Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Robert (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Hello my dearest sweetheart Robert !

how are you doing today, sweety?
Robert, honey, I truly hope that you have a wonderful mood and everything is going greatly in your life!
Nowadays our life is so wild and busy, that often people become too concerned about work and well-being and completely forget about native people and friends! and i think that in our present society it is the most a awful mistake! we forget about real values of life! we forget that we should first of all value people around who are always near when you are joy and sorrow! the bigger cities become, the more lonely people are and it's really very sad...i think people should devote more time to each can live in a certain region for 10 years and not know your neighbors because everyone is busy with their business and don't pay much attention to each other!!!! i would like to find a man who i can be happy with, who i can gift my love to and who i will be able to make the happiest man ever!!!! it's very important for parents live in the village and i have an opportunity to visit them on weekends only, so i am also, like all people of the cities, have to stay alone with myself in the evenings! i dream about having a happy family and a smiling husband who i can meet every evening and cook for him!!! if a person has love in his heart, then this person is considered to be happy! i would like my man to be everything for me : my friend, my lover, my husband, my everything! i would like to wake up smiling to him, to greet him and to cook breakfast for us! to meet in the evening and to have wonderful romantic evenings together! to have rest together and happy weekends! you will probably ask me why i am still alone ...well, i was not lucky to meet the right man in my country, unfortunately...i have lots of friends but it appeared to be so that all my girlfriends are married already and they have their own families and all their attention is directed into them! and it's wonderful...making new friends is a rather difficult process, because as far as i have told you earlier, people become more reserved....that's why I decided to try my luck in the Internet...i believe in a miracle and i believe that my destiny can wait me in another part of the world! and as far as right now we have a possibility to get acquainted with people from another countries, why not to use this opportunity? what i a destiny will smile to me?

faithfully yours,

In august 2006 my mum and I have been to the pansionate situated in Crimea.
The weather was really fine and the Black Sea was calm and warm. It was the most remarkable trip in my life!
I really adore watching these photos and remeber the days lead with my mum, warm sea and hot sun.
In cold days and bad weather these photos are very important for me to become in better mood.
And my photos the city of Yalta in April, 2004

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Robert!!!

this is your Elena..
did I get your e-mail address correctly?
I hope so and once I receive an answer from you, I will write you a bigger letter!
hope I got to you correctly, that's why I will send you my photoalbum!
buit what if I got not to you, sweety?
and what if a completely different man will be watching my pictures?
oh ym God!!! should I take a risk or not? to be or not to be? :)
will be waiting for your reply with impatience,

My photos...
1. Barsik.
This wonderful kitten named Barsik belongs to my friend.
I haven't seen my friend and kitten for 2 years already.
This kitten must be very big, thick and lazy cat now.
All kittens are so cute and sweet, I always want to hug them and take into my hands.
2. favourite jeans
These were my favourite jeans.
I feel sorry that they are torn now.
Do you also have this fashionable clothes?
Here it is fashionable to wear torn jeans.

3. Indulged...
We were celebrating in cafe the birthday of my friend.
It was funny to tickle her and to make her belly wet.
She was yelling because of excitement.
I like joking and laughing, and even playing jokes on my friends.
She was also tickling me after that.

4. My hare!
A photograph told me:
"This hare is a big and kind one. You must hug him as if it is your beloved man, otherwise I will bring you an evil grey wolf!"
I smiled and he took a photo of me.

5. Wet...
Paddling in water on the hot sun is so wonderful!
The most wonderful is to watch this summer photos during cold winter or when the weather is dull.
While watching them your mood goes up and you know that the hot summer will come and you will swim and get suntanned again - like on this photo!

6. Shish kebab...
This photo was made on weekend, May, 2 ! it was a great sunny day!
Everything was green around and the birds were singing ! I and my friends went to the forest not far away form our city to have a rest! We made a wonderful table, were making barbecue, and even made a tea on the fire and it appeared to be much more tasty than the one made at home :)))! Then we were playing with a ball. My friends took their children with them and we were running and laughing a lot ! It's so nice to remember about these happy moments! I dream about meeting with my friends again on such a lovely weekend!

