Scam letter(s) from Maria Borodulina to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi! This is MARI. Thanks for your message. A little bit about myself. My height is 169 cm-5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 54 kg- 115 pounds. My birthday is on the 2th of August 1976. I am 29 years old. I live in the small city Inta. What you? I send you my picture. I hope to you it is pleasant. If you are not serious, and I did not interest you, please do not disturb me. If I have interested you, write to me back. I shall write more about myself in the following letter. Mari
Letter 2

Hi Timothy! How your day?
I hope you are glad to receive my letter. I also hope, that you are not disappointed with our correspondence?
I shall continue the story about me.
I am single and have never been married. I have no kids. I have no any brothers and sisters. Mine the daddy was the fireman, and perished on a fire when me there were 6 years. My mum has died 4 years ago of heart attack. Now I live alone. I live in small city Inta, Russia, it's where I grew up and went to High School and Legal Institute. It's a small country town about 1700 kilometers from Moscow. Now I work as the lawyer -adviser in the FSB (police).
I already adult woman, and I want to have my own family in the future.
I want to love and to be loved. People without love cannot be happy. But when near there is a close person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and what you have. I like adult men who can seriously look at a life and be respectful to the woman. Therefore I prefer men who is older than I. For me age doesn’t matter but I didn’t know if it problem to you.
The loneliness fills a my life with sadness. But I do not want to speak about sadness anymore. In the rest, I the usual girl. I like to listen to music, to look cinema, to dance, ski, walk in the forest.
I try to be honest for the most part and expect you to be too.
Please tell me more about yourself. I am of interest be aware of you all.
Thank for your picture. It is a fine picture. You such strong and handsome man. Forgive, that I such immodest. I very much love this picture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Once again forgive me for my frank words. But I always talk what I think. I think there is nothing bad in it.
I shall forgive pardons, for my English. I study the English language only during 10 years. Do to you it is clear, what I write?
I wait for your letter.
Yours friend Mari.
Letter 3

Hello Timothy!
I am very glad, again to see your answer.
I am frankly glad that again I have a possibility to write you. I have no house a computer, and I write to you from work. But I not always can use a computer, for the letter to you. I work about Monday up to Friday.
About 8 morning up to 19 evening (Probably on this I have not enough time for entertainment). Sometimes I to work on Saturday. Therefore I cannot write to you in weekend (But I shall sometimes write to Saturday).
I shall continue the story about me, that we could learn each other better.
I have very quiet and counterbalanced character. What character you have?
I am very slow to anger and am rarely upset with anyone or anything. I believe life is too short for bad feelings. I never drink ***** and not smoke. Sometimes I drink wine and champagne on special days. If we a meeting with girlfriend.
When we a meeting and drink tea with a pie. Do you drink, smoke? At the Russian men the big problem with alcohol. It very much to not like me. For my life I look for a person, who can become for me a friend, lover and protector. I need in man, who will fill emptiness in my soul, and I will fill emptiness in his soul.
I want him to support me in a difficult minute and I can support him. To tell the truth, a person needs few things to become happy. It takes much more time to find an appropriate man. What woman you search for?
I want to find a man with kind heart. I love kindness and I hate a rage.
For me the most important in a man - honesty and kindness. Without this is impossible to create the world of harmony and love. Roughness destroys love.
In Russia many rough men. But I not lose taste to a life. But now I the decision to change a life....
Why did I decide to write to you?..... hm...... Simply I wanted to write to "someone", you turned out this"someone".
I with impatience shall wait your answer.
Letter 4

Hi Timothy. I heard sad news about "hurricane katrina", I hope you OK?
At me, all is good. Today a good summer warm day. The sun shines, the temperature while + 21C. Plus to this I'm very glad that I receive the new letter from you! Your letters brings the happiness to me and good mood. To me malicious people spoil mood. Not attentive, rough, silly people. I like camps, sports, water. I very much like to cook. I know many recipes of dishes. I like tasty and healthy food. It is very important for me because I very much keep up my figure(body). And it's reason, that I should refuse many kind of food.
Especially I love various salads and products of the sea. For example:
a herring under a fur coat. It is very tasty. This salad will consist of a herring, an egg, beet, a potato, carrots and mayonnaise. The herring is put in the bottom, and other vegetables go layers, on the top grated beet under mayonnaise. Have you sometime tried it or a fish in the dough? It is a fillet of the fish, baked in the dough. It is very tasty. Also I like very much a fried flounder or a pollack.
Only the flounder and pollack has surprising and unique taste. I very much love fresh natural foods. I spend much time on kitchen. I like to think out new dishes, to make experiments. I have cooked the hen for my last birthday. For this purpose you take the hen. Inside of the hen you place a stuffing of the apples and spices and accurately close an hole. Then the hen should be placed to the oven. When hen is fried, it is impregnated from within with a smell of apples and spices.
It should be filed to the table together with verdure and fruits.
I like usually Russian foods it are the most popular Russian foods - pel'menis, Borshch, and pancakes, pie apple, cherry. For certain you heard about these foods.
If you have Russian restaurants in your city, you can try it, you will not regret.
But I also love the East foodstuffs and cuisine of the Russian Georgia.
Breakfast - coffee and a sandwich with cheese.Dinner - soup, a fried potato and meat goulash, salad from fresh vegetables. A supper - vermicelli with fried fish, tea.
Unfortunately I have no phone of a house. We cannot call each other.
Good night Timothy.
P.S. Probably it is interesting to you, who takes all my pictures. All my pictures are taken this year by my girlfriend Masha.
Letter 5

