprised when you invited me in USA! But I liked it and your serious relation to me! Are you sure in your wish??? Yes, I am agree to start to plan my trip to you and could learn more about my vacation form work, but maybe we will write each other some time or are you ready for meeting now? I would like to know more of you, your last relations with women and many other things or are you think the best way to meet each other and then talk? It will be interesting to know what are you search in woman, character traits in the woman, fidelity and honesty? I thought of it.
I know russian and english enough, I can read, write and speak. I learned it in school, I never was married, and I have no children, but now I think the time is came to create family, because the time and life is running. I am an optimist, and I like to smile and I have many friends, but more and more I think of my own family and destiny. People can't be happy without true and sincere love. I work in the supermarket as the seller and I like my job! I am glad because I have chosen this trade for my soul. Also I have hobby to cook when I have free time at home with my girlfriends. I tried to help my mum on kitchen always.. Also when I have free time I like to meet my girlfriends and have some walk, I like to sing songs, to visit cinema, some cafe, like sport as volleyball and some trip on nature in the summer, I like to run every morning. I hope, that we can find common interests if we will meet soon and start the step of relation, because I am so interesting with you! I am serious with looking my man as you and hope to meet you to start new and happy life. I send to you some my photos, hope you will like it?
My kisses and hugs to you!
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