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Robert !!!

thank you so very much for your answer and for sharing your e-mail address with me, i think it is really better to communicate in our e-mail accounts, it's much more private and safe here and here i exchange my photos with you, sweety :)))
Robert, honey, thank you so much for your wonderful invitation for me to chat, I appreciate it so much, sweety! Robert, sweety, i also think that it will be very interesting to chat with each other, but the thing is that to write you a letter I visit the Internet-cafe and i usually visit it when i have a break at work. my break usually lasts for 40 minutes and this time is enough to travel to the Internet-cafe, to write one letter and to send it to you, Internet here is very slow. and afterwards i immediately have to return to my work. so unfortunately Internet is very slow and i don't have time because of work. but i will be very happy to continue our communication in letters and how do you feel about it, honey? You know, I will tell you the secret. When I read your letters and especially look at your photo, I want to kiss! My lips are even itching and want to be kissed right now. But please don’t tell anyone! No! Tell it everyone! Let them know that you are my beloved man! And you will kiss only me. Really? You like me, right? Will you write in the next letter that you will write only me? from now on you won’t kiss other women! Ok? You promise? I am very jealous!!! And I promise to dream and wait only your kisses! We would touch our lips gently; I want to do it right now! Can’t wait honey… Do you love kissing? I really adore! And if someone is hugging me at that time…just happiness! I haven’t kissed for a long time, I am afraid I have already forgotten how to do it :) But when we meet, you will be my teacher of kisses. Kiss teacher – sounds great! But you will be personal teacher, only my coach! Do you agree? Hope so! I send you my thoughts about us being close and my gentle kisses! I want you to think and dream about me now! I am your happiness! Is it really so??? Robert, sweety, it's so pleasant for me that you like all my letters so much! sweety, I am so sorry that your marriages didn't work out..:('s so sad...but, honey, at the same time I believe that everything that happens in our lives always happens for better and if both of us did not have a bad life experience in the past, we wouldn't have met each other now then and what if it is a destiny, honey!? and still, you have such a fantastic present left from your marriage, honey - your wonderful children! I can imagine how much you love your children and what a happy Daddy you are, baby!!! I am glad you liked my pictures so much, my darling! great! i think you are a wonderful man and have a great character, sweety! Robert, sweety, I am so happy that you enjoyed watching my pictures and reading my letter, it's so pleasant for me, baby!!! oh, honey, and thank you so much for all your wonderful compliments, you are a real gentleman and definitely know how to make a woman feel happy!!! Robert, sweety, thanks a lot for telling me as for what kind of woman you are searching for! baby, I truly hope that I will be the right lady for you and everything will work out greatly between us and we will be the happiest people in the Universe with you, but of course time will show, baby, time is always the best advisor! frankly speaking it was my father to advise me to try to date with a man who will be elder than me, because he told me that in this age men value relations with women much more than when they are young! And he told me that if to make a family, it would be better to make it with a mature and experienced man. and as for me, honey, I like our age difference a lot and do not care about it at all, because I believe that true and real love knows no limits and no age difference, sweety!!! I am not searching for a rich man and I would like to tell you about it from the beginning ! I know that some women dream about with such men, even many women from my country, if I wanted to be with a rich man, I could easily find him hear! I am searching for a man who I could be happy with, who I could create a wonderful family with !!!!! and money is a very philosophical question, it comes and goes while true love stays on forever !!!!! So, I don't care whether you are lucrative or not, I care on what kind of person you are, Robert, and whether we will be happy together !!!!! Robert, honey, I am so glad that you and me have the same life values and life expectations, it's so significant for me, my darling! Robert, sweety, it's so very pleasant for me that you enjoyed listening to my voice message :))))))) wow, I haven't even thought that it will create such an affect on you :))))))))) honey, you are a real angel and all your wonderful compliments are driving me crazy :))))))) i feel that you are a man I have been searching for all my life and I can only wonder how I could be so lucky to meet you on my life road, honey! i will always be grateful to God for having brought us together, because you are truly the best that ever happened to me in all my life, sweety! honey, i am so happy that we got acquainted and will be knowing each other better and better from day to day!
Robert, i can see that you are a very smart and intelligent man and I would certainly like to know you better and to tell you more about me. Internet has become a real power in the area of finding a second half, so I also decided to try my luck. I am 28 years old but unfortunately haven't found the man who I could connect my life with. I do not think that I am too demanding, i just want to love and to be loved. I am working in the Human Resources Department in the trade center called "Metro" and I adore my job because it is connected with communication and giving people job, though my education is a medical one, but as far as we have a difficult financial situation in my country, I could not find a work by my speciality, because there were not places for me, so have to work where there is work. I live in Ukraine in the city called Dneprodzerzhinsk. I am often so different and unpredictable!!! My temper is good and I am very easy-going…sometimes I like sitting in silence and dreaming…my favorite color is green. Green is a color of the grass, summer, of piece and mutual understanding…my favorite smell is a smell of the warm and sunny summer morning! Everything is so fresh and blooming and walking in the park is the best entertainment is the warm spring weather!!!! Summer is a time of beuatiful love and feelings….and I wish to be with my Prince to share my heart and sincerity with! The world is so beautiful and I would like to share my world with a special King who I believe will once enter my life and will never leave it…I like spending my free time interestingly and with use! I prefer visiting theatres and cinemas, walking in the night city… and dreaming…listening to the birds singing…we always have too little time in life to notice these pleasant and so important events of nature!!! I am a kind and responsive woman.
and what are you searching for, Robert ? I am very curious to hear
your life story!!!

