Scam letter(s) from Valentina Bogatyryova to Eddie (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Eddie.
Eddie, today I have again seen your e-mail in we wash a mail box, and was so glad that at me the good mood at once has risen.
And how your mood today? You are glad to receive my letters? It is pleasant to you to have dialogue with me? I very much wish to know your opinion.
Eddie, I wish to tell to you thanks that you sympathise with me and understand me that in my life there was a tragedy. Now I absolutely alone and I try to behave itself in hands and to amuse myself.
Eddie, sometimes I have such moments that to me would not be desirable to live, as I became seems to me that powerless in the life, but I try to use the best efforts not to recollect all old and awful. I wish to begin a new happy life, but at us it is very difficult to find worthy me in Russia the man as many men from Russia awfully conduct themselves in relation to women. I do not pay attention to men which live in mine in a city. I have solved that I can find the love in the Internet and at me new the family will be happy.
Eddie, it is very interesting to me to learn about you more, I would like to set to you some questions. I hope you to me will answer.
Eddie, you had a woman? If yes, as you concerned it? You did not offend women? I will answer this question, I think that you never offended the woman as you the kind and lovely man and I never will believe that you have offended the woman, I correctly think ######?
My dear the friend, I would like to tell to you about my dream, I dream to meet the man outside of Russia and to begin the new the life is happy. I would like to get the two children, one boy and one girl, I trust that I will have a happy family.
Eddie, you will tell to me about your dream? I hope what yes :)
I wish to send again to you some photo, and I hope that I also will receive soon your photos.
I with the big impatience expect your fast reply.
Your new girlfriend Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Eddie.
To me very pleasantly again to see your fine letter in wash a mail box.
I wish to tell to you Eddie that I cannot without your letters any more. I wait your letter every day and when I to half-tea your letter I at once good mood and a smile upon the face.
How you today? What at you new Eddie?
Today I am very tired on work when I have come home I wished to lay down to have a rest, but I have seen your letter and I with pleasure write you the answer.
Eddie, I already know much about you, but I would like to know all about you. Tell to me please about your friends. At you many good friends?
I wish to tell to you Eddie that I in a city have only one best girlfriend which me always understands, supports me and gives to my advice. My girlfriend call Marina, we with it studied together in school. Eddie, you have such good friends?
I with my girlfriend Marina we spend much time together, we walk on a city at leisure and we visit fitness the centre, once we with it travelled in the country Turkey, there it is very beautiful, we had a good time on the sea with my girlfriend Marina.
Eddie, you travelled when be? In what countries you were? You would like to go once on the sea? I will be very glad if you to me tell about it.
I to send you a photo with my girlfriend, and a photo on the sea. You will send also to me your photos?
I with impatience wait your early reply.
Your girlfriend Svetlana.
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