Letter(s) from Victoria Maltseva to Yu (Turkey)

Letter 1

Hello dear Oktay!

I am so happy to receive the next reply from you!Thank you for your beautiful photo, where it was made? You seem to be a very interesting, kind, caring and loving person. I feel a strong desire to know more about you. Thank you very much for being frank and telling me about your life. We have such a great opportunity to know more about our lives with the help of Internet in short period of time.

It seems to me that we'll find common interests. As I've already written to you I've got different hobbies which make my life not so boring. I like to cook. I like to watch movies mainly of Hollywood production. What are your favorite movies or maybe you like cartoons?
I also like to spend the time with my friends somewhere in the night club but not very often because it is rather expensive pleasure, or in the small cafe. I also like to travel. But I have never been abroad and have a dream to go to world tour on day in future. I like nature and animals. I'm trying to take care of all homeless cats and dogs near my house.

Oktay, I'd with pleasure come to your country and we spend nice time with you and know each other better but for coming to you I need not only a ticket and I just can not allow myself such a vocation, for me it is too expensive!Thank you very much for your invitation but I even do not know what to answer you on this!

Write me whatever you want which as you consider can bring us closer.
You are also welcome to ask me anything you want.
Here is my telephone number - +380974129553!

I miss you and your letters.

Letter 2

Hello, dear Oktay and Attila!!

Oktay, darling, I am so glad because I received the international passport!!! I scanned it and attached a copy for you.

Dear, you know, I was talking to my boss about my vacation and he told me that as soon as I finish the course I can take a vacation....so dear, from the beginning of the next week it will be possible for us to meet, but of course, I just need to tell my boss in advance. So, please, my dear, check the dates for the next week and choose some good variant, ok? I think that the middle of the next week will be the best for me.

I am waiting for my meeting with you so much, my dear Oktay, I am missing you very much here and wish we could be together as soon as possible!!!

kisses to you, dear Oktay!
Have a good day, Attila!!!

Your Vika