innocently yours,

My photos...
1. !!!!!!!
My mum surprised me!? She gave me to wear my old childish suit!? I was wearing it when I was at school! "Look at your daughter I am too big for this suit! Or yopu still think that I am a little girl? Then try to hol me on your hands like you did in my childhood! You surprised me a lot!"

2. Do not look...
You thought I am not a shy girl? Because I sent you my phot in a swimming suit. It is not so! I just want you to like me.
I want you to see my body and fall in love...If you liked me, will youi write me about it in your letter?
Now I will be nervous...

3. in Kiev.
On this phot I am in Kiev. Kiev is a big and wonderfyul city, but there is too much political fuss there. One group pf people want one president to be lectioned, another group is against. They are waving with posters, flags and even figth! Kiev is a city of political fights...

4. On stones.
Here I was resting on the Azov sea in 2008. It's a dirty and not very deep sea. Black sea is much better!
On this photo I look like a cool girl who is indifferent to outside world.
I am not interested in anything but my music in earphones:)

5. To wipe a table.
Here I am cleaning the table after party. Clean table is very important! When you had party - clean after yourself! I am making funny face not because I don't want to clean the table. I like cleaning. I am making my face for a funny photo... My face is in reality much more beautiful!

6. It is I.
In this photo I am a quiet, soft and caring girl, like I am in reality. I am looking in my photo and thinking I was a man I would also love a woman like that in the photo....

Letter 4

Hello my beloved baby Robert !!!

