Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sokolova to Brian (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Brian!!!
My name is Valentina. I am very excited that I have caught your attention on the web site. I am totally new to this kind of communication and I hope that my expectations will be proved to be correct!
I'll try to introduce myself briefly now and I hope you would be interested in the further exploration of each other.
So,I am 37 years old, divorced. No children. I live in Ukraine, Zaporozhiye. I lost any hope to renew my private life here and when I ran across web address in the women magazine, I decided to try my fortune through the Internet. I am looking for a man for whom family will be on the first place in his priority list and who knows that attention and care are vital for a woman. I am ready to become faithful friend, passionate lover and caring wife! As I have not become a mother myself (though I still hope that I will) I will be happy to become a good friend for the kids of my partner (if he has got any).
I am sending you my photos and I hope that you will be interested in getting known each other better. It will be a big pleasure for me to answer any questions of yours.
Wish you a lovely day and hope to hear from you soon!
With the best regards,
Letter 2
Hello my dear Brian!!!
I am very glad to get a response from you!
May be we are on the right way towards our dreams and hopes;)
So how are you doing today? I hope you stay in nice mood and high spirits!!!!
Thank you for a detailed letter. And pic! You are attractive!
You are welcome to send me more. And also you are welcome to ask me as many questions as you can invent. We are here to explore each other, right?
So questions are really important.
Well in order to make a better picture of me, I will try to tell something about me, though I even don't know where to start:)
So, what do I do for fun...well, that depends on my mood, weather and lots of circumstances. I do like outdoors activities... starting from the sun bathing and finishing with snowball playing. During the whole year I attend the swimming pool as I am a real "gold fish";) I adore everything what is connected with water and swimming is my favorite sport...
though to be more detailed- this is the only sport I go in for:)
As for the rest kinds of sport- I am an active TV watcher:D
I must tell you that I am a normal woman and I do like to hang on the phone:)
I have got few girlfriends, which whom we can talk for hours gossiping about some nice trifles:)
Reading- that takes separate and very important place in my life. I do like Music.. everything what doesn't **** my ear:) U2 has lots of nice songs!!!
Also I can add, that I am easy -going person and can be busy with lots of things...
Just because I can't lie on the sofa still:)
What can I say about my character??? Normal character... with my own pluses and minuses.
I do like nice jokes, but from time to time I can poison my speech with sarcasm. But I am struggling with this my feature .
(Hm, I put myself a big plus now, cause I try to judge myself objectively and it turned out to be pretty hard..:) )
Family- that is the basis of everything!!!! My family broke when I was 13- dad started drinking- and he was the God for me and when he died when I was 25 and I decided that I won't repeat this kind of experience. I am fine when people drink occasionally but I fall into panic when I see that a man can't put himself into some kind of frames.
So at the present moment my family consist of a women army:) these are my sister Katerina my mom and my grand mom.
Background...I got Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and now I work as a Senior Sales Lady in the big clothes shop which is located in a big shopping center called Ukraine.
As I have already said I am serious in my intentions. I don't want to write for several years ...If we see that we match each other, I will take off the profile at once and we will plan a meeting.
Well, Probably you are already tired to read all this. Write me back if you are interested. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day
Letter 3
Hello my dear Brian!!!
Thank you very very much for writing me back!! You seem to be a nice guy and I did really enjoy reading your letter.
I am really serious looking for a partner and I hope we are on the same track;)
After my unsuccessful marriage I was alone for a pretty long period of time and now I feel that I am totally ready to open my heart. I tried to find someone in Ukraine, but I understood that I am really tired of drinking problems and aggressiveness. As I have already written to you I ran across the web address in the magazine, I looked around and decided to try my fortune here! I do believe in love!
I am sure there are good guys who will take care of their woman and who will love her and who will value and see the care and attention he is given.
I know what I am talking about. I know the law... if you want to be given something - be ready to give first. I have much to give. What I am trying to tell you is that if you find me not the woman you are looking for, just tell me and we could stay friends. Don't waste either your time or mine.