Hi my dear and the distant friend Timothy!
I am madly glad to your letter. I am again glad to answer your letter.
I want to ask you what makes you happy Timothy?
I think woman for happiness it is necessary little. The only thing she lacks is simple warm and caress. This is the problem of Russian men. The Russian lady does everything for the man but she doesn't get anything from him. All she needs is at least a couple of tender words and touching of his hands.
Isn't it so difficult?
Yes, a long time I loved a young man. We had good time together. He was kind.
But he liked to drink. When he was ***** he became an absolutely other person.
He talked badly with me. Later his love to alcohol became a habit. He became rude and evil. He even beat me several times and next day he smiled and talked with me as if nothing happened to. Unfortunately many men beat the girlfriends and wives in Russia. I began to be afraid of him and I must leave him. My soul was wounded very much. After this I couldn't make to get acquainted with another man. Now I don't trust Russian men. I am afraid to give my love to somebody and to get rudeness back. But I not want to bear it. I not want it again. Therefore I not want, if my husband will beat me. That's why the Russian lady never feels happy at her heart. Russian men usually treat ladies disrespectfully.
They consider that woman only have to work, cook, wash up and entertain the man when he wants. Or see the woman, as an essence for ***. To offend a woman is a usual thing for the Russian man.
I like to cook and wash up but sometimes I would like to get simple caress, love and attention. I think he was with me, because of money. I earn about 470 dollars in a month, it are very good money in Russia. He did not like to work, but loved a beautiful life. I don't want to offend all the men, there are good men but there are few of them. I shall close this theme as it is not pleasant to me. I must finish my letter. I don't want but I have to. I not always can use a computer when I want it. Not be upset, if not receive my letters every day.
Consider this with understanding.
Sincerely yours and with best wishes. Mari
P.S. This picture has been taken this summer at edge of my city, I like to ride a horse, I very much like horses.
Letter 6

Hi Timothy!!!!
Since I started talking to you, I just can't stop thinking of you.
My day brightens tremendously whenever I see an e-mail from you.
I always answered worthy questions. What comments you wait from your letters and pictures. I already wrote to you, I loved your pictures, in my letters there is a context about your letters, you did not understand it?
I shall write to you my address, but I am not confident, that you will understand it, as well as I did not understand your address. My address:
Ðîññèÿ, Èíòà,
óë. Ëåíèíà 2-8, Ìàðèÿ Áîðîäóëèíà.
My heart and soul are now connected with regardless of where you may be. When I come back from work home, I involuntarily think of you.
As a matter of fact I don't want to go home. It is very boring and lonely at home.
Sometimes I don't mention it, but sometimes when I come home with good mood, I want to talk very much, to share thoughts with anybody, to have fun. But my flat is empty and I have to be in full solitude. And my good mood disappears.
I simply sit down in an arm-chair and look at the window or TV. I can listen to music or read a book. But in some moment I understand that I just deceive myself.
In fact I want a beloved person to be near me, with whom I could spend evenings, to meet morning, to speak about yesterday and to dream about tomorrow day.
I want to walk and to feel a strong man arm holds me. I don't want to cook meals only for myself. I want somebody to appreciate it. Yesterday when I looked TV, unexpectedly my TV has smoked, I have been very frightened and disconnect TV.
But after that I was frightened more strongly. TV it was a unique way to find out the information and news occuring in the world. Also I have lost one not from many entertainments. I live one, and loss of TV means slow boring death. TV was a unique way, rescue from my loneliness and sadnesses. Now when I have lost the TV, I have more valued ours with you correspondence, now I cherish our correspondence even more and more. You can present, that I feel in this moment, with TV has died the particle me. Please do not cease to write to me. But enough about it. Otherwise I shall sad again.
I will wait for your letter with impatience. I am shy, but I kiss you hotly, my Timothy.
Letter 7

I had problems with a computer, probably I have not received your last letter, probably you have not received my letter. It worked now?
Letter 8

Hi, Timothy
I cannot explain to you in words on how you have made me feel inside over the past weeks. You have made my days sunny, the colors I see brighter, and the thought of you has made me happy. It seems like nothing bothers me now. I just think of you and my problems go away. I know we have only know each other for a short time, but I feel a connection to you. I hope that you feel the same. I can be a little eccentric at times especially when it comes to describing my feeling.
I am very glad that you have written me. Thank you very much. I like your letters very much and wait for them every day. It is very pleasant for me, to answer your letters.
Excuse me, for the short letter, but I should go to choose new TV.
Now, I will go back to thinking about you in my mind and in my heart and wait impatiently until I find you again in my mailbox (SMILE)!
Sincerely Mari.
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