I am back to you, sweety))) happy as always because weekends are over and I can write a letter to my precious diamond, to my love and my destiny, to YOU, honey!!!
Robert, baby, you can call me any way you would like to :))) any variant would be very pleasant for me, my darling! baby, it's so pleasant for me that you like all my letters and pictures so much!!! because I also adore all yours with all my heart, honey! baby, thanks a lot for understanding my situation with the Internet-cafe, I appreciate it very much, and of course I also want us to have a wonderful communication, honey! Robert, honey, thank you so much for all your beautiful compliments, they are a real balsam for my soul, my darling! I pray everything to work out greatly between us, baby! I want to be the best lady in the Universe for you in everything, honey, and I hope with all my heart that I will be able to, my dear! i am rather shy with unknown people and very opened with beloved ones, baby :))) it's truth :))) you see my character so perfectly, sweety :))) i am astonished! You know last night I had a wonderful dream…that you are my beloved man, and we were near! It was so pleasant to me! You were courting for me the whole night, and looked at me with eyes full of love…You told me words of love to me. It seems that I even were smiling during sleeping:) Oh, it was a great dream. I would like to experience it all in the reality. It may be a dream which foretells our love relationships in the future! How you kissed me and hugged me, it was so exciting! You knew all my sensitive zones! Who had revealed them to you? Maybe angels told? I went crazy because of you in my dream! You kissed those my placed I wanted you to kiss and which I love to be kissed – everything was so wonderful! Maybe I looked at your photo too much? I really like looking at them!!! And reading your interesting letters…But last night you made me lose my mind! Why, would you think? You had so warm and tender lips and hands! You used my body so professionally. Maybe when I was asleep you watched my photo and dreamt and thought about me? Maybe you were petting so well me in your dreams? It’s a mystery for me! Now I really want you to kiss me in life and take my clothes off! The whole day I feel like charmed, as if I am a girl of 18 :) Tell me please how you would like to kiss me? Please… Robert, baby, I am so glad that you also enjoy kissing and I can't wait for our kissing lessons already, my darling! I am so glad that I am your one and only and you are not kissing any other women, because you are my only one too, honey! Robert, my dear, you should not worry that you cannot send me as many pictures as I am sending you. first of all I understand that you are a man and men usually are not as much fond of making pictures of themselves as women do! and, second, baby, I would have never had such a great amount of pictures of it was not about my girlfriend who wants to become a professional photographer and was training on taking pictures on me :)))))) that's why I have such a big collection, sweety :))))) honey, you have such wonderful considerations about relations and of attitude to each other, you are so smart and wise and I am so proud of you, sweety! I hope your work will be going greatly and everything will be ok, honey! i would be happy to work in medical field once, sweety, with a great pleasure! I truly hope that we will become much closer to each other than just friends, sweety! Life is given to us once only! And I would like to live it such a way, so I would not feel embarrassed for the “aimlessly lived years”. Now I do not imagine how I could live without you for such a long time! How I at all could live without you, my baby! I am so used to you already, to your eyes radiating gladness and tenderness, to your arms…..tender thoughts…Before getting acquainted with you I didn’t feel so much of