All right, enough about lyrics:)
I do really enjoy the way you talk and think and express your thoughts..
You do have a sense of humor!! And this is really important for me!!
So, this is a big bonus to you:)
You made me smile talking about your mom... well... this is something the same with mine:)
I did check the website you gave me... Brian, please, wait for me!! I do want to try this as well!!!! That must be exciting!! I wonder, why don't we have anything like that in Ukraine??
(angry face here)
How was your day? I hope everything went smoothly and nothing upset you.
As for me, my day was a little bit tough as the new clothes arrived and I was busy like a bee accepting the boxes, putting all the labels, arranging everything on the shelves. I know this sounds funny, but I hate shops))))
Spending the most time at work in the shopping center I just dream about my sofa in front of the TV, but these are only dreams as I can't stay still even for a second:)
By the way, what is a perfect day for you???
I know next questions may seem weird, but they just appeared in my head..
What is one food you will never give up? What is a food you can live without?
What is the weirdest thing about you?:)
Well, I will close my letter for the moment, but I must tell you that I have already started waiting for your response!
Wish you a nice day and hope to hear from you very very soon!
Sincerely yours, Valentina
Letter 4

Hello Brian!!!
So tell me how is that on that part of the earth??? How is the weather?? What are your plans for the coming week ends????
I want to tell you that you are free to ask me whatever appears in your head and I will answer you willingly:)))
By the way, it has been 2 years since I am single.
Thank you for telling me your preferences... In fact, I see it is very easy to please you:) This is good:) Tell me more about Scotland:)
Do you guys, still wear skirts there?:)))
So tell me how is that on that part of the earth??? How is the weather?? What are your plans for the week ???? Tell me, do you feel yourself secure with your job?
I want to tell you that you are free to ask me whatever appears in your head and I will answer you willingly:)))
Ok let's leave seriousness and talk about something easy:) I will start first:)
What kind of things do really bring you pleasure and excitement??
For example, I fall down into an excellent mood immediately if I see snow. You know, when you wake up in the morning, and look out of the window you see fresh snow covered everything around!!! The things look so ****** at the moment!!!! I do live in a country where we have real winters but despite this, I can't stop admiring such kind of scenery, like a child, during the whole my life:)
I do like watching care racing!
All those cars or motor -bikes, with wild pictures or tatoos if I can name them so... and I admire those people who are not afraid of the speed and who have got those unbelievable skills to be a master of the motor!
Good music is also vital for me when I lack energy or some emotions!
You can always hear music in my flat! I do like different styles...starting from Enigma and finishing with Prodigy:) Everything depends on my mood.
Usually, before I go to bed, I turn on either saxofon or some nature sounds...
You won't believe how it helps to **** stress of the day and to go into deep sleep:)
What about you? What brings smile to your face? what calms you down and vice versa fills you in with energy? How do you **** stress???
Brian, I do want to know everything about you... Please, you are welcome to write a novel about yourself:)))
And I will close by now and start counting hours will our next "meeting"!
Sending you a kiss, your Valentina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Brian!!!
How are you today??? I hope this letter will find you safe and sound!!! I am sorry for delay in answer. I was a little busy these days.
But now I am fine and I must tell you that you took my breath and totally intrigued me!
I feel myself like a school-girl:) Thank you very much for those emotions!!
I have not experienced anything like that for so long time!!!
What have you been doing during those days???
My day was a little bit stressful!! The shop where I work is pretty busy due to nice goods and liberal prices. That's why, it is very popular among people especially now, during the crisis.
And as you can guess, not all the customers are good.
Today there was very unpleasant incident. A lady was caught trying to steal a skirt. Thanks God she was caught but it was a long and very **** procedure with calling to the police, arranging all the documents and so on. As I am a Senior in the shop - I am responsible for everything in this kind of situation.
So, the mood during the rest of the day was absolutely spoilt. But I must tell you, that all negative emotions flew away at the moment I saw your letter in my inbox!!!
Stress was dismissed by a broad smile and nice thoughts came into my head. You did really make me forget everything!
By the way, tell me something, what irritates you most of all?