warmth from the thought that I love a man with my whole heart! You do not even imagine how good I feel with you. I know that even when we do not write each other…all our thoughts are about each other…even our silence is a sign of our love…I want to be happy with you when everything is ok and to be sad when something goes wrong…I want you to feel how much I need you, baby! I want to give you kindness and tenderness, I want to be the most important person for you! You are the best, the lightest, the kindest, that happened with me in latter days. NO. Not so. Not in latter days, but in my whole life. «Life – is something that happens with us, while we build plans on the future». Love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on time of year, epoch, and technical progress. Hearts meet – and a beautiful, deep and overwhelming feeling flashes.Darling, if suddenly a Sun will stop lighting - you will warm me better than it. If suddenly stars will be hidden after the Moon - you will manage to compliment with me such romanticism which they couldn’t even dream about. If Seas and Oceans will spill - we will swim out, because we are TOGETHER. If there won’t be even a drop of water on Earth - we will get drunk with the Love of each other. Trust me, Darling, only with you a Sun, Stars and Oceans, smile to us. And while we are together, no element will separate us. Because you and me is the strongest element from all of elements. I Love you! And for this reason I Love everything around – I see Life, I feel its Heat and Happiness. My sun, my tender, I Love you! «I love you not for what you are, but for who I am when I am with you». What can I do to make it last forever? wow, Robert, baby, thank you so much for sharing your super fantastic pictures with me! baby, you are such a very handsome man that I can only wonder how you managed to pay attention to me and I am so happy that you did! I see from your pictures that you are a very sincere man! Your photos are very beautiful; you look great on them, you are very handsome on them and you have wonderful eyesight, so kind and sincere, you know that eyes are very important for me, because i can see your soul with the help of your eyes, no, i am not a fortune-teller, i am just very sensitive...and i would like to know you better, to get acquainted with you closer...will you tell me your life story or will you prefer to stay a mystery for me, sweetie? You are a mature respectful man. You have a beautiful smile! Your body is very fit! you look great on all the pictures, sweety, and you are definitely the most handsome man in the Universe, honey! and I think you have wonderful friends and daughter, baby!
Honey, weekends were great, such a pity you weren’t with me!!! I was at my parents’ place on Saturday evening and we had a good time with them, watched a movie and played cards!!! I was a champion!!! I have won and was so happy!!! And my father was very frustrated because he lost)) we laughed at the end and had lots of fun!!! And on Sunday I came back because I also had to clean the apartment where I am living and I met an old friend of mine! I was so happy to meet her, we studied at the same school and had lots to discuss!!! We went to the cinema and watched a new Russian movie “The Best Movie”, yes, it was called such a way! It’s a comedy)) and then we drank a cup of tea and I went home, because I had to wake up early today ((but it was funny to meet with my classmate!!! We were very good friends! Honey and do you visit school or university meeting of classmates? I think it’s interesting to meet with people who you haven’t seen for many years! And for sure I was missing you very much! I feel that my heart hurts a lot when I am walking and you are not with me, baby…But I try to think of better things, that soon we will meet and will be together, happy on forever!!! And how were your weekends, my love?

You passionate princess,

My photos...
"I wish I could have wings instead of hands!
I would fly as a bird in the sky around the Earth!
There are so many interesting places to see al over the world!? "

2. Friend...
3. Friend....
I adore to be congratulaed on my birthday!
Everybody is wishing me much happiness, health and love!
Everybody is kissing me on my cheeks and present me some gifts!
And after that I will have to wait a year for the new birthday to come!
So my lifes goes from one birthday to another....
Birthday is a wonderful but a bit sad holiday for me...
But with my closest friends were are having fun during it every year!

4. Night.
During a cold and snowy evening, let a lonely girl give her smile to you.
Maybe you will be liabe to make her warm? But how?
Maybe to invite her to a warm house, give her hot tea and even make her warm with a hug?
No! It is better to look at her with eyes full of love!
Your sight will make her warm as the sun in spring!
Oh, I am already warm! Thanks!

5. Xoxo!
My best friend and I went to the WC to have a private talk there during a noisy party.
Why would they take a photo in this not polite place?

6. White bathing suit..
7. White bathing suit...
The sea... The Sun... Water... Sand... Disobedient girls...

Letter 5

Hello my angel from a far away kingdom Robert !!!

honey, thank you so very much for your passionate letters, you are so lovely, really! every time i receive a letter from you, my mood becomes so great and i am smiling, i think you can feel my smile too, because i always feel what mood you were having while you were writing a letter for me!!! baby, you are a real prince from a fairy tale and i am very happy that we are together!!!
Robert, sweety, it's so pleasant for me that you are also always waiting for my letters with super impatience, sweety! it's so significant for me, baby! wow, you drink tea with milk? i have never tired to drink it such a way, sweety! I trust you with all my heart and I will be with you only if you can promise me the same, honey! honey, frankly speaking i didn't understand what you wrote about a scam? i know only spam...there are mails which come as advertisements! is it the same? so do you think that I am just trying to advertise something to you? no, sweety, I am only trying to advertise myself :))) I could kiss you a thousand times and still not be satisfied. My love for you is endless, so tender, so hot and complete. I swear to God I want you in my life. I love you more and more with each day passing and it eases me to know as tomorrow approaches, that I will love you more then yesterday and tomorrow will be more then today. My love for you cannot be measured by words alone as love does express my true feelings for you. When I think of our love it reminds me of all the things you are to me. You and only you have given me so much hope and have made me realize how much I want you! You show the true meaning of how a man should treat a woman. please accept my heart as your own and listen to both of ours beating as one. You are my reason to live. Without you I'm nothing. The years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you, or from being by your side. I love you more than you could even know, you are my world. I just wanted to let you know how much I love all that you are and will be. You're truly my love, my soul mate, and my best friend. For the first time in my life I have something to believe in. You've seen me at my worst and still take me as I am. I thank God for you every day because I know you're heaven sent, you are my angel. I love you from now till death do us part. Right now you live far away from me and I really mean it's killing me but I know in my heart that we are doing alright. I don't want to lose you to anyone else or anything that anyone wants to say about you. I want you to know I love you from the deepest part of my heart. I'm always so lost for words when it comes to you, I just wish there was another way that we could be together. I want you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change the way I feel about you ... I love you! Love can make you do things that you never thought possible. See, there's a place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part me. I promise, you'll always be in my heart. I love you. I am so glad that you like my letters and pictures so much, baby! great! Robert, honey, thank you so much for all your unbelievably beautiful compliments! you are just driving me crazy from happiness with them, honey!!! honey, thank you so much for your wonderful compliments as for my English! baby, it's so significant for me that there is no language barrier between us! frankly speaking I have been studying English for a rather long time ! At first I got acquainted with it at school and I like it a lot since that times! then I continued studying it at the University and I was also visiting some English courses!!!!!! honey, I can really be different. I can be an angel and I can be a powerful woman. But by all means I want to be a mystery though being sure that people know me and like me. A person cannot be all the same all the time. Sometimes i want to be naive, sometimes i want to be freakish, or a powerful demanding woman. I can really behave different ways! This is how i like to behave in the sexual life. Maybe by nature I am a bit of an actress, because I like to change and I like to change my behavior. But I like powerful men and I want to feel like under the wall with this man, I want to have a man who will be able to protect me in any situation. My dear, by the way, sometimes I like to sing, i think it's bad to be sad in the company and we should try to behave such a way in order people to feel happy in your company. so when i am in the company i am not embarrassed to sing, to dance, to tell jokes and people really like me. I think we should be merry or another way it won't be interesting for surrenders to be with you. Honey, have you ever thought how our first day