What trifles or situations can shake your mood???
As for me, I am irritated by rude people, Mc.Donald's, when our local government turns off water or light in the apartments, and I hate to be late! I don't know what must happen to me and that will make me late to the appointment... and of course I don't like when people are late to the appointments with me! My girlfriends suffer regularly from my comments on them being late!:)
Well, Brian, I think I will close my letter for the moment.
Please, don't wait too much to write me back! You should know that I am really looking forward to your letter!!
Kisses, Valentina
P.S.: don't forget to send me your pics:)
Letter 6
Hello my dear Brian!
I am writing to you, as I don't know what to do, I feel jaded.
Darling, everything was so good, holidays with my family, thoughts of you, my love, hopes for our happy future, I was convinced that everything will be excellent. Unfortunately, it is not so. Yesterday when my mother and I returned home, we were informed that our flat was cut off from the electricity. We were shocked! We could not believe!!! Due to the crises in our country, government passed a new law that everyone, who has some debts on electricity should be cut off. We my salary was delayed, we had to live on the money which we usually pay for public utilities. I thought we would pay latter, I didn't have a thought that such things could happen. Now we are in bewilderment, we don't know what to do! I didn't sleep this night, first I cried, then I tried to find a way out, I talked to my boss, but he can't give me money, I have only to borrow, but my friends are also in bad situation now, as no one receive salaries, due to the crisis. And it is not a small sum to give-2250 grn = 300$, I can understand them. Banks are not giving credits, don't return deposits... It is like a closed circle- they don't give money, but demand.
But I have to do something, as we even can not cook a meal, as have electric cooker! It is awful!!! We can't wash as have electric boiler.
I am in despair! Sorry for telling you all this, but I need to talk to someone, who will understand me. The only one thing that brings me joy now are thoughts about you, my darling. Maybe you can advice me something or support me. It is not easy to ask you, I understand that it is wrong, but I am in despair! I can't see my mother crying, it is so hard! I hope you can forgive me for asking you, I hope you understand me. You are my last hope, I don't have another person to ask for help, I don't know what to do! Please, reply me as soon as possible, if you can help me, my love, my dear Brian. I hope for your understanding, for your big heart. Please, remember that I love you and in any case I think of you and dream to be with you, my sweetheart!
I will be waiting...
I wish you good day! Many sweet kisses to you with love, forever only your Valentina
P.S i need you so much in my life!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Brian!!!
Honey,this night was very terrible for me and my family, you can not imagine!!
I awake every five minutes and check the light all time!!!!
I thought maybe our local administration to feel pity to us and switch on the light My mother and i pray with tears our administration whole day yesterday we told about our situation our problems, we asked them to permit will pay for two times, but they don't want to hear anything, they said that we must pay whole sum and after they switch on the light!!!!
I don't know what to do!!!! I asked many people to borrow some money, but nobody can not do it, because all our friends are not rich people
And they have problems with money too, because of the big crisis in my country!
All people very poor now and have not enough money for life I cried all night because of my weakness!!! I can not do anything with this problem! I can not do anything in my home, i can not take shower I can not cook meal, all my foods spoiled, i can not wash anything!!!!I wish to eat soup and drink tea I am hungry now, because eat in cafe it is very expansive for me!
I cried all night and i felt bed on my work today.I can not stop my tears, my eyes read and i feel pain!!
All at my work ask me what happen,they say so sorry, but nobody don't want to help me!!!
I can not understand why people so cruel..........
Honey, i am so sorry for everything, but I ask you, please understand me in this situation!!!
Honey, only you my support and my hope in this life, honey I understand please that i have not anybody in my life beside you ........I have only you in my life, you are my everything!!!!!
Honey, please don leave me in this situation...........
I can not eat, i can not sleep i can not do anything now, all my thoughts now only about this problem!!!I am broken now, i don't want to live...........
I am so sad that i have not you near me now, i need your support and your warm words and your sweet kisses so much!!!!
I wish you good day, i miss you so much, i love you!!!!
many sweet kisses to you. Forever only your Valentina.
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