together would be? Perhaps both of us would be nervous a bit and I for sure will be shy with you during several days…Because writing is the other thing. You sit in front of computer screen and nobody sees you (even you, my honey!). So it allows to write you everything you want, without any modesty. I type and type, follow what my heart is saying and my inspiration, and here it comes… a letter full of my sincere thoughts! And meeting, looking at each other’s eyes, feeling our bodies close – it is really different!!! Perhaps during our first meeting the first thing I do is give you a present which I bought already for the day when we meet. So that you could thank me and kiss on my cheeks. And then when we arrive to the place, we would talk about my trip a lot, how was my flight and so on. For sure I would take a shower (but sorry honey, the first time without you :) and have a snack. Also we would talk about how much we were both waiting for our first meeting, our letters and feelings. And suddenly we would notice that it is late already! And you would turn off the light and stark kissing me slowly, I would kiss you in return. We will be very excited, I am sure! But making love at the first date is a wrong thing to do! Or it isn’t? What if even in the airport we would feel crazy passion and start kissing eagerly…what if we come home to you and you would tear my clothes and put me in your bed? What if we make long crazy love whole night and won’t even have time to talk? I don’t know, I am confused honey! What do you think? What will be our first day of meeting? I will be waiting for your answer with impatience… thank you so much for answering my questions, sweety! honey, you are always so attentive to me and I like it a lot !!!!!! sweety, as for me, I also think that everything depends on people and the situation they are in as to how long they date before getting married!!!!!! and I agree with you that it's always nice to live together before marriage, because such a way it is possible to know each other better and to become closer to each other :))))) you are so wise and smart, honey!!!!!!! I am sorry it didn't work out between you and a lady from St. Petersburg, baby, but it doesn't mean anything and it doesn't mean that it won't work out between you and me too, my darling! don;t programme yourself for negative events! honey, I believe that we should always be positive and optimistic about life, and then life will start getting positive and optimistic about us too! frankly speaking I dream about getting married once and on forever, honey, and I hope with all my heart that I will be able to, my sweetheart! i am so glad that you do not consider my letters to be too long or boring, I was worrying about it greatly, sweety! Robert, honey, i have only just realized that we have never talked about sex since we have been together, i think that it's a very important part of a relationship, i believe that a poor sex life can lead to a breakdown in a relationship, i believe that fetishes make a sexual life more interesting and that making love in different places can really spice things up !!!! honey, i believe that sex is a intimate act of passion shared by too people in love, and when we choose to have sex it should be with someone we have feelings for, far too many people just have sex for the sake off having it, and too often they have no feelings for that person and only wish too satisfy their needs, for me sex is a thing off pure intimacy, i will never sleep with someone on the first date, this is totally out off the question, for me waking up in the morning with that special person is far more satisfying that meaningless sex, i will only have sex with a man i have feelings for and only when we feel that the time is right for us both. honey i think it's also important that both people know what they want and that it's not always the same person in control, i must admit i like a men who are not scared to take control off the moment and who are willing too play a dominating part!!! Robert, sweety, I adore making love to my beloved man and I have a hard sex drive, my dear!!! I adore changing positions when making love to my beloved man, I like oral sex a lot!!! I really like fetish and variety in a relationship, sweety!!! so, I believe that our sexual life will definitely never be boring and we will always be able to open something new in each other every new time and make love the way both of us would be super satisfied at the end!!! wow, it's fantastic that your daughter is getting married, honey! my congratulations! i like you the way you are with all my heart, sweety! I have never been to UK! Frankly speaking I have never been abroad at all, my dear, though I have always dreamt about travelling to another country, but unfortunately I could never afford myself a trip, honey...:(...but I believe that if you desire something greatly, the whole Universe helps you to achieve your aim! honey, I am not searching for travelling, I am searching for my one and only man who I will be able to connect all my life with and be happy and it doesn't matter to me what country he is coming form, the most significant for me is us to be happy together, sweety, and all the rest doesn't matter! only time will tell us everything, honey! i am not God, I don't know anything about the future! honey, I am so glad that you liked the way I will be kissing you and licking you all over when we make a passionate love to each other! and I have another hot dream abut us, my baby... As you stand before the burning fire, I quietly step up to you from behind. Placing my hands upon your shoulders,I pull you close as I gently kiss the back of your neck. The fires warm air fills your lungs and is slowly released as you reach back to run your hand through my hair and slowly brushing your fingers down the side of my face, across my lips. A moan escapes your lungs as my hands caress your warm chest. As you turn to meet my kiss, my robe is released from my body. We pause to see the reflection of fire in each other eyes. You pull my face to your chest. Your nipples harden to the warmth of my tongue. Pushing me down further you feel my kiss slide down your stomach. My tongue finds you my love. Your essence is so sweet! Your taste is so sweet! One hand in yours and the other reaching behind you to the small of your back, I pull you hard into my face. You cant help but smile as another moan escapes your lungs. As I look up, you look down to see my tongue find you my love. You can not stand no more. You must feel my love all over you. Laying down you pull me in. Your hand squeezes mine. The sound of love fills the air as we have taken flight upon a heavenly cloud. Eventually sleep finds us as our bodies become one! you are in a perfect shape, honey, and you have nothing to worry about at all, baby! Robert, honey, your new picture is great! sweety, you are truly the most handsome man in the Universe and I will never be tired of telling you about it, baby! I also wish you to have a wonderful day, honey, and I hope that everything is going greatly in your life, sweety! i will always treat you like a real King, sweety, and will be taking care the best way about you!
I guess you want to know what I like and what I don’t? I like life, every minute of it, you realize that you are living, doing something good, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes trying to correct them (this I like the most), trying to be happy. I don’t like when someone prevents me from being happy! And you? What would you do in such a case? I would tell him/her that I will fight for my happiness and for my love. You know, my friends are telling me that my problem, is that I am telling the people what I think, is it bed? I remember when I was a child, my mom took me with her to her friend, and she was also her boss, and she also had a child, a boy! When I saw her friend, I didn’t like her from the first look! And I told to my mom: I don’t like this woman, she looks like a which from the fairy tale! you know, I saw the picture in the book. Then my mom told me, you shouldn’t have told this, this is my friend and I like her! In a couple of years she realized that my words were true, that woman never liked my mother, in fact she liked my father! But my father was an honest man, and they with my mom has a strong family, but this is another story! I think I didn’t tell you a lot of my hobbies, I like jogging, because when I am running, I have time to think, to think about everything, about my life, about what I like and what I don’t like! Do you want to have kids, sweety? Does it matter to you what your family and friends think of your partner? Do you like to take a lead in the relationship? just a few question which came on my mind and which i am very much interetsed in ! Our life is like the dance sometimes fast and slow from time to time! Now you are sleeping for sure, I would be grateful, if you would tell me next time not to write such a boring letters! As for my English, as you may be wonder, how can the girl from Ukraine know English quite well (not brilliant I want to say) I will tell you, I always liked different languages, I know, Russian, English, Ukrainian and Polish a bit! I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence. Very strange and unusual things happen to me so often. They change my life and my attitude to it and I begin to take the same events and things in a different mind. For example, I used to like love stories and novels full of love, happiness and luck. Pretty ladies, brave knights, strong emotions, crazy love - one for all the life. Of course I used to fancy a wonderful prince which would come to me. Perhaps these are only my naive dreams but I don't loose the hope...... My life is always full of music. Its charming magic melodies bring me to the wonderful land of fantasies, flowers and sunshine. I like to walk in the park in spring or in autumn and admire the black velvet of the evening sky when the alive lights - the eyes of the far away planets - appear on it. But I think it could be even more romantic if you were close to me............ I am sure the life is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a saying that youth is an ability to challenge the fate. And it's true!!!!! There are sooooooo many interesting and wonderful things in the world! Every your next letter I will wait impatiently, be sure. So, I guess it’s time for you to write me the letter, but how can you do it if you are sleeping now, wake up please!

innocently yours,

Letter 6

Hello my forever love Robert !!!

honey, thank you so very much for your beautiful, you are such a very wonderful man and i really love you with my whole heart and there exists no one for me...only you...and my heart will be faithful to you till the end..but, sweety, today i have very frustrating news...and i am very sad to tell you that unfortunately i have run out of money...a month has passed and i have to pay for the rent of apartment 200 Euro....but i have passed all the money on the Internet-cafe...thinking about our love only...forgetting about real life...and real difficulties...honey, i am just in tears and i clearly understand that now i won't be able to use the Internet-cafe, because service is very expensive...and i have spent all the money on the Internet instead of paying for the, i am afraid that i won't be able to write you and i don't know how i will be able to cope with it! life is so love, but i want you to know that i love you very much and we will be together forever...i am very frustrated to get known that money rule the world and when two loving hearts wan to be together, they need these discussions about money instead of enjoy each love, i will write you as soon as i have free money, though i don't know when it will be, baby! i want you to know that i love you and i want to be with you very much, my darling!

your passionate princess,



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